smithing master iji npc elden ring wiki guide
Location Kingsrealm Ruins,
Western Liurnia of the Lakes
Role Blacksmith & Quest NPC
Voiced by  Aneirin Hughes

War Counselor Iji is an NPC in Elden Ring. War Counselor Iji (first encountered as Smithing Master Iji) is a gentle Troll in charge of the smithing for the Carian royals, but will also provide his services to the player.
Find him by heading north into the slopes of Western Liurnia of the Lakes.


 I am Iji. A blacksmith who once served the Carian royals. An old codger who refuses to retire his rusty hammer. So, here I am, still quietly plying my trade, on this spot.


War Counselor Iji Location in Elden Ring

War Counselor Iji is found in various locations:

  1. Initially found as Smithing Master Iji in the north-western section of Liurnia of the Lakes, past Northern Liurnia Lake Shore and just by the Kingsrealm Ruins. [Map Link]
  2. Encountered in spectral form at Ranni's Rise in the Three Sisters sub-region of Liurnia. [Map Link]


  • Offers Smithing Upgrades
  • This NPC is involved in quests
  • This NPC does not move
  • This merchant cannot be fought, as he would simply disappear.


Elden Ring War Counselor Iji Shop

 * Must be unlocked during Blaidd's quest.


War Counselor Iji Questline: How to complete War Counselor Iji's Quest

First Encounter

  • Iji is first encountered as Smithing Master Iji by the Kingsrealm Ruins in northwest Liurnia. He provides Blacksmithing services.

Hidden Treasure of Nokron

  • After speaking to Ranni the Witch for the first time at Ranni's Rise and agreeing to serve her, she asks that you speak to three people in her service. One of these is War Counselor Iji. He appears in spectral form on the first floor of the tower by the lift and acknowledges working with you.


  • After completing Blaidd's quest and defeating him, talking to War Counselor Iji with the "Blaidd's Death" option will result in dialogue where he discusses Blaidd and his death, stating that he will "follow [Blaidd] soon". After leaving the area and returning, the player will find  Iji dead and covered in black flame. Iji's Bell Bearing and Iji's Mirrorhelm can be found on the anvil. The bodies of three Black Knife Assassins will be on the ground nearby.


Dialogue in Elden Ring: War Counselor Iji


  • Well. Look at you. We don't receive many visitors. I presume you are a Tarnished. What brings you here? Oh, pardon me. It's hardly my place to ask, is it. I am Iji. A blacksmith who once served the Carian royals. An old codger who refuses to retire his rusty hammer. So, here I am, still quietly plying my trade, on this spot. Perhaps you'd like a display? These bones are old, but still able.

Please Take Care

  • Oh, watch out, there. If you come too close, I'm apt to cause you harm. I am, after all, terribly large compared to you, Tarnished. You don't know how hard it is not to break anything while I work. 


  • Brave Tarnished. A word of warning, if you please. This territory once belonged to the Carian royal family. Their manor lies not far beyond this point. When the Raya Lucaria Academy turned on the Carians, the Knights of the Cuckoo descended on this tract. After leveling it, they carried on to the manor. The Carians were taken off guard, but their strength had not waned, and they repelled the knights' onslaught...By conjuring an enchanted snare that remains potent to this day. That is why I say, Tarnished. Don't go near the manner. Unless you wish to lie with the corpses of the heedless Knights of the Cuckoo. 

Blaidd sent me

  • Blaidd actually did that, did he? Quite a rare occurrence, for such a guarded soul as he. Perhaps he sensed something unusual about you. At any rate, if you're friendly with Blaidd, I've something else that might suit you. 

About advice

  • I've explained the peril. Of the enchanted snare that remains at the royal Carian Manor. Whatever you do, brave Tarnished, stay away from that deathtrap. 

At Ranni's Rise

  • Oh, so you were the one. Lady Ranni has explained everything. Again, I am Iji. The Carian royal family's dedicated blacksmith, and Lady Ranni's war counsellor. I am told that you are searching for Nokron with Blaidd. I will give you whatever guidance I can. And pray for your success. My apologies for the misleading words of warning. I never imagined that an audience, let alone service to Lady Ranni was in your fate. I, for one, should have seen it, but I did not. Do forgive me, my fellow. Let us give all that we can of ourselves. Together, for Lady Ranni. 

