Timeline of Lands Between history

This is a timeline of Lands Between history, comprising important conflicts and political events in the Lands Between. Although much of the order of historic events is up for debate, several key events are stated or heavily implied to happen before others. Thus, the endeavor of this document is to paint a picture of the most accurate chronological timeline based on in game descriptions and dialog. Please note that this page contains heavy spoilers, including end of game dialog.

Elden Ring Eras

Age Before the ErdtreeAge of the ErdtreeThe ShatteringEvents taking place during the gameEvents which cannot be reasonably be placed in relation to others

This is a dynamic list and the order of events within the sub eras will always be subject to debate. You can help by adding missing items with reliable sources and reordering them where appropriate. The events are placed in descending order, beginning with the very oldest ones, but placement within the time frames is not certain by any means, so take them with a grain of salt and consider the order within eras a very rough estimate. Most events can be placed in one of the above eras due to reference of characters who must have been born by that point to take part, or by the fact that the Erdtree is not present at that time. If there is no reference, or no strong reference to a temporal anchor, the event should be placed in the final section.

A final note, some theorize that there is a circular and periodically looping nature to Elden Ring’s history. This page in no way attempts to prove or disprove that and hopefully the timeline presented here can somehow mesh with those theories. However, the goal of this page is draw out a linear timeline built on events which are stated to precede each other either through birth events, or the existence of the Erdtree, or destruction of the Elden Ring. 


Age Before the Erdtree

A time when there was no Erdtree and before Marika became a God and the vessel for the Elden Ring.
Event Evidence
Arrival of the Elden Ring
It is said that long ago, the Greater Will sent a golden star bearing a beast into the Lands Between, which would later become the Elden Ring.
Deathbirds tend the Ghostflames
In the time when there was no Erdtree, death was burned in ghostflame. Deathbirds were the keepers of that fire.
Placidusax rules as Elden Lord
The Dragonlord whose seat lies at the heart of the storm beyond time is said to have been Elden Lord in the age before the Erdtree. Once his god was fled, the lord continued to await its return.
A legendary talisman depicting the ancient king whose seat lies at the heart of the storm beyond time.
It is said that the ancient royal city of Farum Azula has been slowly crumbling since time immemorial.
The Eternal Cities flourish in the Age Before the Erdtree
Map of Ainsel River and environs

Two great rivers flow beneath the Lands Between, the Siofra and the Ainsel. The vast region is said to be the grave of civilizations that flourished before the Erdtree.
The Primordial Erdtree
One of the ancient Erdtree incantations.
This is a manifestation of the Erdtree's primal vital energies - an aspect of the primordial crucible, where all life was once blended together.
The primordial form of the Erdtree is close in nature to life itself, and this spear, modeled on its crucible, is imbued with ancient holy essence.
Metal greatshield coated with gold. Carried by knights loyal to

The red tinge in the gold coat mirrors the primordial matter that
became the Erdtree. The color of homeward yearning.

