Stormhawk Feather

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Material used for crafting items
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Found by killing stormhawks

Stormhawk Feather is a Crafting Material in Elden Ring. Crafting Materials are resources that can be obtained throughout The Lands Between and used to create a wide variety of items. 


A feather from a hawk that lived as one
with the storms.
Material used for crafting items.

These feathers, enveloped in swirling winds, are often used for arrow fletching.


Where to find Stormhawk Feather in Elden Ring

In the world
Purchase from
Enemy Drop rate Additional info
Warhawk 15.00% -
Exile Soldier 2.00% -
Large Exile Soldier 2.00% -


  • Rampart Tower Site of Grace in Stormveil Castle: There are 3 Warhawks just out the north door, and while there is another at the end of the walkway which will cause an explosion, it is overall faster to just do the 3 near ones.
  • Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace in Stormveil Castle. From the grace, head east down the path, for a total of 6. 1 will jump from the cliff to the south in the first clearing, 2 more are just east on a drop-down. Head west up the path and just south there will be 3 more: one on the ground and two in a tree. Continue to the north to arrive back at the grace.
  • Dragon Temple Rooftop Site of Grace in Crumbling Farum Azula. There are a total of 13 Warhawks in between the grace and the hidden golden tree up around to the left atop the building. 2 are on the initial level you drop down to, 1 on the next rooftop, 2 just below it, 2 on the walkway down toward the dragon's resting spot, 1 on the roof just to the east, 4 more on columns above and behind that (three of which can be reached with Frenzied Burst from the walkway, the other be reached from the south), and 1 more on the ground below where the others are perched.  (Note: if your damage is high enough to one-shot them, they will almost always fall from the columns, permitting them to be looted).

Stormhawk Feather Guide for Elden Ring

Stormhawk Feather can be used to craft the following items:


Elden Ring Stormhawk Feather Notes & Tips

  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 50
  • Notes and player tips go here


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    • Anonymous

      Stormveil Cliffside is better than Rampart Tower... Use regular arrows to take them all out. There's 6 birds in the run and it brings you right back to the Grace to rest and repeat. One silver foot lasts like three loops. You'll get about 10

      I find it less annoying than rampart cause it loops

      • Anonymous

        For farming, I spawn at Stormveil Cliffside, sneak to the edge of the cliff behind me (watch out for the one above), then drop down on the pair below. You can hit one on the way down, then take his friend.

        • Anonymous

          Farm is slightly bearable with Gravitas. Easily 2 shots them. I still only use this on Boss battles as you can easily run out. Dunno why they didn't bother adding a feather bell bearing.

          • Anonymous

            You wanna farm these things? Castle Ramparts, Some type of ranged spell, glintstone pebble works perfect with the recent patch as it's an actually good ranged option early on. If you hate magic that much, throwing knives work too as they have trouble dodging them. The drop rates are crap and the fact that the best place to farm them is in such a horrible place just makes doing a bow-only run not worth it at times, especially considering these are some of the best arrows you can have.

            • Anonymous

              A comment from March recommends using a bone arrow to kill the first hawk then fire arrows to explode the barrels when farming these stormhawk feathers outside the room with the rampart tower grace. That's an inefficient and wasteful way to farm those hawks for their feathers, for one thing you will eventually need to farm the components for any other arrows used in the farm and for another exploding the barrels is as likely as not to see the hawk blown over the wall and down the massive drop the other side and any feathers will be lost to you. The only hawk it is safe to kill by exploding the barrels is the one hiding around the corner waiting to ambush.

              • Anonymous

                It’s like they’re asking players to dupe items with these drop rates and inability to purchase crafting materials.

                • Anonymous

                  I think I may have found the best way to farm these. I did this at the rampart tower site of grace

                  Craft some fire bone arrows. Shoot the first Warhawk in the head with a normal arrow. Then as it's getting up, put another one in him.

                  Now with the fire arrows, shoot the barrels the other ones are standing on and around.

                  It isnt the fastest, but for a bow only run, it's the best way to do it. Good luck

                  • Anonymous

                    Absolutely abysmal drop rate for how many you go through. Not to mention they drop from one of the most annoying enemies in the game. Not even difficult, just ****ing annoying. At least they buffed Gravitas.

                    • Anonymous

                      Another farming spot is at Stormveil Cliffside; you turn around, go drop down a cliff, and then you can get back to that site of grace (you do this by dropping down the cliff to your left when you're at the site of grace, you will naturally be led there) while killing a bunch of the hawks.

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