Spark Aromatic

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Uses FP to broadly scatter sparks in a wide arc straight ahead
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Str D
Dex A

FP Cost 5

Spark Aromatic is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. Most Consumables grant various effects such as restorative properties for recovering HP, removing certain negative status effects or applying temporary buffs and debuffs, while others can be thrown at enemies to deal damage.


Art of the perfumers who fought In the Shattering.
Craftable with a perfume bottle.

Uses FP to broadly scatter sparks in a wide arc straight ahead.

Though fire was prohibited to those who served the Erdtree, this rule was forgotten as the war drew ever on.


Spark Aromatic use in Elden Ring

Spark Aromatic can be used to broadly scatter sparks in a wide arc straight ahead.


Elden Ring Spark Aromatic Crafting Guide

To craft Spark Aromatic you would need the Perfumer's Cookbook [1] as well as the following Crafting Materials:


Elden Ring Spark Aromatic Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 10 Spark Aromatic.
  • You can store up to 600 Spark Aromatic.
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px__sell__
  • Spark Aromatics, like other perfume consumables, require empty Perfume Bottles to be created. After use the bottle is returned to the player's inventory, allowing for another perfume to be created after the player has left combat.
  • Seems to have a soft cap in scaling around 50 dex. Going to 80 dex only increases the damage by about 6.5%
  • Can be thrown at various ranges, try throwing it at their feet for a faster detonation.


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    • Anonymous

      I’m gonna save you from reading one of the essays below. Perfumer builds are horrible pve, hit or miss at meta pvp. But you’re not supposed to use these consumables as a standalone build. For a cosplay I reccomend faith or fth/int for typical perfumer with support and attack spells (head perfumer at erdtree sanctuary has golden order prayer book on his corpse.) for depraved perfumer I recommend pure dex to max the damage of spark aromatic and just enough fth to spam flame of the red manes on erdsteel dagger. Poison mist ash/keen is also valid. And for omen killer, str/arcane to bleed with cleaver and similar bleed innate weapons while using the poison breath perfume that scales off arcane. Just know that erdsteel dagger is bugged on occult and loses all scaling.

      • Anonymous

        Stopped my Taunter's Tongue solo playthrough after I realized every low-level invader starts spamming these as soon as they start losing or just immediately because they cheat engine'd the bottles in anyway

        • I'm going to say it, perfume builds are mediocre and only this aromatic and uplifting can give consistent results. I'm not an expert pvp/pve person, but after trying a whole run doing a perfumer cosplay/themed character, here are my thoughts. The character is in level 130~ as of now main stats are dex and arc (tbh the only reason I put on arc is for the extra drop chance when farming mats).
          1. Early game, it is a good source for burst damage. I know we all here watched those youtube videos of how this thing oneshots people in PVP, yeah it does. So early game it has its uses.
          2. Low FP cost, but not spammable like magic, so it does not get stale like just shooting lasers all the time. You actually have to think carefully about whether or not it's worth using it or not.
          3. Good poise breaking. They can break charge attacks from high poise enemies such as knights.
          3. Has variety that's fun, you can support and debuff enemies at the same time. Makes roleplay Co-op fun too.
          4. Uplifting aromatic is useful, no questions. During Co-op, I still see some people getting hit by the fire giant's snow throw, saves them from that move.

          1. Farming (no matter how close Miranda flowers are to the grace) is troublesome. Not to mention that the big ones with the 100% drop rate are tanky, so it takes more time. I would recommend perfumers ruin for this aromatic specifically, the perfumers there also has a chance to drop 3 miranda powders too. Then there's the issue with the difficult enemies for the other aromatics, land octopus and jars. land octopuses are fine since they guarantee a drop most of the time, but jars have abysmal drop rates after killing them the first time. (ALSO, FROMSOFTWARE WHY TF DO YOU NEED 3 OF LIVING JAR SHARDS TO MAKE 1 IRONJAR AROMATIC? RARE DROP AND YOU NEED 3?). Compare it to magic which you can refill automatically, farming can get stale sooner or later. Nowadays I just pop a bloody finger/coop sign and farm in perfumer ruins while waiting.

          2. Weak at late game. (this is coming from my character with 35 dex and perfumer talisman.) The damage gets less overwhelming in late games. PvE, late game bosses with their massive health bars will just laugh at you throwing deodorant at their faces. PvP, yeah in duels it might work as roll catch and finisher moves, but the most I can get is about 600~. Maybe I can get more with 50+ dex since it has A scaling, but haven't tested it out yet. I'm guessing 800~ should be its good spot damage. Now thing is, people, LOVE invading/PvP in liurnia, and guess what, the area is 90% water, and it always rains too so you're never safe from increased fire resistance.

