Two Fingers Heirloom

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Weight 0.6
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status effect 8 elden ring wiki guide 44px Raises  Faith by 5

Two Fingers Heirloom is a Talisman in Elden Ring. Two Fingers Heirloom raises Faith by 5. Players can use talismans in Elden Ring to boost a variety of Stats.


A talisman engraved with the legend of the Two Fingers.
Raises faith.

Fingers cannot speak, yet these are eloquent.
Persistently they wriggle, spelling out mysteries in the air.
Thus did we gain the words. The words of our faith.


Two Fingers Heirloom Effect in Elden Ring

Two Fingers Heirloom raises Faith by 5.


Where to find Two Fingers Heirloom in Elden Ring

  • Can be found in the basement of the Purified Ruins in Southeast Liurnia of the Lakes, whose entrance is hidden under some boards, in a chest. [Map link]


Elden Ring Two Fingers Heirloom Notes & Tips

  • Sell value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 1,000
  • You can cast a weapon buff while having this talisman equipped, and then remove it, and the buff will remain active, even if your Faith without the talisman is lower than the required Faith for the weapon buff.


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    • Anonymous

      Why in my version of the game the chest Is empty? Before you ask; no i don't already have it cuz i've just opened the room's door, the chest is open but nothing inside....

      • Anonymous

        This talisman makes it possible for every class to cast Heal and Flame, Cleanse Me... except the Prisoner. Not really an issue though.

        Comparing a RL150 quality build with 14 int to use St. Trina Sword, and a min 7 fth, Vagabond, Samurai and Prisoner are all tied.

        This talisman plus one rune level spent for a minimum 7 fth can easily be worth for those two spells alone. No one should deal with Those That Live in Death without Heal, or rotten lakes without Flame, Cleanse Me.

        • Anonymous

          This on a prophet with lightning spear paired with +0 gravel stone seals says potentially 500 dmg lightning spears with a lvl 7..
          Add vigor for texture?

          • Anonymous

            Useful for crossing the Lake of Rot as a full Int build and need to reach the stats to use Fire cleanse me. Add Ruler’s mask if the requirements can’t be met otherwise.

            • Anonymous

              How would I go about getting a twofingers heirloom?
              I am unable to get one as for some reason my game has an empty chest where the talisman should be.

              • Anonymous

                For some reason my copy of the game does not have this talisman. When I enter the dungeon the chest is empty. Does anyone else have this problem. My copy is a launch edition ( fully updated though)

                • Anonymous

                  Thinking of using either this or marika soreseal for my fai/dex build. Already using lightning scorpion for lightning attacks, but might just run marika instead of that. This alone is a very powerful booster once you have a +25 seal.

                  • Anonymous

                    At 45 Faith I still see better results using this than anything that increases incantation damage, would need more testing.
                    Possibly will become less relevant with higher faith but that's still quite a high investment, not to mention the extra faith also increases weapon damage as well.

                    • Anonymous

                      At 45 Faith I still see better results using this than anything that increases incantation damage, would need more testing.
                      Possibly will become less relevant with higher faith but that's still quite a high investment, not to mention the extra faith also increases weapon damage as well.

                      • I'm really curious why this item depicts the Two Fingers as having like two more leg Fingers as well. It's got four fingers in this image.

                        • Anonymous

                          Just a quick heads up for those that didn't click the Map Link:
                          It's meant to be Purified Ruins, not Petrified.

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