Twiggy Cracked Tear

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Type Crystal Tear
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Briefly stop rune loss on death in mixed physick

Twiggy Cracked Tear is a Crystal Tear in Elden Ring. Crystal Tears can be mixed in the Flask of Wondrous Physick to enhance its effect.


A crystal tear formed slowly over the ages where the Erdtree's bounty falls to the ground.

Can be mixed in the Flask of Wondrous Physick.
The resulting concoction prevents one's runes from being lost upon death.

However, the effect lasts only for a short time.


Where to find Twiggy Cracked Tear


Elden Ring Twiggy Cracked Tear Notes & Tips

  • Duration: 3 minutes.
  • You can find Crystal Tears at the bases of Minor Erdtrees and elsewhere throughout the Lands Between.
  • At sites of grace, you can mix two crystal tears in the Flask of Wondrous Physick. (This will allow you to create elixirs with various custom effects.)
  • Death Blight ignores the tear's effect.
  • Possible uses include:
    • Explore new high risk areas, eg. to collect items, reach new parts of the map, or expand your knowledge of the land.
    • Retrieve dropped runes from dangerous situations or boss arenas.
    • Check your DPS output against bosses without risking rune loss.
    • Check if a fall would be fatal.
  • See also: Sacrificial Twig, which is a Talisman that works in the same way but is lost on death.



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    • Anonymous

      Does it prevent the loss of your active great rune? Like will it stop you from needing to burn a Rune Arc on death?

      • Anonymous

        I find it kinda ironic that it’s guarded by a bunch of Fia Death Cultists and one Omen who can cast Death incants, despite it not working against Death Blight

        • Anonymous

          If I get sick of a dungeon, I just use this and the self exploding one to "homeward bone" out of there. Its always funny when a poor imp is just living its life, and all of a sudden a naked man turns the corner and explodes you

          • Anonymous

            This tear relieves so much of the frustration that comes with areas like the Haligtree or trying to grab your runes every time you reenter a boss arena. I can't imagine playing without it now.

            • Anonymous

              100 hours in and I somehow just discovered this exists. Honestly seems to good to be true for a FromSoft game

              • Anonymous

                Elden Ring is my first Souls game. I adore this item and use it constantly. But also ever since I got it, it feels a lot less like I'm playing a Souls game. The tension of carrying tens of thousands of runes when a level costs a hundred thousand is almost completely gone. Even if I die unexpectedly, I can just drink the flask immediately upon respawn and sprint to the rune pile without thinking or caring about mistakes.

                Maybe I'm somehow already a Fromsoft purist, but I wonder if they shouldn't have put this a little later in the game, or had it require beating a harder challenge, or given it some other kind of nerf. Maybe it shouldn't last as long. Maybe it should be an upgrade to the Memory of Grace, to where you keep your runes, but it immediately respawns you instead of giving you the chance to finish what you're doing. Maybe there should be two of them, and each of them protects half your runes, and your entire Physick has to be taken up to protect all of them.

                I'm not really complaining, and I know I could just stop using this if I disagree with its design, but if I had that kind of self-control I wouldn't be level 135 in an RPG of any sort

                • Anonymous

                  I’ve literally never used this… and even if I did I’d forget to use the flask before doing something risky :’)

                  • Anonymous

                    Please use this. Especially when you’re exploring in a place like the Haligtree, where you’re bound to make some stupid mistakes and fall off.

                    • Anonymous

                      first time I tried using this tear was because I knew I was about to get death blight, Turns out death blight is the one thing that this tear can't help you with LMAO

                      • Anonymous

                        Suicide runs, risk free quick explorations. Not to mention it’s use of keeping dropped runes safe from disappearing if you don’t make it back to the pile without dying again.

                        This thing is probably the most game-changing tear.

                        • Anonymous

                          If you died and drop your runes, and used the Physick with this in it and die again, it prevent your runes on the floor for disappearing. However it seems to take a small percentage. As when I tested this in Sol Castle, I dropped 15K runes, drank a Physick and died again. Picked up the old runes, and got back 13K rather then the full 15K.

                          • Anonymous

                            It's worth noting that if you are attempting to retrieve lost runes from your most recent death, applying this will actually safeguard the pile from disappearing if you accidentally die on the way. Since it prevents you from dropping your runes, it stops the game from overwriting the lost rune pile on the ground, giving you as many attempts at retrieval as you might need, so long as you don't die after the effect expires.

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