          3. Perfumes have no consistency. It's both a strength and a weakness, like jack of all trades and master of none. You can burst damage, support, and debuff as a perfumer, but no consistency at all. Sorceries excel at burst damage, incantations have buffs and burst damage too. One thing they have in common is CONSISTENCY, you can cast them repeatedly as long as you have FP. Perfumes on the other hand aren't, once you used up all 10 on your perfumes, you'll only use your weapon. When you fight perfumers, you see them spreading deodorant spray all around while spinning wheeeeeee, how about you? throw a bit in front of you once. and oh no you only can do it 9 more times, oops? Meanwhile, glintstone sorceries can just go pew pew pew. The uplifting aromatic is still good though no complaints about that one. blood boil and ironjar are okay for memes, but do you want to farm one of the tankiest enemies in the game, and get no consistent drops? poison and acid, they're terrible, nope.

          4. Free aiming is a must. For some funny reason, they aim at the locked target's feet like bloodboon. You need to free aim to hit them consistently.

          There are more problems that need to be addressed, but I want to move on to individual improvements that fromsoft can patch in.

          General improvements:
          - There are three bottles for each perfume in the image, so make it so that 1 instance of aromatic can be used 3 times. This can reduce the grind of farming.
          - Increase the drop rate of materials.
          - If not let players get more perfume bottles. 15+ should be fair IMO, making 8 sparks possible for a more consistent damage source and variety of perfumes in storage.

          Specific changes:
          Spark aromatic: Like the enemy version, let players combo throwing the perfumes. Following my first improvement, you can now combo throwing perfumes three times so you consume 1 instance of perfumes by comboing them now. Also aim higher, and stop aiming at the feet.
          Uplifting aromatic: It's a fair buff, with no need for immediate changes.
          Bloodboil Aromatic: I don't use it that much tbh, my main weapon was a dagger since I was into the perfumer cosplay, so more damage is useless, but I think it's a fair memey thing to use as of now.
          Ironjar Aromatic: For Marika's sake make the drop rates more forgiving.
          Poison Spraymist: 24x30=720 dot, fun fact, this is the most potent poison in the game. Make the poison last longer, 60/90 seconds, so you can heavily punish the opponent for staying in the mist. Then again, they can just cleanse themselves.
          Acid Spraymist: Make the debuff 50% to lower attack damage, but lower the duration to 30 seconds. This way it give more uses in PvP as a debuff tool.

          well, that was long, but I think that's all I have to say. Look I love the idea of perfumes, it's a new and exciting addition to consumable builds, but as of right now it's still mediocre. I love the lore of perfumers, they're healers at heart, but as they get drafted in the shattering their knowledge to heal was used to harm, it's fascinating. But this is still brand new to the game, so new patches can improve, and I hope in the future perfumes can be meta. Fromsoft, hope you hear this!

          • Anonymous

            If anyone was wondering yes this does fire damage. Making a frost build and tested it and it gets rid of frostbite so could be useful if you want fire damage. Could use with oil pots, fire scorpion, flame grant me strength, or unprocing frostbite.

            • Anonymous

              Best perfume imo just because it does good damage and easier to craft than the others, so I can use it stress free without worrying for limited resources

              • Anonymous

                Very handy in a crafted only run. Farm Miranda powders with volcano pots at Wayfair Ruins, volcanic stone for pots at Seethewater Terminus.

                • Anonymous

                  I wish we could throw another one right after the first one, use the backstep version the Depraved Perfumers use and the vertical direction one they also use. Other than that though, I really like these, they're pretty fun, if it was easier to get the powder in bulk, I'd use them even more than I already do.

                  • Anonymous

                    The Powder can be farmed early in bulk from the flowers outside the tunnel on the Weeping Peninsula. There's four large flowers and half a dozen small ones there, with the powder as a guaranteed drop from the big ones. This has an advantage over other farming spots because the enemies here are considerably weaker than the ones on or past the Plateau and are easy kills even with weak weapons and low RL.

                    • Really easy to farm the miranda powder from the lake right outside the Sage's Cave grace. It has several large plant enemies that have a 100% drop rate for it. Funny enough it's really close to the perfumer's ruins, the spot you find the recipe for this perfume, as if it was made to be an obvious farming spot for it.