Age of the Erdtree

A time beginning after the War against the Giants and ending with the shattering of the Elden Ring.
Event Evidence
The War against the Giants
Mountaintop of the Giants Sword Monument:
The War against the Giants
Champions battle, trolls betray
Fire vanquished, the era of the Erdtree begins
Melina's Dialog:
In Marika's own words. Hark, brave warriors. Hark, my lord Godfrey. We commend your deeds. Guidance has delivered ye through ordeal to the place ye stand. Put the giants to the sword and confine the flame atop the mount. Let a new epoch begin. An epoch glistening with life. Brandish the Elden Ring, for the Age of the Erdtree!
Tricksome shield made from white stone depicting a malformed one-eyed god. The barrel of a firearm pokes through the open mouth.
Once worshipped by the giants, this evil deity is believed to have been slain by Queen Marika. 
Marika becomes Elden Ring Vessel
An eye engraved with an Elden Rune.
Said to be the seal of Queen Marika.
These seals represent the lifelong duty of those chosen by the gods.
It is said that when the Age of the Erdtree began, such blessings  were personally bestowed upon their recipients by Queen Marika  herself.
Godfrey becomes the first Elden Lord and Marika and Godfrey have three children, Godwyn, Morgott, and Mohg
Weapon of Godfrey, Elden Lord. It was broken in a battle fought as leader of the Tarnished during the Long March. This weapon is symbolic of Godfrey's vow to conduct himself as a lord, later becoming an emblem of the golden lineage. In the days of the past, a crown was warranted with strength.
Mohg and Morgott are twin brothers, and their Great Runes are naturally similar.
War of the Ancient Dragons
Spear whittled from the weapon wielded by Gransax.
One of the legendary armaments.
A great ancient dragon, Gransax once rained calamity upon the Royal Capital - the only time in historical record that Leyndell's walls have fallen. This marked the dawn of the war against dragons.
This incantation was used by the knights of the Erdtree during the assault by the great ancient dragon Gransax, and the bitter War of the Ancient Dragons that followed.
Altus Plateau Sword Monument:
The Routing of the Ancient Dragons
Godwyn the Golden fought to the last,
Earning the friendship of dread Fortissax
The First and the Second Liurnian Wars
This incantation was used by the champions of the Erdtree in the First and the Second Liurnian Wars, during which the red-haired Radagon joined the heroes' ranks
Miriel's Dialog:
You wish to know more of Lord Radagon? Lord Radagon was a great champion, possessed of flowing red locks. He came to these lands at the head of a great golden host, when he met Lady Rennala in battle. He soon repented his territorial aggressions though, and became husband to the Carian Queen. However, when Godfrey, first Elden Lord, was hounded from the Lands Between, Radagon left Rennala to return to the Erdtree Capital, becoming Queen Marika's second husband and King Consort, taking the title...of second Elden Lord. The mystery endures, to this day... As to why Lord Radagon would cast Lady Rennala aside... and moreover...why a mere champion would be chosen for the seat of Elden Lord
Radagon and Rennala have three children, Rykard, Radahn, and Ranni
Sorcerer Rogier's Dialog:
Lunar Princess Ranni. One of the children born to King Consort Radagon and his first wife, Rennala. Demigod and sister to General Radahn and Praetor Rykard.
Miriel's Dialog:
Who can blame you? The Shattering has caused us - all of us - to lose sight of something very dear. It is here, at the Church of Vows, that the great houses of the Erdtree and the Moon were joined. And so, our church holds in view the monuments of both houses. The Erdtree of the Capital, and the Academy of Raya Lucaria.
Radahn holds back the Stars
Remembrance of Starscourge Radahn, hewn into the Erdtree.
The Red Lion General wielded gravitational powers which he learned in Selia during his younger days. All so he would never have to abandon his beloved but scrawny steed.
One of the glintstone sorceries that manipulates gravitational forces.
A gravitational technique mastered by the young Radahn. "I thank you for your tutelage, for now I can challenge the stars."
Curved greatswords of black steel wielded by General Radahn. A pair of weapons decorated with a lion mane motif.
Radahn earned considerable renown as the Starscourge in this youth, and it is said that it was during this time he engraved the gravity crest up these blades. 
A talisman engraved with a scene from a heroic tale.
The mightiest hero of the demigods confronted the falling stars alone—and thus did he crush them, his conquest sealing the very fate of the stars.
Caelid Sword Monument
The Starscourge Conflict
Radahn alone holds Sellia secure
And stands tall, to shatter the stars
The Long March: Marika banishes Godfrey and Tarnished from the Lands Between
When Godfrey, first Elden Lord was robbed of his grace, becoming Tarnished, he took with him his kinfolk and left the Lands Between. After the Long March of the Tarnished came to an end, Godfrey divested himself of kingship, becoming a simple warrior once more.
Melina's Dialog:

