Surge, O Flame!

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Spell Type Fire Monk Incantation
FP Cost: 1 (1) Slots Used: 1
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Incinerates area before caster with stream of fire

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Surge, O Flame! is an Incantation in Elden Ring. Surge, O Flame! allows the user to emit a continuous stream of fire burning the area before the caster.


Superior incantation of the Fire Monks.

Creates a stream of fire to burn the area before the caster.
This incantation can be cast while in motion. Hold to maintain
the effect.

The Giants' Flame is the flame of ruin, capable of burning the
Erdtree. And so, following the War against the Giants, its ruinous
blaze was sealed, and guardians were appointed to watch over it.


Where to find Surge, O Flame!

Where to find Surge, O Flame!:


Elden Ring Surge, O Flame! Guide

  • Fire Monk Incantation
  • Stamina Cost: 2
  • Deals fire damage
  • It can be cast while in motion.
  • This incantation is not chargeable.
  • Hold to continue the stream of fire. This can be maintained until the caster has no FP remaining. 
  • Very low damage, even with an extremely optimized loadout.  However, this is an extremely cheap fire-damage option and can be used by most characters to reset frostbite status effects, allowing them to be applied again (dealing additional damage)


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    • Anonymous

      In DS3 it was one of two the most powerful 1x1 PvP pyromancies (the second one is Black Flame) cuz with Cartus bloodring it allows you to roll-n-spam one-tick cloud of fire on safe distance with almost no FP consumption. Using this spell you litterally can slowly but surely burn any opponent with no damage on yourself. But... It doesn't work in ER this way.

      Rest in peace, my love, my harbinger of a slow and painful death...

      • Anonymous

        I cannot comprehend what the point of putting a spell like this in the game even is. It's actually just useless and unusable. Not balanced at all and is basically the same as it's been in all past games. Low damage, low efficiency.

        • Anonymous

          So this spell has been in DS and Elden Ring for, what, a decade now? And it's still the most awful spell ever? Beginning to think it's intentional....

          • Anonymous

            Garbage. Worst offensive spell I've tried yet, and that's saying something. Maybe if it at least had some range it would be useful...

            • Anonymous

              AWFUL spell. they didn't balance test this spell.
              [or there must be some strange combo amulet, or enemy that makes this spell okay that I haven't found yet.]

              • Anonymous

                This one earns my award for the most consistently bad spell across every single game it's appeared in. — Courh the Explorer

                • Anonymous

                  at max casting speed it deploys basically instantly, very annoying in pvp. alright as a finisher but pretty bad everywhere else.

                  • Anonymous

                    In DS3, this served as a low-damage, low-risk pressuring tool, and, consequently, was quite strong. In Elden Ring, it's slightly worse by comparison for several reasons but with one upside: it locks in you the animation for a short period (which is actually the fair "fix" it needed in DS3 as it was SO low-risk in DS3 you could literally go an entire duel with just Surge and not be touched), the range is shorter than the flame's reach would suggest (which is just annoying, and unnecessary), the tracking is wonky and not nearly as good (it sometimes locks the animation towards where you started casting it even after they moved out of the way and takes a second to catch up), and the FP cost is significantly more (don't be fooled by the description, the full, minimum cost of the spell is actually 7 FP for just 2 ticks of flame since it locks you into the animation), BUT it does a modest amount of poise damage to compensate for Elden Ring's return of neutral poise (Amen). Frankly, it isn't really worth using over Bestial Sling (same cost, further range, has spread, combo-able, chainable, useable while jumping) but it should be just as viable an option. My recommendation to buff it without it being as oppressive as DS3 would be to keep the initial animation lock so you can trade into it with good timing, increase the range to that of Bestial Sling (that'd be literally 0.5m and would match the flame's animations too), give it 3 ticks instead for 2 for the minimum animation lock, improve the tracking so they you can still strafe the 1st tick but are on target following that if they aren't sprinting, castable while jumping, and (maybe, I'm not sure about this one) make it combo-able.

                    • Anonymous

                      Thanks to those who pointed out that this enchantment does poise break or stunlock or something. Punch your attacker in the face with it and they will stop whatever they are doing. It has to be timed right. It takes a second or two for the flames to start after you cast it, so you can't cast it when the enemy is in your face or it is likely to be interrupted. I just used to kill Anastasia the Tarnished-Eater in her invasion at Corpse-Stench Shack. I had been having trouble with her, one attack of hers can one-hit kill me, and I remembered the discussion of this spell, here. Tried it, teamed up with a weapon that causes bleeding. it worked a treat.

                      I do think surge o flame does SOME damage, however small. Anastasia died while I was flaming her.

                      • Anonymous

                        You can skip the 'iconic' fire giant incantation sfx by having 51 +/- 1 virtual dex, which makes the spell come out at ok speed, but it does not matter until the damage is buffed.

                        • Anonymous

                          Funnily enough I managed to poise break first stage final boss, while using the bug where they stand still with this spell. Pitiful damage, but seeing them crumble from it was a funny surprise.

                          • Anonymous

                            I guess newer players dont realize that this spells usage is not being a dps machine but rather to finish off opponents safely. This is elden rings flame surge from dark souls

                            • This skill is so bad it produces me pain to see it. It could literally be the main weapon of many confessor builds and they wastes such a good opportunity.

                              • Anonymous

                                Some of the balancing on faith skills damage is ridiculously bad this skill is terrible i was really looking forward to alot of the pyromancy spells but 90% of them are just bad besides the fireball black fireball giant fireball the the rest are useless in 99% of situations , same with o flame and catch flame abysmal range and pretty bad damage for the risk , if they did massive poise damage then maybe itd be good but nope

                                • I really don't understand From's logic of adding a literal tactical nuke in a sorcery spell, but you can't give us a reasonably powerful flamethrower spell to play around with.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Why is this skill so bad lol literally 0 damage. It does stunlock enemies in the fire so good for distraction.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Drains FP incredibly quickly for not great damage. Some use against groups of lighter enemies, but there are better options.

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