Sleepbone Bolt

sleepbone bolt elden ring wiki guide 200px
attack power elden ring wiki guide 18Attack Power
Phy 25
Mag 0
Fire 0
Ligt 0
Holy 0
Crit 100
passive effects elden ring wiki guide 18Passive
Confers Sleep status ailment (90)

Bolt Pierce

Sleepbone Bolt is an Arrow in Elden Ring. Sleepbone Bolt is a special ammunitions for crossbows that afflicts targets with sleep. Ammunition can be used in ranged weapons such as Bows and Crossbows, so players can deal ranged damage to Enemies and Bosses.


Bolt carved from animal bone. The tip is daubed with a waterlily tincture.
Afflicts targets with sleep.


Where to Find Elden Ring Sleepbone Bolt

Sleepbone Bolt can be found at the following location:


Elden Ring Sleepbone Bolt Notes & Tips

  • Bolt is the standard type of Ammunition for Crossbows in Elden Ring.
  • You can hold up to 99 Bolts
  • You can store up to 600 Bolts
  • Pierces enemies' armor


How to Craft Elden Ring Sleepbone Bolt

To craft Sleepbone Bolt you need the following materials:


Elden Ring Sleepbone Bolt Moveset & Videos

    • Videos for the Sleepbone Bolt Coming Soon



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    • Anonymous

      Damn, these are only renewable through painful farming? I guess i will have to put my opponents to sleep with my awfull pvp skills

      • Anonymous

        If you want to put enemy to sleep, use bow! NOT crossbow, especially rulley crossbow.

        Reason: (1) st. Trina arrow can be purchased infinitely..... (2) pulley crossbow can put enemy to sleep & wake it up in a single volley....

        • Anonymous

          I thought these would be awesome w/ the pulley bow, but unfortunately due to how sleep works as a mechanic it seems be be detrimental sometimes. For example, for most giants I found they are susceptible to sleep. However, trying to use the pulley xbow to apply it to them, the second shot inflicts the effect and the third "wakes them up" and disables the effect. Unfortunate.

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