Urgent Heal

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Spell Type Two Fingers Incantations
FP Cost 16 Slots Used 1
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Heals a small amount of HP.

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Urgent Heal is an Incantation in Elden Ring. Urgent Heal spell is cast to quickly recover a small amount of health.


Incantation of the Two Fingers' faithful.

Heals a small amount of HP.
This incantation can be cast while in motion.

The Two Fingers has high hopes for the Tarnished; that even if they should be wounded, even should they fall, they will continue to fight for their duty.



Urgent Heal Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Urgent Heal:


Elden Ring Urgent Heal Guide

  • Two Fingers Incantation
  • Heals (1.15 * Faith Incantation Scaling) HP
    • Faith Incantation Scaling is the portion of the Incantation Scaling granted from Faith and not from Strength on the Clawmark Seal and the Frenzied Flame Seal, Dexterity on the Frenzied Flame Seal, Intelligence on the Golden Order Seal and the Frenzied Flame Seal, and Arcane on the Dragon Communion Seal and Frenzied Flame Seal.
  • Stamina Cost: 30
  • Low Cost Sorcery (16 FP per cast)
  • Uses 1 Memory Slot
  • Requires Low Faith (8)
  • Cast Speed is fast.
  • Can be cast while moving.




Builds with Urgent Heal


Paladin Written Guide


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    • Anonymous

      I don't really understand the point of this spell. It's called "Urgent Care", yet it's slower than the regular Heal spell. It heals a laughably bad amount of damage for 16 FP (which is quite a high price in the early game, especially for that kind of healing), and you can barely move while using it. I'm having trouble understanding why you would ever use this when Heal exists.

      • Anonymous

        there's a threshold on your stats, I'm assuming faith, at which you can cast the ability while moving normally (or close to), and I'm wondering if this applies to other spells, because I swear I cast some spells faster with different specs without radagon's talisman.

        • Anonymous

          Kinda nice if you're running the Ritual Shield or Ritual Sword talisman since you can quickly boost back up to full health after taking small amounts of damage, but honestly 95% of the time you might as well just cast Blessing's Boon instead.

          • Anonymous

            Ratios to healing of the Spells: (Urgend Heal 1.148, Heal 2.301, Great Heal 3.644, Lord´s Heal 4.204, Erdtree Still don´t got it sry)

            - Great Heal has the most efficient ratio of this spells and at 60 Faith with the Erdtree Seal +10 (273 Scaling ) it heals for 273 * 3.644 = 995 HP for 45 FP ( or 34 ) for a ratio of 22HP per 1FP (or alternativly a ratio of 29 HP per 1 FP)

            - For comparison a avarage non regen insta heal spell has a ratio of: incantation-scaling (of your talisman) multiplyed by the ratio of the spell 1.148 ( so at 273 scaling it heals 313 )for the urgent heal spell (60 Faith ERDTREE SEAL +10 has a Incantation Scaling of 273 and the avarage HP per FP ratio of Healing spells is about 18-20.

            - Great Heal is the most efficient with 20+ HP per FP with 60 Faith and more second only to the Erdtree Heal.)

            - try using your FP to healyourself its more efficient because:

            - Blessing´s Boon is at 24HP pro 1Fp and BLESSING OF THE ERDTREE is at 18 HP per 1FP spend.

            - By extending the duration of the Blessing Spells with OLD LORD'S (30% longer) TALISMAN to 117 Sec and reducing the Cost with PRIMAL GLINTSTONE BLADE (25% less cost ) down to 23FP and 45FP. You can reach a FP spend for HP gained ratio of 40HP per 1FP on Blessing´s Boon and a ratio of 31HP per 1FP spend for the BLESSING OF THE ERDTREE

            - Flask of Crimson Tears +12 with 15 Flask of Crimson Tears heals for 810 (972 with CRIMSON SEED TALISMAN) for a MAX HEAL of 12150HP (or 14580HP with the CRIMSON SEED TALISMAN).

            - While your max FP Flask heals 220 but i recomend get 180FP MAX. You can heal using the tricks above to regen heal about 5616+ HP per Flask of Cerulean Tears. Using the Bleesing of the Erdtree 4 times per 180FP Bar. So a total of 84240 HP and Blessing Bone would be even better...

            - This makes Flask of Cerulean Tears about 570%+ better that using Flask of Crimson Tears and IT HEALS YOUR ALLYS ON TOP OF THAT !!!!

            • Anonymous

              Says can be cast while in motion, but it slows you to a very slow walk. Also heals almost nothing, so just don't bother using this as your smallest heal unless you don't mind casting 4 times to get 1/2 your HP back.

              • Anonymous

                Says can be cast while in motion, but it slows you to a very slow walk. Also heals almost nothing, so just don't bother using this as your smallest heal unless you don't mind casting 4 times to get 1/2 your HP back.

                • Anonymous

                  I was going to try to add this info, but making an account on this website is impossible with outlook (neat).

                  At 50 Faith + 80 Intelligence using a +10 Golden Order Seal (Incant Scaling: 367) with no additional buffs results in a 256 HP heal. The FP cost of 16 results in a 16/HP per FP.

                  • Anonymous

                    Seems to heal for about 1.0 incant scaling. The cast time is slower than using a consumable so this isn't a replacement, but it's a quick way to top yourself off.

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