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Boosts guarding ability and all damage negation.
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Shield Grease is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. Most Consumables grant various effects such as restorative properties for recovering HP, removing certain negative Status Effects or applying temporary buffs and debuffs, while others can be thrown at enemies to deal damage.


Solidified grease made from a mixture of magically resonant materials. Craftable item.

Coats left-hand armament, boosting guarding ability and all forms of damage negations.

Primarily used on shields.


Shield Grease use in Elden Ring

Shield Grease used to boosts guarding ability and all damage negation for 60 seconds.

  • Reduces stamina damage taken while blocking by 35% (applied after Guard Boost; shields with higher Guard Boosts in the first place will see less benefit from this effect)
    - stacks multiplicatively with the Greatshield Talisman for a 48% reduction to stamina damage

  • Improves Guard Damage Negation by 20% of the damage the shield doesn't inherently negate, which means it has more of an effect the less Guard Damage Negation the shield has by default.
    • Formula: (0.8 * Base Guard Negation) + 20% = New Guard Damage Negation
    • Ex. (0.8 * 60%) + 20% = 68%


Where to find Shield Grease in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Shield Grease Crafting Guide

To craft Shield Grease you need the Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook (4) as well as the following Crafting Materials:


Elden Ring Shield Grease Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 10 Shield Grease.
  • You can store up to 600 Shield Grease.
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px100


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    • Anonymous

      I've been sleeping on this for years. SUCH a great grease. I use it before every boss battle now. Blocking Astels laser beam is SO satisfying.

      • Anonymous

        just realised my golden order build can use this on the erdtree greatshield. as if it wasn't good enough. pretty crazy

        • Anonymous

          Convenient that Revenger's Shack has both Root Resins and Crystal Buds. That being said, it feels like a kinda hard sell to use this when you could be using Scholar's Shield, which does all the same things but better. Still though, on my current sword and board character, using Scholar's Shield would require me to get 2 more int and 2 more endurance (to carry the staff) and then spend 30 FP at a time for this spell, whereas Shield Grease requires no levels and no FP, nor does it require swapping to a staff. All-in-all though I think I overall prefer Barricade Shield because it's instant, sharply reduces the incoming stamina damage, and the Hardness boost lets you get big cheesy guard counters on a lot of enemies. It doesn't help for blocking spells, unlike Grease/Scholar, but blocking spells is a pretty questionable move most of the time anyway (especially in pve vs enemies who will just keep spamming spells forever).

          • Anonymous

            Shame Fromsoft are incapable of basic math cos the only time this is 20% is at 0% negation. At 100% negation, this is 0% increase and at 50% this increases it to 60%, making this part of it basically worthless compared to immutable shield

            • Anonymous

              This does not stack with Barricade Shield. Both of these are "weapon buffs". Its like using magic grease and determination, they will not stack.

              • Anonymous

                Does this stack with barricade shield? I'm asking beacuse lots of people claim it does, but from my tests, they override each other. When barricade expires, the blue of the grease is gone as well, despite the fact it should last much longer than the ash of war.

                • Anonymous

                  If you put this on a heavy fingerprint shield that has shield bash/shield crash you'll become immortal. Kind of a headscratcher how that hasn't been patched out yet.

                  • Anonymous

                    Had a guy use this on his Fingerprint shield and I sent him back to his world. Not a huge fan of cancer, thank you very much.

                    • Anonymous

                      Given how effective shields already are, in this game, I don't get why this item doesn't work on weapons. Surely the only point for it's existence is to allow non shield users to achieve shield like levels of defense. As it exists, it's an item with an extremely niche use, that's otherwise completely worthless...

                      • Anonymous

                        Last 60 Seconds and like Scholars Shield, seems to increase shield guard by a percent rather than a flat number. That number is smaller than Scholars shield, but not by much. Considering the cost of Scholars Shield and with Scholars shield also only lasting 60 seconds, I'd easily suggest this over the Spell. Especially if you have a higher block shield. Stacks with the Shield Talisman, but again, so does Scholars Shield.

                        • Anonymous

                          After making my shield elemental, the physical reduction is reduced to 95%, after applying this grease I'm still taking the same 5% physical damage

                          • Anonymous

                            Seems to be 8 or 9 flat boost, tested it with a 56 scholar shield and barricade, with which i took stamina damage, then applied this and took virtually none. Also applied it alone and it made only the slightest diffrent hence why I believe it to be flat.

                            • can someone do comparison of the shield buffs and which ones do work together please ?
                              Scholar Shield (Sorcery)
                              Immutable Shield (Incantation)
                              Shield Grease (Consumable)
                              Baricade Shield (Ash of War)

                              i will then edit it into the appropriate wiki pages, thx

                              • Anonymous

                                the shield grease recipe is wrongly attributed to be in glintstone cookbook 5. it does not come from that cookbook.
                                source: i have glintstone cookbook [5] and i don't have the shield grease recipe.

                                • Anonymous

                                  The recipe is in the Glintstone cookbook 4, which can be found just southwest of the Academy Gate Town marker on the map.

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