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Uses FP. Throw to cause buildup of  Sleep
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Arc C

FP Cost 9

Sleep Pot is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. It can be thrown at enemies to inflict Sleep, and requires an empty Cracked Pot to craft.


Craftable item prepared using a cracked pot.
Enchanted by the incantations of St. Trina.

Consumes FP. Throw enemies to cause buildup of sleep.

Like a lullaby, or a quagmire, its light-purple haze irresistibly draws its victims down into sleep. Sweet dreams.


Sleep Pot use in Elden Ring

Sleep Pot uses FP. Throw to inflict Sleep.

  • Has a base of 29 sleep build-up that scales with Arcane. Build-up is applied per tick for 15 ticks over three seconds, and will accumulate as the opponent stands within the sleep mist. Note that PvE enemies will regenerate about 15 sleep build-up from the beginning to the end of the pot's duration.
  • 10 Arcane: 30 sleep build-up per tick, for 450 total.
  • 30 Arcane: 38 sleep build-up per tick, for 570 total.
  • 60 Arcane: 40 sleep build-up per tick, for 600 total.
  • 99 Arcane: 42 sleep build-up per tick, for 630 total.


Sleep Pot Crafting Guide

To craft Sleep Pots, you need the Fevor's Cookbook [1] as well as the following Crafting Materials:

Sleep Pot Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 20 Sleep Pots, depending on how many Cracked Pots you have.
  • You can store up to 600 Sleep Pots.
  • Sell value: Sleep Pots cannot be sold.
  • Once a Sleep Pot is thrown, its Cracked Pot will be available for crafting another throwing pot.


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    • Anonymous

      I have all the ingredients for sleeping pots but cannot get it to come up. Five other types of pots are shown as available to craft, but not those. I have not used any pots, cracked or otherwise to craft items. I did craft some sleep arrows - could that be an issue somehow?

      • Anonymous

        I didn't know the description of Trina's lily as being rare to find meant they didn't re-spawn after resting at grace, its obvious to me now it wouldn't be rare if you could go back and pick them same one over and over, I didn't think that through properly, and I really pis*ed on my cornflakes by not looking the ingredients up on the wiki before doing anything.

        I've got 14 trina's lily in my inventory. I have 99 sleep arrows in my inventory with another 591 stored in the grace menu chest, I also have six cracked pots I can't use for anything else because I made sleep pots, that had zero effect on it, for the godskin noble at the temple of eiglay.

        I can't remember crafting 600 sleep arrows though, I have no idea where all the Trina's lilies came from either. So they are rare, but I still managed to find enough to make at least 700 sleepbone arrows plus however many I have already used to make sleep pots. So Trina's lily isn't that rare,

        • Anonymous

          This did not work on the godskin noble in the temple of eiglay yesterday, I had five or six direct hits while it was focused on my spirit summons. None of them put him to sleep.

          It does work on the rune bear near hermit's village, I wish I'd known that sooner.

          • Anonymous

            Give this to your mimics if you’re worried about rarity don’t use it but have one in your item bar so the mimic can spam them for free

            • Anonymous

              I put the host to sleep with just 1 pot. Is this always the case? If not does this mean they stacked ridiculous focus for some reason and you usually won't see that? I only have about 9 arcane btw.

              • Anonymous

                Description says it puts you to sleep like Quagmire. Good thing he doesn't have his wagons from Dark Souls 2.

                • Anonymous

                  Reads "throw enemies to cause buildup of sleep." It's overpowered you can pick up colossal enemies and throw them off cliffs. Otherwise you drop them on their heads and give them concussions (aka sleep.) Should be nerfed tbh. Throwing a lot at an enemy shouldn't let you throw them too, what sense does that make?

                  • Anonymous

                    Using this make Godskin Apostle fight a joke. He falls asleep after one pot, allowing you to get multiple hits in. If you use a bleed weapon it'll work even better.

                    • Anonymous

                      No idea why this scales with ARC when sleep normally scales with INT from other sources, but alright video game.

                      • Anonymous

                        Mimic Tear Ashes can throw sleeping pots when u equipe them befor summoning the ash, good if u want to safe Trina's Lilys

                        • Very good against unsuspecting Invaders.... Try to hide and then throw while they attack CoOp. Works in dungeons mostly and away from enemies. Catacombs are good places

                          • Anonymous

                            theres an ingame typo for this item in its description. it says "throw enemies" instead of "throw at enemies"

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