Warhawk Ashes

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Type Spirit Summon
FP Cost 52 HP Cost -
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Summons warhawk spirit

Warhawk Ashes is a Spirit and Summon in Elden Ring. Warhawk summons warhawk spirit. The Warhawk summoned is similar to the ones in Stormveil Castle. It attacks both with the swords attached to its talons and its beak, as well as also being able to breathe fire. It can be upgraded with Grave Glovewort.

Warhawks can also be found as Enemies in Elden Ring. For more information, see Warhawk.


Ashen remains in which spirits yet dwell.
Use to summon the spirit of a warhawk.

Spirit of a Stormveil warhawk, the talons of which have been sliced off so that razor-fine swords could be grafted in their place.
With its lord vanquished, and its wings wounded, the hawk perished as it solemnly gazed at its former home.
The storm is a warhawk's cradle.


Where to find Warhawk Ashes

Where to Find Warhawk Ashes


Elden Ring Warhawk Ashes Guide




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    • Anonymous

      Wish you could summon two summons at once if they're weaker ones. Would be cool as hell to summon Stormhawk Deenh and the warhawk simultaneously.

      • I may not have all the best ashes and I may not have used all my ashes enough to understand all of their strengths and weaknesses, but I get the feeling that the Warhawk is grossly underrated. It does more damage than most of my other ashes and it's hard to kill by most enemies because they have a hard time hitting it.
        I don't have enough FP to try any of my special ashes, so maybe those will put this to shame once they become available to me.

        P.S. Why does no one register/log in before commenting? So many people in these comment sections ask questions or attempt to partake in a discussion, but they'll never be notified of a response. Log in!

        • Anonymous

          Does really well against Radagon and most late game bosses, simply because it can fly, itll avoid all of the ground attacks, but it has very poor health and will likely die from most aoe attacks, its damage is okay, and its very good at pestering single targets, but its also a really sick looking summon and isnt a crutch like all the summons the kids are raving about these days.

          • Anonymous

            people talking about this minor NPC's small piece of lore and how they be grieving on it like its their own dog/cat that died, all the community circus like "oh so relatable bro i feel you, me double, me triple, now lets do a collective cry-pretending for the git gud casul giant dad fingers but hole community" is cool and all, but the real question here is: this or stormhawk? about time someone answers this question 8 months after release...

            • Anonymous

              I tried fighting the black knife assasin in the altus plateau region early game, couldnt even scratch a third of his health, then I remembered the days of having barrels of high explosives being flung at my face in stormveil, of course, THAT was the secret sauce all along. Kicker was he went by being assasinated by a backstab with a dagger as he struggled among a couple of rocks

              • Anonymous

                I think this is the dead warhawk that can be found with a banished knight as well as another stormhawk, mourning for the loss of their companion

                • Anonymous

                  someone here mentions the warhawk being able to proc bleed. can anyone confirm this? does it happen if you are using a weapon with the bleed passive effect when it is summoned? or maybe an ability the warhawk gets after being upgraded to a certain point? I ask because I do use the warhawk summons, its not one of the spirit ashes I never use, like the marionettes, I think I have it at +7 and I can't remember it ever making any enemy I've used it on bleed.

                  • Anonymous

                    This spirit ash is good to have if you are getting to Altus Plateau via Makar's boss room at the top of ruin strewn precipice. There are giant bats here and there as you make your way up, with at least one of those signing winged dame things with them. At the top of ruin strewn precipice there are two winged dames just before the lift that takes you up to the boss fight, these two are tanky and I wasn't able to use stealth, they were quickly seeing me and getting agro. The winged dame enemies are tricky if you are trying to fight more than one at a time in general, but these two are the toughest I've seen so far. One of them seems to be unique to the ruin strewn precipice, its a pale green colour and has black hair, so far its the only one I've seen with that skin colour. Both were aggressive as soon as they saw me and attacked together, they easily and quickly killed me three or four times before I thought of trying the warhawk summons. it made these two winged dames a lot easier, the spirit summons killed one by itself allowing me to have a much easier time only fighting one of them.

                    • Anonymous

                      Just killed Malenia with it. He lasted the entire fight, with a sliver of hp at the end. This thing irritates her as much as it does the player lmao

                      • Anonymous

                        Great middle ground between not being useless and not trivializing the game for you. Does its job with decent survivability, decent damage, and it's just insanely *cool*.

                        I hope you like the sound of wings flapping and chains clanging. I sure do.

                        • Anonymous

                          alot of enemies have as much trouble with these birds as you have

                          will it outperforme tiche or mimic ? no but i love it

                          • Anonymous

                            I’m 99% positive that this ash causes bleed build up when it attacks with it’s bladed legs. I’ve seen it proc multiple times. Extremely useful summon, honestly. Give it a try!

                            • Anonymous

                              Honestly it's my go-to ashes just because I find it cool af. But in my defense, the Warhawk is indeed cool af AND kinda useful.

                              Particularly against : humans / enemies that get easily staggered (it does wonders) / enemies that are weak to fire.
                              However, it will not work well against large enemies especially if they have a high poise and hit hard.

                              • Anonymous

                                This bird helped me dealing with those nasty Hands in Caria Manor, also gave Renala a hard time in casting her skills, literally underrated summon, i consider this summon as a Class S.

                                • These ashes are one of my favorites. Sometimes I even select it over a Legendary summons. Only summons one, but he is *deadly* against Human-type enemies, because they can't keep up. Literally solo'd one of the two bosses of Nox Priest/Priestess. His burst of flame will also proc enemies 'I'm on fire!' flinching if they have that too.

                                  Not as useful on larger enemies since their attack patterns will reach him easier.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Find the Prophecy painting in a room near the courtyard in Stormveil Castle. Then go to the Church of Pilgrimage and head north towards the cliffside to find the ghost painter to receive the warhawk ashes.

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