                      • Anonymous

                        Had more success with this than any other weapon in PvP. Hope it never gets needed it's damn useful. Only downside is farming the Miranda Powder required to make them.

                        • Anonymous

                          underrated in pvp. It's like flame strike, but lasts much longer and has greater range. good damage and stun even without the perfume talisman. A nice "get off my face" item, you can even use it immediately after rolling

                          • Anonymous

                            Best farming spot I've found for the miranda powder is the depraved perfumer at the village of albinaurics.

                            • Anonymous

                              I love these on a frost/dex build. Slap it on an enemy after frostbiting them and do it all again. Might even be a good combo in PVP, considering it hits like a truck combined with the defense malus from frostbite but the close horizontal spread of it makes it hard. Definitely makes me wish that we had the vertical spread that perfumers have but it'd probably be too good.

                              • Anonymous

                                Using this with a dex build + dual blood weapon+ frost with chilling mist. I can cancel the frost with the fire while dealing good damage and the buff makes me apply another frost and the bleed is quick to apply with the dual curved sword.
                                Super cool for bursting bosses. It can stagger human ennemies too.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Currently rocking 40/40 dex strength with no magic on a dragon claw, dragon kings cragblade build. My sword does like 650 and my shiled like 585 with the lightning scorpion talismen on. Hoping to get similar damage out of these. My build is generally a quality snapping turtle due to shield bash and rapier heavy pokes/ running r2's.... but I have no magic or range. Bows were disappointing but I'm thinking this may save me

                                  • Anonymous

                                    With around 40 Dex, and with the Perfumer's talisman equipped, the Spark Aromatic deals a respectable amount of damage, particularly to enemies vulnerable to fire (Miranda Flowers take over 1k damage). Against the Ulcerated Tree Spirit that spawns on top of the abandoned caravan near the Outer Wall Phantom Tree grace in Altus, the powder did roughly 1.6k per toss against its head when it got poise broken. Definitely worthwhile trying these out considering the low FP cost.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Based on my recent testing, with the Perfumer talisman the damage increases by 20%, Fire Scorpion adds 12%, both multiply the bonus to 34%. Oil gives 35% bonus fire damage, but together with these 2 talismans we get 101% more damage per use. With the Fire Tear, which on it's own gives 16.5%, we get the damage up to the whopping +140%

                                      • Update, perfumes and jars have had their base damage adjusted to be higher, while some offensive consumables have had their scaling reduced, spark aromatic has has it base damage increased by roughly 150-200ish, and scaling reduced to A, allow a lot more flexibility while using them, using fire grant me strength, the fireclutch scorpion and the perfumers talisman yields roughly 1000 damage per perfume at 50 dex and 20 str, making them a very useful catch mechanic in pvp as they have a very short wind up time and the large arc allows for roll catching, and in pve you can tie them with oil jars for a now satisfying amount of damage, poison spraymist has also seen some love, allowing for arcane scaling and teamed up with the perfumers talisman can dish out a solid 50 damage per second compared to a poison crossbows roughly 15 damage per second, uplifting aromatic has seen a duration increase as well, good changes

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I used these as good AOEs against the invisible assassin in Ordina. Since my dumbass completely forgot about sentry torch

                                          • so after extensive testing with different builds with varying amount of dex and talismans it saddens me to say I find very little use for these offensive consumables, having to pump my dex and strength along with having to use talismans to use them makes them obsolete when I can just poke the enemy with my weapon and do roughly the same, if not more damage because of how scaling works, also tying them to FP, along with the hard cap of being only able to hold x amount of mixed potions/jars really puts a huge dampener on things as I wanted to do a consumable build, but if you do any stat stacking you are going to do way more damage with its actual intended damage source, IE using sorceries for int and incants for faith, just weapons for str/dex, then throwing consumables at people. The utility potions are still good but the resources are super rare so you can't use them a lot, so RIP

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Really fun to use, but a bit annoying to craft. If it was just Altus blooms, it would be quite a nice way to use perfume bottles

                                              • Anonymous

                                                It's the super low amount of these that you can hold is what makes me really sad about most other "hunter tools". Most of them seem to have really good use atleast in pvp, but the low hold count really sucks

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  This and the rest of the perfumers arsenal really makes me want to try out a pure consumable build. A damn shame about the restrictions and it being a semi-finite source.

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