§About Blaidd

  • Blaidd is Lady Ranni's stepbrother. Ranni's mother, Queen Rennala, approved of him, and they played like siblings from childhood. They were always happy to have me tag along, as well. When Lady Ranni renounced her flesh, and chose the dark path of the Empyrean, Blaidd and I swore allegiance as vassals, but none of us will ever forget our earliest days together. Promise to look after Blaidd for me, will you? The man is honest to a fault. But fortunately, now he has you.



§About Jerren
「After meeting with the eccentric swordsman at Redmane Castle site of grace icon

before the Radahn Festival,
then returning to converse with Iji。」

Now, that's a name I haven't heard for a while.

Before taking up the banner of General Radahn,
he was a guest of the Carian royal family.
An expert swordsman, to be sure,
but ever the eccentric.

No surprise he'd get wrapped up in some festival.

Oh, no, wait...
How did I not see it before?
I ought to retire as war counsellor for such a gross oversight!

Let me explain.

The fate of the Carian royal family is guided by the stars.
As is the fate of Lady Ranni,
first heir in the Carian royal line.

But General Radahn is the conqueror of the stars.
Who stood up to the swirling constellations,
halting their movement in a smashing victory.

And so, if General Radahn were defeated,
the stars would once again resume their movement.

As would Lady Ranni's destiny.
Perhaps, even, revealing the elusive path.
That leads to Nokron.





§ About Nokron site of grace icon - (before descending into the Mistwood Well site of grace iconand meeting Blaidd site of grace icon)

I take it you've heard of the Eternal City of Nokstella?

Well, it has a twin, known as Nokron.
The other Eternal City.

After years of expeditions, we've determined the location of Nokron

By going underground through the well in the Mistwood of Limgrave, you can see Nokron up above.
Only, we've failed to find a path leading to the city.

Blaidd's made a good go of it, but I'm afraid this has him quite stumped.

To be honest, I'm not sure where to go from here...




Please go to the festival grounds

  • Go with Blaidd to the festival grounds. Should General Radahn be defeated, the stars would once again resume their movement. Perhaps revealing the elusive path to Nokron. 

After defeating Radahn

  • Ah, you've finally come. Blaidd told me everything. You've defeated General Radahn, unlocking the stars. The General was blighted by scarlet rot and driven to madness, but not long ago he was hailed as the mightiest demigod of them all. There is no parallel to your achievement. Nor to Lady Ranni's acute judgment of character. Thanks to you, Lady Ranni's fate once again stirs, and the path to Nokron has opened. Descend underground where the fallen star struck Limgrave. And make it yours. The precious treasure of Nokron.

About Jerren (after defeating Radahn)

  • Now the festival is over, and General Radahn is defeated... Jerren's duties are finally fulfilled. Though we served different masters, I could see he was truly adept in his role. Now the time has come to remind him of an old promise made. With the starts of fate set into motion, a certain sorceress is dispossessed of her immortality... Finally, we can be rid of a longstanding Carian weed...

§Talk (after Ranni’s quest)

  • Oh, there you are. Good of you to drop by. Have you heard? Lady Ranni has departed on her journey. Along the dark path of the Empyrean, from Renna’s Rise, as she calls it. It would not have been possible without you. As Lady Ranni’s war counselor, and moreover, her childhood warden, I express my deepest gratitude. You, and only you, were Lady Ranni’s true champion.
  • My purpose is nearing its end. I've served Lady Ranni for as long as I can remember...It has been a long and wondrous journey. Now Lady Ranni is in your hands. I pray that you serve her well, unto the very end.

§Why is Blaidd in the Evergaol?

