Throwing Dagger

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Throw at enemies to inflict damage
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Str B
Dex A
FP Cost -

Throwing Dagger is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. Most Consumables grant various effects such as restorative properties for recovering HP, removing certain negative status effects or applying temporary buffs and debuffs, while others can be thrown at enemies to deal damage.


Short dagger for throwing. It has no handguard.
The blade is polished, and its weight is expertly balanced.

Throw at enemies to deal damage.

This auxiliary weapon, used primarily to constrain an enemy's movements, can still be deadly in the right hands.


Throwing Dagger Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Throwing Dagger:


Elden Ring Throwing Dagger Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 40 Throwing Daggers.
  • You can store up to 600 Throwing Daggers.
  • Sell Value: item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px 10 Runes
  • Throwing Daggers, Kukri, and other items of the sort can be used on bosses with very low health, allowing for less infuriating deaths from the player being overaggressive.


Elden Ring Throwing Dagger Damage

Damage values tested on an enemy with low defense* to best show the effects of scaling.

  • Deals 26 dmg at 10 STR and 10 DEX
  • Deals 49 dmg at 20 STR and 20 DEX
  • Deals 85 dmg at 80 STR and 20 DEX
  • Deals 105 dmg at 20 STR and 80 DEX
  • Deals 112 dmg at 40 STR and 40 DEX
  • Deals 127 dmg at 50 STR and 50 DEX

*Tested on Giant Land Squirts near The Ravine site of grace


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    • Anonymous

      too weak to use as a main projectile but it is quick enough to stagger a spellcaster out of their spell casts or to punish if you don’t have the time to switch to a better weapon/spell……….and as for close combat, they can easily punish an opponent who misjudge their spacing… can also punich a target fleeing in a straight line ( can throw a few before they notice )

      • Anonymous

        Big thing to note about throwing knives is that they deal poise damage. The short version of this is that it helps ensure poise breaks (mostly PvE) if you use them occasionally when you don't have a chance to get in safely for a bit. Details on how/ why explained in the wall of text below.

        To begin with, poise works basically an invisible meter filling up very similar to any other status effect. A hit that deals poise damage (aka pretty much all melee weapons) makes this meter grow and when it hits the enemy's poise limit then their stance is broken and the fun begins. Just like any other status effect, this invisible poise break build-up will go down over time as well. There's two big things that are different with stance breaks compared to status effects though: the delay and the speed at which it decreases.

        Unlike status effects which begin to decay as soon as some build-up is applied, poise damage has a small delay before it starts to happen. This actually correlates with the total amount of poise that the enemy has. The larger their poise, the larger the delay before it starts to decay. Small enemies with low poise generally aren't worth interrupting due to how quickly they recover and it's best to hit them with a big attack, but bosses typically are easiest poise breaked by keeping pressure up to avoid them recovering. Big thing to note here is that any amount of poise damage will cause the delay before that invisible meter starts decaying to restart. Just hit them again with any attack dealing poise damage and it pauses. Doesn't matter how much poise damage was dealt or where it came from, as long as poise damage was dealt, this restarts it. That's why sometimes faster weapons can get a surprising amount of poise breaks compared to big heavies as while the big heavies deal a lot more in one go, the fast attacks can prevent the meter from decaying and thus secure a poise break. This is especially important as the poise meter decay is *incredibly* fast, much faster than any status effect.

        With these two things in mind, throwing knives have an incredibly potent use of delaying the poise decay by dealing poise damage. It's not a lot whatsoever, but it can restart that timer to give you time for an opening to go back in with your melee or buy time for a colossal weapon swing. For small enemies it's generally not worth it due to how short their delay is anyways, but with bosses if you get into the habit of throwing a knife when you need to make distance but already got a few swings in, you'll start to notice that you break their stance much more often. If you want to learn more or see this visualized, I'd highly recommend Illusory Wall's "Elden Ring Dissected #6 - Poise Explained" video. That's where I pulled this information from.

        tl;dr throw knives at bosses occasionally when you need to make distance and already got some hits in. You'll get more poise breaks.

        • Anonymous

          "These don't do any damage why should I use them?" Well, they control enemy aggression, particularly useful when cooping, headshots stun hard and are funny! And, they are cheap and cost no FP!

          • Anonymous

            Decided I wanted to do a run as a Mason soldier from chivalry 2, are throwing knives usable in PvE or is this exclusively usable in pvp

            • Anonymous

              If doing very low-level invasions, it's a must-have for sure. The damage will put top pressure on hosts, their overleveled phantoms and it's the most viable if they keep rolling like sissies.

              • Anonymous

                Is the damage of throwing dagger gonna works with Spear Talisman or Millicent’s Prosthesis? Given the circumstances fits the criteria of activation (counter-attacking, spam-throwing etc.)

                • Anonymous

                  Low effort toss when you are free to act from a distance, without risking yourself and does quick, respectable damage. Daggers have always been one of the handiest tools in every souls game. It's a r1 from afar for a free hit. Toss one to finish off a boss/player or to suppress the enemy in order to give yourself a break from combat. Fan dagger is an uograde but this will always remain consistently useful when you need it.

                  • Anonymous

                    Honestly shocked and amazed with how many Invasion Youtubers/Streamers don't use these when they get at least once per video a target that survives with sub 100 hp which could easily be dispatched with a throwing dagger at 0 risk.
                    I haven't PvP'd much thanks to how badly the ball was dropped with PvP on PC, but I have finished off far too many bosses with a throwing dagger than I almost dare to admit.
                    But seriously, one of the best and underrated item-weapons in ER.
                    I have it 1st on my toolbelt with my Flasks on the D-pad.
                    I can chuck a knife to stun for a second and give myself time to drink without interruption.
                    Fighting multiple opponents and one goes below 200 hp I can finish them off with one or two chucks without committing to unnecessary risk.
                    Using big heavy weapons I can chuck a dagger to mix up my attacks and apply more pressure.
                    Can bait a roll catch out of NPC invaders by tricking them into dodging with a lil knifey.

                    Gonna try getting into pvp because I wanna try just how much pressure they apply to real players.

                    • Anonymous

                      Do anyone have problems hitting with those ? I often can't hit dudes staying still while locked down. Sucks

                      • Anonymous

                        In pvp they are good at punshing slow magic users because many spells are forcing the user to stand still for a moment

                        • Anonymous

                          amazing in pvp at lower-mid levels (at least in duels).
                          it’s basically a “be more aggressive” button or an answer to a long cast you dont want to get near. also to finish off folks. real ****

                          • Anonymous

                            Stops enemies from recovering their posture (doesn't build it up a lot, but it depletes way less when you can't attack). Throw them out from time to time against tanky enemies and bosses and enjoy a lot more posture breaks.

                            • Anonymous

                              you will win WAAAAY more boss fights and pvp fights when you use throwing daggers/darts/etc. to last hit when they have a sliver of HP.

                              • Anonymous

                                Are you usually frustrated because the boss needs literally 1 more hit then you get smacked and die instead?? This is the answer to your problem

                                • Anonymous

                                  “This auxiliary weapon used primarily to constrain an enemy's movements“ proper use of these seem pretty toxic

                                  • Anonymous

                                    i have these and kukris on my shortcut items so you can throw them whenever you want, they are very useful and you can buy unlimited. daggers stop enemy charges on many enemies, allowing you to take back momentum. -rikomi

                                    • Anonymous

                                      does dexterity affect the damage of the throwing dagger? I have been toying with the idea of a Ninja build using daggers and throwing knives.

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