Glintstone Miner is a Humanoid Enemy in Elden Ring. Crystallized miners, armed with a special staff for mining crystals found in tunnels. Glintstone Miners are equipped with a staff that utilizes Digger Sorceries to emit a drill of sorts, allowing them to cut and harvest crystals at these tunnels.


The ever-working miners of the tunnels, tasked with harvesting crystals from deep beneath. Their staff allows them to summon a drill to shatter rock and enemies alike.


Elden Ring Glintstone Miner Locations

Where to Find Glintstone Miner:


Elden Ring Glintstone Miner Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 155 - 569
Digger's Staff 2.00% - 4.00% N/A
Somber Smithing Stone [2] 1.00% - 2.00% N/A
Somber Smithing Stone [3] 1.00% - 4.00%
Somber Smithing Stone [4] 1.00% - 2.00% N/A
Somber Smithing Stone [5] 1.00% N/A
Glintstone Scrap 6.00% - 8.00% N/A
Large Glintstone Scrap 3.00% - 4.00% N/A


Glintstone Miner Notes & Tips

  • Glintstone Miner and other enemies similar to them are weak to fire damage. As a Miner enemy, it is also weak to strike damage due to their tough skin. Most light attacks will also bounce off. Be sure to two-hand your weapon to bypass this.
  • Be ware of the follow-up attack of Shatter Earth, as it can easily catch players off guard.
  • In combat, they utilize Glintstone Scraps and Large Glintstone Scraps.
  • Some are able to cast the Glintstone Pebble sorcery.
  • A Glintstone Miner ambushes you in Sellia Crystal Tunnel using the Rock Blaster sorcery.


Elden Ring Glintstone Miner Image Gallery

 sorcerer miner 1 elden ring wiki guidesorcerer miner 2 elden ring wiki guide sorcerer miner 3 elden ring wiki guide


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    • Anonymous

      It should be noted that the tough skin of Stonedigger-type enemies, such as these miners, causes most light attacks to bounce off as if they were solid walls. When facing them, you should not only be equipped with a bludgeoning instrument but also be opting for backstabs, jumping attacks, heavy attacks.
      — Courh the Explorer

      • Anonymous

        To farm Somber Smithing Stone, stand at the entrance of the mine and attract their attention with a crossbow. You can reach five of them from that spot, they'll come to you. - d

        • Anonymous

          Are these a kind of misbegotten?
          I've seen multiple people say Hewg is a misbegotten, even that his model states this, but I think he looks very much like these miners

          • These guys are weak to Strike "Mace and Hammer attacks"... Also weak to Attribute damage like Fire or Magic. Usually encounters them "first" when you try opening the chest in Ashgeel Lake and then get taken to Selia Tunnel.
            You can rest at the Grace(run out the shack, make a right, run down the path and turn left, the Prawns will see you, but their spine attacks will home in on you) once you run away from the shack, but, you can always come back to this area to help other players as a Summon or try to defeat Falling star Beast. Honestly, wouldn't bother for myself unless my weapons are stronger.

            I will say, aside from all that, this area seems very good for farming Cracked Crystals and also maybe getting a few drops from the Crystal Miners.... I will say though, it was mostly for the Glintstone Shards and the Cuckoo Shards. These are fun items to get early game. It's a fun item to use while in group PvP. You crack them and the travel distance range is a very good. Very nice for a ln unsuspecting Newbie playing Easy Rings going through Castle Stormveil or through Limgrave. Muhahha...

            • Anonymous

              Seems they are vulnerable to bleed, using the spinning chain skill on the flail, even without FP, they die at 50%

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