  • I presume you've spoken with Blaidd? Very well. There is something you should know. The Two Fingers gave Blaidd to Lady Ranni, as a faithful follower. Her very shadow, incapable of treachery. But if Lady Ranni, as an Empyrean, reists being an instrument of the Two Fingers, the shadow will go mad, transforming from a follower into a horrid curse. But such is his destiny. In such matters, Blaidd's own thoughts hold no weight. It pains me so, but he must be neutralised. For Lady Ranni's sake.

§Blaidd’s Death

  • Unthinkable, how could Blaidd… How did he break free from his cell? No, more importantly… Blaidd became a curse that plagued Lady Ranni, yet in madness, gave himself to her. I’ve made a grave misjudgement. And I thought myself a capable war counselor… I’ll catch up with you soon enough, Blaidd. When I do, I only hope you’ll accept my apology.

Small Talk

  • Something else for you?

When attacked

  • Agh. Cease this treachery at once. Lady Ranni will be devastated.
  • (When leaving) This is a true shame. Don't ever show your face again. Not to me. And not to my liege.


Elden Ring War Counselor Iji Notes & Trivia

  • Iji is the first Troll capable of speaking to the player in the game.
  • He uses Troll's Hammer to smith weapons.


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    • Anonymous

      I had 2539480 runes, i wanted to Kill him and what happened Is that he dissapeared but i took all my runes, WTF?

      • Anonymous

        "Ranni wouldn't have him killed she loved him!"

        Because you know Ranni is incapable of lying or being deceptive.

        • Anonymous

          Why is he lit on black flame? The black knife assassins don't use black flame, they use the black and red destined death debuff.

          • Anonymous

            Will (apparently) not spawn at liurnia location if you kill nepheli at stormveil. Reappears with celestial dew. On ps4

            • Anonymous

              If you didnt do Blaidd's questline you can trigger Iji's death at the end of Ranni's questline by killing Blaidd infront of Ranni's Rise.

              • Anonymous

                What is weird, is that Iji dies AFTER Blaidd death, not at the same time, both have Black Knives Assasins around dead, Blaidd seems to have killed them out of madness, which lead us to believe they attacked him, but what if it was to protect Ranni from Blaidd and not the other way as Black Knife Assasins going after ranni?.
                this ends up becoming cleared after telling Iji of this, ends up dying while also having assasins around him, but he is being burn by Black Flame incantations who are only used by Godskins and Black Flame Monks, which the assasins weren't responsible for this and lead us to it probably being the Godskins the culprit of this.
                But in that case why would Godskins go after Iji and probably Blaidd and Ranni, maybe because she is still an Demigod next in line to become the next Marika, considering nothing happens if you dont do her quest.
                So the Black Knife Assasins are still on Ranni's side of things seen from this way.

                • Anonymous

                  Am i able to avoid getting him killed if I complete ranni's questline but don't touch angry blaidd whatsoever?

                  • Anonymous

                    The description of his mirrorhelm says that it wards off the influence of the two fingers, which presumably lets him stay loyal to Ranni. So...he's a smith, why didn't he make one for Blaidd instead of locking the poor guy in that evergaol?

                    • Anonymous

                      I killed blaidd after doing his first quest for fun and now i cant see Iji at the kingsreal ruins. Is that meant to be or what?

                      • Anonymous

                        Genuine question but everyone says "the Two-Fingers", but I'm sure that Ranni mentions at some point "her Two-Fingers" who you then see in the cave at the end of her quest. So are we saying it was assassins loyal to those Two-Fingers, the different Two-Fingers in the Roundtable Hold, are they same Two-Fingers reborn or are all Two-Fingers loyal to the same goal?

                        • To clear something up in this thread's replies: the dagger that Fia hands you to find the owner was D's -- or rather, his brother's, but they alternate as one D anyway. D (brother) used that dagger to remove Godwyn's half-Cursemark of Death from his enormous, rotting body, losing the blade in the process. Fia found the remains of the dagger lodged in Godwyn and asks you to find the owner... because whoever owned the dagger now has the Cursemark she needs to give back to her Prince. After you confirm that it's D, she murders him without hesitation and escapes with the half-cursemark. (The other half is located by you separately.) So... yeah, it isn't a Black Knife, more like a dagger version of the Inseparable Sword, as far as I can tell.

