Volcano Pot

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Throw to inflict Fire Damage over time
attribute scaling elden ring wiki guide 18Scaling
Str C
Dex D
FP Cost -

Volcano Pot is a Consumable Item in Elden Ring. It can be thrown at enemies to inflict Fire Damage over time, and requires an empty Cracked Pot to craft.


Powdered volcanic rock is sealed inside.
Throw at enemies to disperse a cloud of heat, dealing continuous damage to those caught inside for a short duration


Volcano Pot Use in Elden Ring

Volcano Pot can be thrown to inflict Fire Damage continuously over an area. It lasts for three seconds, and can deal damage up to ten times.


Elden Ring Volcano Pot Crafting Guide

To craft Volcano Pot you need the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [20] as well as the following Crafting Materials:


Elden Ring Volcano Pot Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 20 Volcano Pot, depending on how many Cracked Pots you have
  • You can store up to 600 Volcano Pot
  • Sell Value: Volcano Pot cannot be sold
  • Once a Volcano Pot is thrown, its Cracked Pot will be available for crafting another throwing pot
  • Volcanic Stone can be found throughout Mt. Gelmir and can be easily farmed at the Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite Site of Grace, making this one of the easiest throwing pots to reliably craft


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    • Anonymous

      Great against the giant Miranda Flowers, such as the one found inside the Shaded Castle; just throw a few of these down from the safety of the rooftop and the guarded item is yours.

      • Anonymous

        These pots are also a great opener against giant hands for melee characters who don´t have access to fire magic. It instantly puts the hands into the burning animation which kind of stunlocks them for a brief moment long enough to finsih them off without having them run you over constantly.

        • Anonymous

          I used one of these on the beetle that drops poisonous mist ash, and did not receive the ash. it is gone on that character, it is not in the chest or equipped on something accidently it is gone.

          • Anonymous

            Because of the EXTREME ease of farming these, they by far outperform the other 2 fire pots.

            With well placed pots, helm, and tali's, I can get 800-1000 per pot, and you get 20 of them. Plus if you're quick enough you can craft in battle for more. These things are amazing.

            • Anonymous

              Seriously the best throwable item, PvP and PvE. Absolutely love these things and use them on the regular, along with poison knives.. both so easy/cheap to craft.

              • Anonymous

                roped volcano pots are amazing in pvp especially against ganks, it's like a little safe space that traps enemies while damaging/staggering them

                why roped? it's really subtle and hard for pvp enemies to see,

                and if they try to roll they'll still get caught in volcano

                • Anonymous

                  Steelwire Torch + This = Medium Range Pyromaniac

                  currently doing over 2k damage in AoE with the persistant damage from both items

                  You can buff it and do even more damage tho

                  • Anonymous

                    I've been using these to farm smithing stones (5) from sealed tunnel in capital outskirts. Its a lot quicker than using lightning spear or frenzied burst. Target lock a miner, throw the pot then you can release the lock and target the next one as the last pot hits and kills the miner you threw it at, as long as the target lock is on when its thrown it will hit the target, its also interesting to see the effect it has on the miners before they die, as the damage ticks they have a lot of trouble moving naturally, none of those I killed farming the smithing stones were able to get out of the AoE to attack me. I think that particular mechanic might come in handy for a lot of enemies, maybe bosses as well. I'm going to mess around with them to see how different enemies deal with it.

                    • Anonymous

                      Surprisingly very good to have if you're using cold infusion, you can reset the frost meter to proc some more, very good on large healthpool or in coop.

                      • Anonymous

                        Best farm spot (for the Volcanic Rock) IMO is the Ninth Mt Gelmir Campsite Grace, six clusters in a short radius(one literally right at the Grace point), you can scoop up hundreds in a matter of minutes.

                        • Anonymous

                          These are fun in pvp duels. If you can predict an opponent charging you, you can drop target lock and throw at your own feet before rolling away. Ive won a many duels on my lvl 150 str/fth pvp build with these using that technique

                          • Anonymous

                            these pots dont do a ton of damage alone, but say, 3 and you can do a ton of damage on most anything, even late game. Incredibly easy to stock up on. Great craftable item, even if it isnt as great as the bleed pot.

                            • Anonymous

                              I was being swarmed by a bunch of demihumans who used these in my first play through and I literally said “I better be able to craft those”

                              • Anonymous

                                Use this on the invisible scarabs that move a lot. They have 1 HP so it one shots them, and the lingering cloud makes it super hard to miss.

                                • Anonymous

                                  in PVE this pot gets outclassed by other better pots in the mid-late game.

                                  However, 1 thing this pot excels at is getting or at least annoying the lame hosts that camp ( or I guess exploit?) those pillar ledges in the limgrave PVP area. Especially if they go for the pillar that is on the westside near the cliff.

                                  When you throw these puppies at the right angle on the cliffside, the cloud will still hit the hosts. Granted it does little damage, but since most of my time doing this they are AFK, its more of an easy win as long as you have the volcanic stone to keep cranking out this pot. If they are not afk, its a good way to make them waste estus (if you have enough volcanic stone to do it) and to hopefully eventually make them come down and actually fight you.

                                  I tried other similar cloud based pots, but this pot had the most success with and even pulled some wins out of. Maybe I have bad luck with other cloud pots, but that is from my experience.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    These and a lot of other pots got drastically nerfed for some reason. Got C and D scaling respectively now

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Because volcano stones are so easily farmable in large quantities, these pots are super easy to stock up on, and don’t take any MP to throw.

                                      Tied with oil pots for the most useful imo

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