Twinsage Glintstone Crown

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damage negation icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxDmg Negation
Phy 4.4
VS Strike 3.1
VS Slash 5.2
VS Pierce 4.8
Magic 4.4
Fire 4.45
Ligt 3.4
Holy 3.8
resisntace icon elden ring wiki guide 18pxResistance
Immunity 16
Robustness 26
Focus 10
Vitality 10
Poise 6

Helm Wgt. 5.1

Twinsage Glintstone Crown is a Helm in Elden RingTwinsage Glintstone Crown is part of the Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set, and is a Medium Weight armor that Greatly increases intelligence to the detriment of HP and stamina. Twinsage Glintstone Crown protect the player's head by applying various defensive properties, it also changes the appearance as well when it is equipped. Some armor pieces may be available to both genders but may be slightly different for male and female characters.


One of the glintstone crowns bestowed upon Raya Lucaria scholars whose pursuits were deemed worthy.

Greatly increases intelligence to the detriment of HP and stamina.

Scholars of the Twinsage Conspectus were the elites of the academy, permitted to study and excel in sorceries of all kinds.


Where to find Twinsage Glintstone Crown in Elden Ring

The Twinsage Glintstone Crown Helm can be found at:

  • Found at Raya Lucaria Academy [Elden Ring Map here]
  • From the Church of the Cuckoo Site of Grace, if you've unlocked the ladder to the second floor, climb it and then head east onto the balcony, climb down, and kill the Crystallized Crab by the corner of the scaffolding.
  • From the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, you can reach the rooftops leading to the floor above the Church of the Cuckoo through the courtyard. Turn west as you exit the debate parlor, climb the broken stairs, and jump off the west side of the balcony to a staircase below. Head down the stairs to unlock a shortcut, then back up and off the south edge of the balcony onto the rooftops.
  • Video Location


Twinsage Glintstone Crown Set in Elden Ring

Twinsage Glintstone Crown Builds


Elden Ring Twinsage Glintstone Crown Notes & Tips

  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 100 Runes.
  • Increases Intelligence by +6, but reduces HP and Stamina by 9%.
  • Using the Erudition emote (Gesture) with any Academy Glintstone Crown equipped will make the glintstones glow brightly, with the exception of the Haima and Hierodas Glintstone Crowns.
  • The two sorcerers the Twinsage Glintstone Crown was based off of are seen in portraits throughout Raya Lucaria Academy. It is possible they are founders of the Twinsage Conspectus.
  • It is also possible these two sorcerers are fraternal twins, given their resemblance to each other and the fact they are always seen in the same portrait, never separate. This would be yet another instance of twins in Elden Ring, which are a recurring theme.
  • The Twinsage Glintstone Crown is worn, but not dropped, by Twinsage Sorcerers, who are scholars of the Twinsage Conspectus.
  • Poise Updated to patch 1.07


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    • Anonymous

      Probably going to use this with erdtree favor +2 for my golden order build. When it comes to minmaxing & twinking remember this: the uglier a character is the better optimized they are. While it is true the better looking your character is, the more interested you are & thus more invested in getting gud, you wont stand a chance against a hideously misshapen patchwork blob using some tattered cinderblock axe to rollcatch you. Thats why i watch out for people using this. Usually they are bumbing moonveil spammers with like 745 hp, but now & then they are minmax elite pros with insane greatsword tech or reverse-quickstep into carian piercer-gavel combo nightmares. Beware of the ugly.

      • Anonymous

        RIP Fashion Souls. Part of the "No0b Uniform" in PvP. Super useful piece of gear though if you're really trying to squeeze that magic stat.

        • Anonymous

          Those instructions need a punch up LUL... You go left when you enter the courtyard, then up the filled in busted stairs, the up another set of stairs. Two whopper heads at the top spamming pebbles. Jump left onto another staircase. whopper head at the top of that. make a left and you can jump the railing onto the rooftops. From there just pop a marker down on the church of the Cuckoo. You'll eventually find your way across the rooftops too the Cuckoo church. You get in through the busted windows at the top of the church, then you platform down the chandeliers and land on the "bridge..?" on the 2nd floor of the church. From there you'll be able to find the outside balcony with the crab. It's through one of the east exits of the 2nd floor. Make two rights around the wooden scaffolding and he's hiding in the corner.

          • Anonymous

            "Closest Site of Grace: Church of the Cuckoo" is true only if you have dropped the ladder from the 2nd floor.

            • Anonymous

              Starts being detrimental stat-wise if you have more than 48 Vigor. Do not use it if you have 49 Vigor or above, you are better taking 6 levels off from Vigor and putting them all into Int.

              • This is surpisingly a very hard helm to replace even as a Strength/Intelligence caster if I want passives. Only the Haima, Hierodas, and Snow Witch are capable of it. You can get it very early in comparison to those mentioned as well.

                • Anonymous

                  You will NEED this helm to perform the Erudition gesture at one of the towers in order to solve the puzzle and get a memory stone. If you sell it you're **** outta luck.

                  • Anonymous

                    For those interested in "maidenless runs" this and a dex buff would let you use the St Trina sword for sleep effects in melee situations. You can also use the int talisman if you have the slots but I think I like the idea of this since at 10 vig most things will kill you anyway and fashion-souls.

                    • Anonymous

                      As you level up, it becomes less worth to use this to wield a 15-16 INT weapon (like starscourge greatswords). Because it reduces hp and stamina by 9%. So get your INT to 15-16 and don't tell anyone you leveled that up.

                      • Anonymous

                        -9% is significant. At 19 vigor that is 56 hp which is 2 levels around those levels.

                        At 11 endurance thats 8.5 stamina loss. Stamina increases ~1.5 per level so thats a whopping nearly 6 levels of loss. Endurance also increases equip load so let's say 3 instead(even though if you are using this you don't care about it)

                        That's a 5 level loss and gaining only 3 extra levels compared to rennala's cap which doesnt have any downsides.

                        So, speaking from a stat side this is really not justified over rennala's

                        • Anonymous

                          If you can't reach it from that site of grace.... then that is not the closest site of grace.............................................................

                          • Anonymous

                            The faces on this helmet and their variations are modeled after Lusat and Azur, really prominent mages that founded schools of sorceries. There are paintings in Raya Lucaria of both of them, and the helmets look exactly like them.

                            • Anonymous

                              i have some kind of a glitch with this helmet, my head disappear when i wear it, looks cool when i am headless

                              • Anonymous

                                Does anybody else had a bug where when you wear it your character's head turns invisible? Like, headless. It happened to me the second i got the item and even when reloading area or quitting the game the bug persists. I aint complaining cus i dont like the helmet and being headless is actually cooler

                                • Anonymous

                                  If you check the walkthrough page they've added an indepth walkthrough of academy that explains where you can find the twinsage glintstone crown and most stuff in the academy.


                                  • Anonymous

                                    For anyone who doesn't know, this helmet gives a slight health debuff, I think 5%. Shame because it looks really cool!

                                    • Anonymous

                                      you have to kill the Wolf Mini Boss, after that go left up the balcony where the mages are. Its a really long way to go, but you are getting rewarded with this mask and a super staff. So worth the risk

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