                          • Anonymous

                            I don't understand why the wiki has to specify his location. Everyone knows that Iji is located right down the road.

                            can't miss it.

                            • Anonymous

                              Iji sends the black knives after blaidd. Iji is war councilor so he has control over their operations. It's why he feels so bad for betraying blaidd when he realized blaidd wasn't an enemy, until iji sends the assasins.

                              The blacknife assassins owe their true allegiance to Ranni, and blaidd and Ranni were closest out of her 3 vassals (besides you.) Clearly ranni sends them after Iji after finding this out. Just like when you try and kill seluvis, ranni doesn't tolerate betrayal amongst her vassals.

                              And to the people who keep saying the godskins killed Iji because he is engulfed in blackflame clearly haven't been paying attention to the game at all. The godskins blackflame is from the rune of death, the very same rune maliketh took from them, and then Ranni stole a fragment from maliketh. The blacknife assasins wield a piece of power from the rune, meaning their knives are shrouded in blackflame. Blackflame is the only thing that could kill demigods, and the weapon skill on the black knife weapon is literally called blade of death. It even drains hp like the blackflame does. This isn't really much of a mystery honestly to figure it all out.

                              • Anonymous

                                Looking at the positions of the black knife assassins at his death scene; it looks like they were taking defensive positions. One at the door, one guarding the VIP, and one in ambush position.

                                • I believed that Blaidd wouldn't have gone mad had Iji not locked him up. He was found at Ranni's Rise with corpses of assassins arounds and was only gone mad having not found his stepsister

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Wait, so Iji was saddened by Blaidd's death, said that he would 'follow him soon'. Then he took off the helmet, the one specifically said to ward off Finger's intervention, then died, with Black Knives surrounding him. I'm pretty sure the helmet helped him stay sane, unlike all other trolls. But, if he had control of the Black Knives, why would he took it off in their presence, knowing he would go mad and they'd have to fight him? It'd make more sense that he knew the Black Knives would be coming after him, after knowing about Blaidd's death, and he took the helmet off for his last fight against them. The Black Flame texture might mean something, or it might not; texture isn't absolute in this game.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      All the Tarnished should get together and start a book club. Meet at Master Iji's anvil to discuss whatever book he is reading

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Kinda feel bad about siding with Sellen after talking to him about Jerren. Sellen’s side of the quest gave me better rewards since I’m a mage, so I chose that.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          What a nice character. He is so jolly and kind. I don't want him to die, so I prefer not to talk to him about Blaidd's death.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            It's gotta be godskin that killed iji since it is black and white flame that surrounds him and not the assasins. But what does the godskins have to do with them?

                                            • There is much foul play at work. When Blaidd goes hostile, he says he would never betray Ranni. Iji says that Blaidd was given to Ranni by the Two Fingers to protect her but also as a failsafe in case Ranni goes against the Two Fingers' wishes. When Ranni does defy the Two Fingers, Blaidd goes mad as he was programmed to do, but by force of will, he's able to resist betraying Ranni.

                                              Both Blaidd and Iji are attacked by Black Knife Assassins, and in Blaidd's case, he doesn't seem to be talking to anyone when you first see him. It's like he's talking to the assassins he just killed. So why do Black Knife Assassins target Blaidd and Iji? Blaidd breaks the Two Fingers' conditioning, and the Black Knives are sent to do his job for them and eliminate anyone loyal to Ranni.

                                              In short, the Black Knives are either mercenaries who were contracted by the Two Fingers, or they were always the Two Fingers' servant. Assuming this, and I think it's fairly safe to do so, the Two Fingers are behind Godwyn's assassination and ultimately, the driving force that caused the Shattering. The Death Rune was already in the possession of the Golden Order, so it never needed to be stolen, and even prior to the Shattering, they were already infamous for their assassination tactics.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                idc if he's a giant
                                                idc if he's a blacksmith

                                                it's not the same...
                                                I... I....
                                                I miss you giant blacksmith T_T

                                                please come back...