Spoken echoes of Queen Marika linger here, as well. Shall I share them with you?
Very well. In Marika's own words. My Lord, and thy warriors. I divest each of thee of thy grace.
With thine eyes dimmed, ye will be driven from the Lands Between. Ye will wage war in a land afar, where ye will live, and die.
Well? Perhaps that might serve you in lieu of a maiden's guidance.
Radagon becomes King Consort and the second Elden Lord and Marika and Radagon have twins, Malenia and Miquella
Miquella and Malenia are both the children of a single god. As such they are both Empyreans, but suffered afflictions from birth. One was cursed with eternal childhood, and the other harbored rot within. 
Gowry's Dialog:
Queen Marika and her King Consort Radagon were blessed with twin demigods, and Malenia was one of them.
She was born an Empyrean, carrying the scarlet rot.
An Empyrean...is no mere demigod.
In the age of the Elden Ring, and Queen Marika, the precious Empyrean was born. A new god to forge a new Order.
Since Malenia fought Radahn, and the great scarlet flower blossomed in Aeonia, I have dedicated myself to her.
And to the resplendence of the Order of Rot. The cycle of decay and rebirth.
Miquella grows the Haligtree, but it ultimately fails to grow into an Erdtree
The surcoat bears the crest of the Haligtree. Though watered with Miquella's own blood since it was a sapling, the Haligtree ultimately failed to grow into an Erdtree. 
Metal greatshield depicting the Haligtree with unalloyed gold.
Carried by knights who have vowed to serve Miquella's Haligtree.
Possesses high holy damage negation. Yet now, with the Haligtree misshapen, this wondrous rendition is a fleeting fantasy.

Silver helm of Loretta, a Knight who served Miquella's Haligtree.
Loretta, once a royal Carian Knight, went on a journey in search of a haven for Albinaurics, and determined that the Haligtree was their best chance for eventual salvation.
Night of Black Knives
Sorcerer Rogier's Dialog:
The misshapen corpse under Stormveil? That is a sacred relic. Of the black knives plot. As that famed night of assassination is known.
It happened during the Golden Age of the Erdtree, long before the shattering of the Elden Ring. Someone stole a fragment of the Rune of Death from Maliketh, the Black Blade. And on a bitter night, murdered Godwyn the Golden.
That was the first recorded Death of a demigod in all history. And it became the catalyst. Soon, the Elden Ring was smashed, and thus sprang forth the war known as the Shattering.
I once wished to become a scholar, you see. I've spent many an hour scouring the archives for knowledge of that fateful plot.
Ranni's Dialog:
Let us speak of the past, a while.
I was once an Empyrean.
Of the demigods, only I, Miquella, and Malenia could claim that title.
Each of us was chosen by our own Two Fingers, as a candidate to succeed Queen Marika, to become the new god of the coming age. Which is when I received Blaidd. In the form of a vassal tailored for an Empyrean.
But I would not acquiesce to the Two Fingers.
I stole the Rune of Death, slew mine own Empyrean flesh, casting it away.
I would not be controlled by that thing.
The Two Fingers and I have been cursing each other ever since... And the Baleful Shadows... are their assassins.
The Shattering of the Elden Ring
Stone hammer made in the lands of the Numen, outside the Lands Between. The tool with which Queen Marika shattered the Elden Ring and Radagon attempted to repair it.
The hammer partially broke upon shattering the Ring, becoming splintered with rune fragments.
Enia's dialog:
Queen Marika is the vessel of the Elden Ring, carrier of its vision.
A god, in truth. But after the Elden Ring's shattering, she was imprisoned in the Erdtree.
A grim punishment for shattering the Order, despite her godhood.

 The Shattering

A tumultuous period when wars broke out between multiple Demi-Gods and Lords. It begins after the Elden Ring is shattered and ends some time before when the Protagonist Tarnished arrives in the Lands Between.
Event Evidence
The Academy of Raya Lucaria abstains from engaging in the war
Thops's Dialog:
That's the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Where we study glintstone sorceries.
Only, its doors have been closed for quite some time now.
After they declared they wouldn't interfere with the Shattering, the academy cast repelling seals on the east gate leading to the Capital and the south gate leading here.
As you might have guessed, the seals are still active, making entry to the academy impossible without a glintstone key.
And so I'm stuck here. A fledgling sorcerer, with little chance of acquiring a key.
Robe worn by scholars of the Raya Lucaria Academy scholar, tattered from being worn on the battlefield.

