Terra Magica

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Spell Type Glintstone Sorceries
FP Cost 20 Slots Used 1
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Raises the magic strength of those within the sigil

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Terra Magica is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Terra Magica spell creates a spherical zone that increases magic damage when damage is dealt while the user is in the zone.


One of the glintstone sorceries of the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Draws an academy sigil upon the ground, raising the magic strength of those within.

Once, the sigil would be cast from the highest belfry of the academy, covering the entire institution's grounds. This spell allows such vivid experience of spell—casting success, it turns many a fledgling into a true sorcerer in a flash of newfound understanding.



  • Creates a spherical zone centered on a sigil, giving you a magic buff, increasing magic damage from any source by 35%, lasting 30 seconds. 
  • Must be within the spell radius when damage is dealt to receive the buff.


Where to find Terra Magica

Where to find Terra Magica:


Elden Ring Terra Magica Guide

  • Glintstone Sorcery
  • Stamina Cost: 12
  • Increases magic potency while standing inside of the sphere by 35%.
    • The buff percentage is the same in PvE and PvP.
    • The buff applies to magic damage regardless of origin (spell vs innate weapon damage, etc.).
  • Stacks with the Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear, as these two are considered to be separate buffs.
  • Scholar's Armament will not be buffed by this spell if the user of Scholar's Armament moves out of the sphere.
  • Any spell or effect with magic damage will not be buffed if the user is not in the sphere when damage is dealt. The user need not be in the sphere while casting, only when damage resolves.
  • Delayed spells/effects may be cast before terra magica; so long as the user casts Terra Magica before they deal damage, they will be effected if the user is in the radius when damage is dealt.
  • The magic damage buff lasts for 1.5 seconds when outside the sphere's radius, and will be regained upon re-entering the zone.
  • Zone reaches into boss rooms if cast just outside the fog wall. 
  • Zone is a sphere slightly larger than the sigil implies.
  • Zone is cast on a fixed sphere in space, determined at the time the spell resolves (I.E. it can be cast while on a moving lift, but will be left behind as the lift continues motion)







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    • Anonymous

      To any mage out there who participates in boss co-op; If you see Terra Magica being casted by another mage, take advantage of it by standing in the sigil for boosted magic damage (Terra Magica is not a self buff; it affects teammates). The many times I've co-oped with another mage and they never seem to utilize my Terra Magica even when the placement is in their favor always kills me a little inside lol.

      • Anonymous

        Does this not work with rock sling? I was testing on troll outside Godrick's boss area, and there was no difference.

        • Anonymous

          Does the buff work on incantations too or simply sorceries? The description mentions that it raises magic strength.

          • Anonymous

            My pure int build has basically become aoe hell with this. Glintblades, magic downpour, ancestral infants head, gravity stone fan, and carian sword spells in case anything is getting too close

            • Anonymous

              *sighs* Sadly, yes, this does also buff Azur's Comet. Turns some boss fights into 10sec long DBZ episodes. Minus the screaming (unless you miss).

              • This spell increases the damage of all magic attacks while you're receiving its buff. This includes magic infused weapons and magic weapon arts. Great for defensive pvp measures.

                • Anonymous

                  The buff can be used by multiple players, if you're playing with a group of sorcerers only one needs to carry the spell.

                  • Anonymous

                    is the duration increased by the lingering dragon talisman?
                    (I literally forgor what this game's version is called lmao)

                    • Anonymous

                      The wording of the spell is exactly as it says: magic strength, aka any source of magic damage. Fire or physical sorceries don't apply, since they aren't magic damage. Dragonbreath incantations that deal magic damage do, since it's magic damage. Magic weapons do, at least the magic portion of the weapon. Magic consumables do, as they are magic damage.

                      • Anonymous

                        This sorcery is outta hand. As previous posters have mentioned, if you couple it with the right talisman and crystal tear(s) the damage is awesome. Especially with Lusat's staff or Royal Carian staff with the moon sorceries (which just got a buff last patch). cheers H

                        • Anonymous

                          Hi is there a miracle/incantation version of this buff? I think i saw someone casting this but the spherical zone was yellow

                          • Anonymous

                            Does anyone wonder if casting this spell at the top of the tower it was found on do anything extra from the lore description? Considering it says that "sorcerers would cast this at the top of the tower and lead fledglings to become true sorcerers" sounds like an interesting lore concept.

                            • Anonymous

                              So I assume it does NOT buff magma sorceries since they technically do (fire) damage? or does it universally buff spell damage? Kinda confusing since there is magic spells that do "magic" damage, and spells that also do physical/fire

                              • Anonymous

                                Ranni's Dark Moon + Comet Azur with the FP cost nullify and magic damage bonus flask was already pretty OP and melted late game bosses. I shudder at how insane it will be with 35% increase potency.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Does casting this on top of the belfry in the Academy do anything? The description makes it sound like there could be a secret interaction.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    It states that this buffs all magic damage, but I’ve tested it with rock sling and it definitely doesn’t appear to boost that damage. Loretta’s and other glintstones do appear to be affected

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