Soporific Grease

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Coats armament, inflicting sleep
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Soporific Grease is a Consumable Item in Elden RingSoporific Grease coats an armament, inflicting sleep.


Solidified grease made from a mixture of light-purple materials. Craftable item.

Coats armament, inflicting sleep.
The effect lasts only for a short time.


Soporific Grease use in Elden Ring

Soporific Grease coats the right-hand armament, inflicting Sleep.

  • Attacks cause buildup of Sleep (33)
  • Lasts for 60 seconds


Where to find Soporific Grease in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Soporific Grease Crafting Guide

To craft Soporific Grease you first need to obtain the Fevor's Cookbook [2], once obtained the recipe requires the following ingredients to craft:


Elden Ring Soporific Grease Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 10 Soporific Grease.
  • You can store up to 600 Soporific Grease.
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px 200 Runes
  • Alternatively, see Drawstring Soporific Grease for a shorter duration, but higher potency grease.


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    • Anonymous

      What a nice design apply this then press the win button.Your opponents dodges? no matter it still builds up, wow what a great player you are.
      Now go dupe some more.
      If you ever lost with this ER should just uninstall itself from your system.
      Same with madness.

      • Anonymous

        This needs to be removed ASAP. I fight people who use this on the Ripple Crescent weapons, and the sleep buildup is ludicrous. It's also insane on normal weapons, because once the bar builds up (even on phantom hits) you can just start a charged attack and instantly delete your opponent. I block ANYONE AND EVERYONE who uses anything sleep related.

        FromSoftware, if you see this, consider the sanity of your players, and remove this and sleep, and also make endure only usable on heavy weapons while you're at it.

        • Anonymous

          This item is either almost useless due to terrible buildup or it is ridiculously strong cause you can sleep people in just a couple hits with the ripple crescent halbert.

          • Anonymous

            Funnily enough, sleep does in fact scale with Arcane, but only on weapons with Arcane scaling. Because of this, this is really only useful on the Ripple Halberd because it has Arcane scaling and can be buffed with the grease, same with the Ripple Blade and Varre's flowers

            • Anonymous

              There's 3 Soporifc Grease on the ledge under the bridge to the north of the deathtouched catacombs in Limgrave. It is guarded by a foot soldier.

              • Anonymous

                Very inconsistent tool. Was able to sleep a troll giant in a couple of charged hits but seems utterly useless on every other kind of enemy. Even the huge Bears (which are usually susceptible to sleep and can be put to sleep with 3 sleep bolts from a regular crossbow) do not seem to fall asleep no matter how much I hit them while the grease is active.

                • Anonymous

                  the sleep buildup is pretty poor on its own, but if applied to the Ripple Crescent Halberd or Ripple Blade it will scale with arcane and you can get some good use out of it

                  when testing with 60 arcane on the claymen in ainsel, the Sword of St Trina slept in 3 hits with or without its skill active, a standard dagger with grease applied slept in 8 hits, a ripple crescent halberd+0 slept in 3 hits with grease, while a ripple blade+18 slept in only 2.

                  • Anonymous

                    While the sleep buildup isn’t incredible, I’ve been pairing this with the pulley crossbow loaded with sleep darts to fight off invaders and that particular combo works very well.

                    • Anonymous

                      Seems to add 30 sleep buildup to a weapon, sleeping the average heavy armoured lvl 120 player in 8 hits. If sleep buildup is your goal then just stick to St Trina's sword

                      • Anonymous

                        Using the grease slept a player on the 7th or 8th hit, St Trina's sword slept on the fourth hit. Without bothering to do proper testing i'll assume it's around 30 sleep buildup. Not great

                        • Anonymous

                          Testing on Leyndell Knights, Soldiers and Footmen using a +0 great knife and +0 estoc, the sleep effect takes a lot to proc (these are +0 weapons though, and it may scale with upgrade level). What it does is cause enemies to momentarily glow purple, and then they fall forwards asleep for about 60 seconds. You can then riposte them while they are laying on the ground, for normal riposte damage, with your weapon's unique ground-riposte animation. Testing on the Giant west of Church of Elleh going down to the beach, the giant took only a few stabs with the Great Knife to put it to sleep, which was very surprising, allowing for an easy riposte on its head, which would be repeated.

                          • Anonymous

                            Contrary to what you might expect, this seems to actually be GREAT on bosses. Appears to massively increase stagger instead of sleeping them.

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