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  There is a third place Iji can be. If Ranni's questline is declined when you talk to her, then you hit Ranni until she disappears, Iji is not found at his smithing table or at Ranni's Rise. The third location is a mystery to me.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    So if you're confused why Iji is dead. covered in Blackflames & Destined Death I can explain.
                                                    I would say the Black Knifes died likely defending him, as they serve Ranni. None of them use Blackflames, only Godskin npcs do. They're is only one person who would try to prevent Ranni from getting the ending she does, as they are also upset when we get the Frenzied Flame ending. Melina, whose powers were sealed away when Destined Death was taken from her by Maliketh. It is revealed in the frenzied flame ending she is the Gloam Eyed Queen. There is alot of evidence linking her to this and her to Ranni in fact they share literally the same face and Ranni's face is a puppet from her mentor the Snow Witch made in her image. Only Destined Death can burn and kill a God. So the only person that could've burned Ranni's body was Melina, the Gloam Eyed Queen. It states in the game files that Melina is Marikas daughter but from Melinas dialouge we learn that her mother is sealed in the Erdtree, and that her body is a puppet that it was burned away exactly like Ranni's body. This would lead to Melina teaching Ranni how to create a puppet body to escape the will of the erdtree. Melina takes on the role of a simple maiden up until the frenzied flame ending because her real power was sealed away and we see her bare her gloam twilight eye. It's also seen the mark above said eye is a seal, representing the three talons. The same the Death Rite Birds have, who have burned bodies and picked graves before the Erdtree was created, another link tying her to the Death Rune. Also the Beast Eye that senses Death Root you're given by Guraanq is the same gloam eye you see Melina brandish along with her now black hair with white strips matching the GodSlayer Flames. From all this information I can gather that Melina is a daughter of Marika but not naturally born, perhaps the very first child and was given the Rune of Death and when the Erdtree decided it was better for her to not have the rune it made Maliketh take it away so it could forever repeat the cycle of souls and rebirth without Death being an option, this would lead Marika going insane over time after killing her daughter and eventually turning against the erdtree and cause the shattering.. but her daughter did not die, she survived and played the role of a witch to help Ranni steal her power back and burn her body with the power only for it to once again be taken back again by Maliketh. That would mean the rune was first taken by Maliketh, then sealed in his sword and then when Ranni stole a fragment from the sword she used it on herself after sending the Black Knives to kill Godwyn, and then Maliketh sealed the rune into his hand and cursed for failure by Marika. Which is why he craves Death Root and has Melinas eye as a tool to find it because it was her original eye. Marika cursing Maliketh for being her shadow by the Erdtree's will, for killing her first child, then losing that same power once more. And her eventual insanity due to her dual nature of grief and being forced to bare children by the Erdtree's will caused the plot that we take up as Tarnished and the path we are lead on by Melina. Also note that other maidens have died by the fire trying to alite the Erdtree and ours was the only successful attempt ever. We can learn this from the Warmaster at the shake, when his maiden died from the Flames he knew he was forsaken by the Erdtree and turned against the greater will... we only succeeded because our maiden was an Empyrean of noble blood, chosen by the fingers thus given a Rune. The Rune of Death, The Gloam Eyed Queen, first born of Marika, Melina.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Will his corpse ever disappear? I've been coming back to that site of grace every once in a while after telling him of Blaidd's death, and his burning body is still there along with the Black Knives'. Or am I just missing something that I have to do?

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Did the devs put the wrong particle effect on his corpse when he’s dead? He’s surrounded by black knife assassins yet is covered in black flame. You would think it would be that destined death red-black “flame” that maliketh and the knives the assassins wield have.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          I wonder about his death and who killed him. There are only 2 kinds of enemies who use black flame - Blackflame Monks and Godskin Apostles. There are bodies of Black Knife Assassins but they don't use black flame.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Question: Do we know that Iji was actually killed by Black Knife assassins?

                                                            We see Black Knife assassin corpses around him, after he dies, but were they there to kill him or protect him?

