Two Fingers

two fingers
Location Roundtable Hold
Role Antagonist//God
Voiced by  N/A

The Two Fingers are a manifestation of the greater will and the outer gods. The Two fingers act as a destiny to the demi-gods, a path which they must take. They are the main manifestation of the greater will in the game, besides Elden Beast. The Greater Will acts as the main antagonist of the game, so in turn, the Two Fingers are also an antagonist. You can find a total of  eight Two Fingers throughout the game, the only one found alive is in the Roundtable Hold. There is a Two Finger for every demi-god in the game, except Morgott and Mohg, who share a Two Finger. After killing Fire Giant and the burning of the Erdtree, the Two Fingers will point straight up in an attempt to contact the outer gods.  One you kill a demi-god and receive a Great Rune, it will be shown as powerless. To activate it's power you must activate it at the demi-god's Two Fingers. This implies that the true power of the Great Rune is within the Two Fingers. In Ranni's quest, you have to hunt down and obtain the Fingerslayer Blade. The Fingerslayer Blade allows for a Two Finger to be killed. At the end of Ranni's quest, it is revealed that she used it to slay her Two Fingers, therefore changing her destiny. Ranni's Two Fingers are the only Two Fingers that are not found in a Divine Tower, besides the one at the Roundtable Hold. Even after killing Radagon and the Elden beast, the Roundtable Two Fingers appear to still be alive. 


      Look there. The Fingers tremble. To welcome you, shardbearer. Let their wisdom wash over you .       

 - Enia

Two Fingers Locations in Elden Ring

Alive Two Fingers can be found at

Dead Two Fingers can be found at


Dialogue in Elden Ring: Two Fingers


  • "Great Elden Ring, root of the Golden Order. Anchor of all lands, giver of grave, wellspring of all joy. Until it was shattered. The tragic corruption of the Order has taken its toll. Across the realm, life lies in ruin. Fallen to pieces. Foul curses and misery spread, unabating. But the Greater Will has not abandoned the realm, nor the life that inhabits it. So it is that the Tarnished are guided by grace. Called to act. Brave Tarnished, your Great Rune is a handsome shard of the Elden Ring. Seek another of its kind. To become Elden Lord, and restore the Golden Order"

When asked about Great Runes

  • "The Greater Will has long renounced the demigods. Tarnished, show no mercy. Have their heads. Take all they have left"

Upon claiming two Great Runes

  • "Fine work, brave Tarnished. The Greater Will is pleased. You have earned the right to become Elden Lord.
    Now, seek the Erdtree, and an audience with Queen Marika. To become Elden Lord, and restore the Golden Order."

When asked about Queen Marika

  • "Marika's trespass demanded a heavy sentence. But even in shackles, she remains a god, and the vision's vessel.
    Confer Great Runes to become Elden Lord, and join Queen Marika as her consort. The Fingers have willed it so"


Elden Ring Two Fingers Notes & Trivia

  • Touching the Two Fingers gives you the Rapture gesture
  • People in the Lands Between believe that when the Elden Ring was shattered, the Two Fingers lost their guidance
  • It appears that most groups in the Lands Between are against the Greater Will and the Two Fingers
  • The Two Fingers never truly talk, instead, they use Enia


Two Fingers Image Gallery

two fingers ranni sitting on fingers


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