Spellblade's Pointed Hat

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Damage Negation
Phy 1.3
VS Strike 0.8
VS Slash 1.3
VS Pierce 1.3
Magic 4.5
Fire 3.9
Ligt 4.1
Holy 4.5
Immunity 15
Robustness 8
Focus 25
Vitality 27
Poise 2
Helm Wgt. 1.5

Spellblade's Pointed Hat is a Helm in Elden RingSpellblade's Pointed Hat is part of the Spellblade Set, and has high spell negations. Spellblade's Pointed Hat protect the player's head by applying various defensive properties, it also changes the appearance as well when it is equipped. Some armor pieces may be available to both genders but may be slightly different for male and female characters.


Glintstone sorcerer Rogier's traveling attire, graced with an intricate, aristocratic decoration. Strengthens glintstone sorcery skills.
Rogier spent his entire life behaving with utter detachment. No one noticed the anger, grief, regret, or fear that existed along with it.


Where to find Spellblade's Pointed Hat in Elden Ring

The Spellblade's Pointed Hat Helm can be found at:


Spellblade's Pointed Hat Set in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Spellblade's Pointed Hat Notes & Tips

With regular spells it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. It only works with Ashes of War. At 66 int with a Uchigatana+14 with the Ash of War: Glintblade Phalanx, the numbers when hitting a sheep with one of the blades wearing varying amounts of the set.

Which pieces you were wearing did not seem to matter and each piece has the same bonus to damage. 0 pieces: 158 // 1 piece: 161 // 2 pieces: 164 // 3 pieces: 167 // 4 pieces: 170

  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 200
  • Increases weapon Skills that deal Magic Damage by 2%
  • Poise Updated to patch 1.07


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    • Anonymous

      Ah yes spellblade, warrior of magic, the mage on the front lines.. 1s in phys Def 2 poise...... I'm doing it

      • Anonymous

        From really hate wizard hats, all alternate versions of wizard hats take the HAT off and not whatever it is that goes with it

        • Anonymous

          It works for ash of war: Carian Grandeur.

          Testes on +25 Misericorde with Carian Grandeur. (1.05 version with fixed talismans )

          4113 damage with full set of clothes.

          3880 with one piece of cloth

          3814 without cloth .

          Additionally, it seems not work for Sorcery of the Crozier (Watchdog's Staff).

          and I lost an rune arc for typing this comment :C

          • Anonymous

            Would this also affect carian retaliation? From my understanding, it’s damage is based off of the shield upgrade level/scaling, but is it considered a glint stone ash of war?

            • Anonymous

              It seems to affect the Dark Moon Greatsword's buffed R2 projectile.

              Testing on the Mausoleum Knight outside Black Knife Catacombs, at DMGS +4, 65 INT, +surprise attack damage


              It also affects both parts of Meteoric Ore Blade's Gravitas, despite being a gravity sorcery effects and not glintstone.

              As before: Weapon +0
              Downthrust 126/129
              Pullsplosion 162/168

              It also affects the Bastard's Stars and Wing of Astel's Nebulas
              Stars +4
              Weapon Hit 360/379
              Lingering Xplo 290/313

              Wing of Astel +6

              It also seems to affect the Rosus' Axe's Rosus's Summons though hitting both him and the nearby jellyfish it was difficult to pick out the individual damage of each hit and difficult to get all four hits to connect.

              My relatively low damage and damage differentials can be chalked up to underupgraded weapons. Results would be more illustrative at max upgrade level but I'm lazy. My testing shows that more, less scuffed research is necessary to sufficiently determine the full extent of affected weapon arts that lie outside the scope of the term "glintstone" as used in the item description.

              • Anonymous

                Does buff Moonveil's Transient Moonlight.

                0 piece; heavy attack on unaware enemy did 822.
                Full set; heavy attack on same unaware enemy did 888.

                • Anonymous

                  I've tested using some of the set, all of the set, etc. none of my spell damage changes at all. I've tried several spells with the word 'glintstone' in them, no change. I think there is a mistranslation here, or its some kind of joke they are playing.

                  • Anonymous

                    I did some testing on this, with regular spells it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. It only works with Ashes of War. At 66 int with a Uchigatana+14 with the Glintblade Phalanx Ashes, I found the numbers when hitting a sheep with one of the blades wearing varying amounts of the set. Which pieces you were wearing did not seem to matter and each piece has the same bonus to damage.

                    0 pieces: 158
                    1 piece: 161
                    2 pieces: 164
                    3 pieces: 167
                    4 pieces: 170

                    • Anonymous

                      Okay, I don't know if this has affected anyone else and I'm not sure all the specifics, but trying to equip this while in the capital crashes the game instantly for me.

                      • Anonymous

                        How much does this increase glintblade sorc damage by? And is it better than the Glintstone Crowns for Sorc?

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