                                                            If the Godskin Apostles were after Ranni and Iji tried to stop them that could be why he's covered in black fire, the hallmark of the Godskin Apostles. Why would they suddenly be after her? Perhaps because by the end of her questline she's in the position to ascend to godhood (Since the "Post-game" is actually still during the time before you complete one of the endings)

                                                            While, if Ranni is still on good terms with the Black Knife assassins after her part in the Night of Black Knives plot, they might still try to help her out, such as protecting her from Godskin Apostles that are seeking to kill her (As well as potentially going after Blaidd once he turns on her).

                                                            Since, it's either something like that, or a wierd situation where Black Knife assassins;

                                                            1) Randomly decide to attack Iji

                                                            2) Decide to swear fealty to the Black Flame (Despite having access to the power of the Rune of Death which allows them to kill literally anything)

                                                            3) Fail to take out an old Troll without suffering losses, despite having literal veils that make them hard to see as well as the Troll wearing a bucket on his head and supposedly having the power of both the Rune of Death and Godslaying Black Flame...

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Could use details on how and why he may not show up given certain progression. I'm stuck @ malenia & maliketh with 200+ hours and still have never seen this guy.

                                                              • Iji in my play through is still alive despite all of his dialogue about Blaidd’s death being exhausted. Reload area, restart game, yet Iji remains. I’ve completed Ranni and Blaidd’s quest, too. Could this have anything to do with the Godskin Apostles? I mean, is it just me or does it seem like they were the ones who killed him in the first place? My first play through, Iji died at the end of the quests. This play through, killed all of the Godskin Apostles I could find I the game before killing Blaidd and speaking to Iji about it. Is this just me, or perhaps some bug, or does eliminating the Godskin Apostles, in fact, save Iji from death? This game is amazing — nothing beats getting punched in the heart at the end of every quest.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  I missed most of Blaidd's questline as I beat Radahn pretty early, so I was scared that I couldn't purchase the Carian Filigreed Crest, but as soon as I talked to him in Ranni's Rise and talked to him at the Road to the Manor site of grace, he gave new dialogue and allowed me to purchase it, without anything from Blaidd. I only ever talked to Blaidd at the festival and after the fight, and couldn't find him in Siofra River. Long story short, Blaidd is not actually a requirement for the Crest, nor is finishing the Ranni questline as some have suggested. I have completed the Forlorn Hound Evergaol if that changes anything for anyone.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Why black Flames? Wouldnt a Red Burn be more logical? Black Knifes use the Black Burn (Maliketh thing).
                                                                    Black Flames are sign of Godskin

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      What is that tombstone embedded in Iji's chest? Every other troll I've seen has a hole in their chest but Iji has some kind of stone tablet with a cross on it. Does anyone know what that means?

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        Jerren implies thst Iji is sitting somewhere cramped, but he obviously isn't. Wonder if he originally was to be hidden undergound, close to the same area he is in now, or something similar?

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Iji has a dialogue that says “Blaidd is Lady Ranni’s stepbrother.”
                                                                          Go talk to him at his forge after Ranni recruits you and before you find Blaidd in the Siofra River area

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Black Knife Assassins work for the Greater Will...? The Mirrorhelm says that it blocks "intervention" by the Greater Will. Iji took off his helmet and set it on his anvil for you to pick up before being attacked by the Assassins, and he was likely killed for his treason against the Two Fingers with Ranni...

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Regarding the end of Iji's questline...

                                                                              Is it possible that Iji orchestrated for the now-mad Blaidd to be assassinated, and when you tell him about the dialogue Blaidd had, Iji becomes remorseful, kills the remaining assassins in his retinue, and then offs himself? It seems to tie up the loose ends, and fits with both his final line and the fact that he is the Warmaster...

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                I wonder if its relate with the grace/great rune we have?
                                                                                Blaidd that we killed at the same place his body is gone, but iji's, seluvis's and other assassin's body didn't disappear, feel like this is more than just showing our progress.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  I had just killed blaidd and told Iji abaut it.

                                                                                  Then I went and faught Margot with unexpected success. Go to roundtable everyone is salty.