Whenever war broke out and the academy sealed its gates, only Haima's scholars dared venture outside. Seclusion is no way to foster discovery; it is only a convenient form of escape.
Malenia defeats Godrick
Limgrave Sword Monument:
Godrick the Golden, humiliated
Having tasted defeat by the Blade of Miquella
Now on his knees, begging for mercy
Morgott battles Radahn  Intro Cinematic
Morgott defeats Godrick  [Missing reference]
Mohg takes Miquella
Gideon's Dialog:

So. The Haligtree, now but a husk... I heard speculation Miquella embedded himself in the Haligtree,
but before he could finish, someone cut the tree open and absconded with his infant form.
Indeed, it seems those words held weight. How vexing. That the All-knowing didn't have the full story...
Perhaps the Queen's sorrow was justified... Ah, my apologies. Lost myself, for a moment there.
Gideon's Dialog:
Ahh, I see! So Miquella was with the Lord of Blood after all! 
*Note: The Queen's sorrow which Gideon mentions could imply this event occurs during the Age of the Erdtree
Malenia battles Radahn and destroys Caelid
Caelid Sword Monument
The Battle of Aeonia
Radahn and Malenia locked in stalemate
Then, the scarlet rot blooms
The inner walls of Leyndell are never breached
Map of the Royal Capital of Leyndell and environs.

Leyndell, City of the Erdtree, is a metropolis enclosed by double ramparts. The inner wall remains unbreached to this day.
Morgott's troops attempt to attack Valcano Manor
Gideon's Dialog:
Praetor Rykard is the Lord of the Volcano Manor on Mt. Gelmir. He is a ruthless justiciar who commands a company of inquisitors, reviled for his serpentine demeanour. The volcano, Mt. Gelmir, lies in the west of the Altus Plateau; the realm of the Erdtree. It was the stage of the most appalling battle in the entirety of the Shattering. Rykard has commited the grave sin of blasphemy. Marking himself as an enemy, never to be forgiven.
Mt. Gelmir Sword Monument:
The Assault on Volcano Manor
The squalid, the sick, the blasphemous;
a wretched, unending war with no glory

Events taking place during the game

The time beginning when the Protagonist Tarnished arrives in the Lands Between and ending with the conclusion of the game
Event Evidence
The Tarnished return to the Lands Between
Melina's Dialog:

Spoken echoes linger here. Words of Queen Makira, who vanished long ago. If you wish, I will share them with you.
In Marika's own words.
Then, after thy death, I will give back what I once claimed.
Return to the Lands Between, wage war, and brandish the Elden Ring.
Grow strong in the face of death. Warriors of my lord. Lord Godfrey.
Morgott defends the Capital from ambitious Tarnished
Altus Plateau Sword Monument:
The Second Defense of Leyndell
The Fell Omen stacks high the corpses of heroes
Yet the Erdtree remains unshaken
A cloak of ragged fur worn about the exposed body of Margit, the Fell Omen.
Having slaughtered countless champions during the Shattering, the Fell Omen has become a horror to those who harbor ambitions for the Erdtree, or for Lordship.
Mohg feeds blood to Miquella's cocoon hoping to begin the Mohgwyn Dynasty
A talisman depicting the exultation of the Lord of Blood.
"Render up you offerings of blood to your Lord. Drench my consort's chamber. Slake his cocoon's thirst. His awakening shall herald the dawn of our dynasty"
Map of Mohgwyn Palace and environs.