                                                                                  Role player as I am I think let's go have a chat with Iji he's a friend after all.
                                                                                  Tp in to his burning corps.
                                                                                  Right in the feels

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Finished Ranni's quest. Leave Blaidd alone, he's gone a bit loopy but still good boi. If I need to speak to Mini Ranni I can just teleport to her grace. Iji lives on peacefully. All good.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      Why the black knife assassins killed Iji? don't they work for Ranni? Why would Ranni want to kill Iji? I need Answers! where's the DLC?

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        Why are the black knife assassins working for the two fingers and the greater will? Didn't they work with Ranni to kill Godwyn, which would go against the greater will's plans? Or am i missing something?

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          What is that block like object in his chest? I cant tell if its a tombstone or a crest!!! What in deed. Hhmmm, hmmmmm!!

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            Iji has one of the most tragic character arcs.
                                                                                            He and Blaidd show unending Loyality to Ranni on her quest to free the Lands between from the influence of the Outer Gods because they believed in Ranni and the promise of freedom. To protect Ranni, he robbed his companion of his freedom - and on realizing that he imprisoned Blaidd without a need, betraying their mission for freedom, Iji simply couldn't forgive himself. He took off his mirrorhelmet masking his presence from the Two Fingers and the Outer Gods and it was just a matter of time until the black blades came to kill him. :-(

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              I'm surprised that Iji doesn't have a unique Troll's Hammer that drops upon his death. Especially given his long history as a blacksmith for the Carian family, it seems a shame that it's not even a key item that you can take to Hewg or something like that related to the weapon for slaying a god.

                                                                                              • Trivia time, who can name the swords that are laid out around him?

                                                                                                I see two Banished Knight's Greatswords, a warped axe, a Greataxe, two thrusting looking swords? But what's the one on the table?

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  Its a shame that you not only cant save him, but killing the assassins do nothing for him. I wish they'd just stop dying dammit! :C

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    I got a voice line by selecting "About Blaidd" (after serving Ranni and talking to the squad, I visited him) where Iji says that Ranni's mother is Marika? Did I misread that? Sucks that the wiki isn't complete yet so I can't check. I already know about the plot twist but I'm not even supposed to know that at this point in the game.

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      Could Jerren maybe have some influence over Iji's fate? Jerrens questline seems to not have a proper ending if you side with him. Iji and Jerren were close after all. This could be something they would add in the future at least.

                                                                                                      • Has anyone tried scanning the area around Iji with the torch that reveals invisible enemies? Or the three sisters area? I feel like there MUST be another use for that torch apart from just making some fights easier. I refuse to believe there aren't any invisible NPC's or non-aggressive enemies hiding around

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          I missed Blaidd eairler and after doing the first mountain of giants invasion mission for volcano manor he sold the talisman. Wish I knew exactly what added it to the shop but something else can add it since I dont think I have ever seen Blaidd, tho I started Raniis chain a little.

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            I killed all the Black Knife Assassins (four mini-bosses in Deathtouched catacombs, Black Knife catacombs, Sage's Cave, and Sainted Hero's Grave; one in front of Queen's Bedchamber, the three in Ordina, and Alecto in the Ring Leader's evergaol) but Iji was still killed and surrounded by three dead assassins. So, either I missed one somewhere or the theory that you can kill all of them and save Iji is false and Iji, Blaidd, and Pidia + Seluvis are scripted to die.

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              I killed all the Black Knife Assassins (four mini-bosses in Deathtouched catacombs, Black Knife catacombs, Sage's Cave, and Sainted Hero's Grave; one in front of Queen's Bedchamber, the three in Ordina, and Alecto in the Ring Leader's evergaol) but Iji was still killed and surrounded by three dead assassins. So, either I missed one somewhere or the theory that you can kill all of them and save Iji is false and Iji, Blaidd, and Pidia + Seluvis are scripted to die.

                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                I had talked to Iji about Blaidd when he was released from the seal, and finished Rannis questline, now Im post game and Iji is still alive. Ive tried exausting his dialogue and reloading, but hes still there

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