In the lightless depths lies the grave of an ancient civilization. It is here Mohg, the Lord of Blood, is building his palace, to be the seat of his coming dynasty named Mohgwyn. And whatever nightmares that may bring.
Gowry attempts to grow Millicent and her Sisters into Scarlet Valkyries
A talisman depicting a raised prosthetic blade. An honor bestowed upon the valkyries who serve the goddess of rot. 
The Four sister were born in the swamp of Aeonia, and came to the Haligtree under the aegis of Gowry. And yet, those buds were doomed to never blossom.
Gowry's Dialog:

Which is why...
If you happen to be present for the girl's fight with her sisters,
I ask that you side with the sisters and kill Millicent.
It must be done by your hand; no other.
Millicent trusts you, rather deeply in fact.
Sever that trust. Nurtured by betrayal, her bud will flower most vividly.
When Malenia ascends to godhood, Millicent too shall be reborn.
As a scarlet valkyrie.
Ranni's plot to overthrow the Two Fingers and begin the Age of Stars continues
Ranni's Dialog:
To every living being, and every living soul.
Now cometh the age of the stars. A thousand year voyage under the wisdom of the Moon
Here beginneth the chill night that encompasses all, reaching the great beyond. Into fear, doubt, and loneliness... As the path stretcheth into darkness.
Rennala's Dialog:
Oh little Ranni, my dear daughter.
Weave thy night into being.

Events which cannot be reasonably placed in relation to others

Major miscellaneous events which are not tied in anyway to one of the era defining events.
Event Evidence
Meteor hits Farum Azula
Stone fragment found near places where ruins have fallen from the sky.
Can be used for crafting, or simply for throwing at enemies.
These shards of stone are believed to have once been part of a temple in the sky.
They glow with a faint light from within.
Originally rubble from a ruin which fell from the sky, this surviving fragment was honed into a weapon.
The ruin it came from crumbled when struck by a meteorite, as such this weapon harbors its destructive power.
*Note: This event most likely took place during the Age Before the Erdtree because Radahn began holding back the stars in his youth, however no evidence has been found thus far that it did not happen early in the Age of the Erdtree, and there simply is not enough evidence to concretely put this event anywhere with great confidence.
Astel destroys an Eternal City
A malformed star born in the flightless void far away. Once destroyed an Eternal City and took away their sky. A falling star of ill omen.
*Note: This event most likely took place during the Age Before the Erdtree because Radahn began holding back the stars in his youth, however no evidence has been found thus far that it did not happen early in the Age of the Erdtree, and there simply is not enough evidence to concretely put this event anywhere with great confidence.
Malenia's mentor seals the ancient god of rot away under the Lake of Rot
Though born into the accursed rot, when the young girl encountered her mentor and his flowing blade, she gained wings of unparalleled strength.
A cloth doll depicting a dancer garbed in blue.
An ancient heirloom of some sort.
The dancer in blue represents a fairy, who in legend bestowed a flowing sword upon a blind swordsman. Blade in hand, the
swordsman sealed away an ancient god — a god that was Rot itself.
Map of Lake of Rot and environs.
A great lake of standing water downstream of the Ainsel River. It is said that the divine essence of an outer god is sealed away in this land.
Raya Lucaria Academy betrays the Carian royal family
Metal Greatshield painted with a peering cuckoo. Carried by the enchanted knights sworn to the academy.
Boasting high magic damage negation, this shield is used to hunt down mages.
“Our enemy is none other than Caria itself.”
Iji's Dialog:
Brave Tarnished. A word of warning, if you please. This territory once belonged to the Carian royal family. Their manor lies not far beyond this point. When the Raya Lucaria Academy turned on the Carians, the Knights of the Cuckoo descended on this tract. After leveling it, they carried on to the manor. The Carians were taken off guard, but their strength had not waned, and they repelled the knights' onslaught...By conjuring an enchanted snare that remains potent to this day. That is why I say, Tarnished. Don't go near the manner. Unless you wish to lie with the corpses of the heedless Knights of the Cuckoo.
An ancient god and the nomadic merchants are entombed
A great stone shield with an intricately carved fingerprint design.
One of the heaviest of all greatshields.
Part of the tomb of an ancient god, the Readerless Fingers relayed their message through these imprints, said to be the very seeds from which frenzy first sprouted.
Chapeau of the nomadic merchants.
Decorated with tiny gems in a wide spectrum of colors.
These merchants once thrived as the Great Caravan, but after being accused of heretical beliefs, their entire clan was rounded up and buried alive far underground.
Then, they chanted a curse of despair, and summoned the flame of frenzy.





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