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Level 5 Dexterity 15
Vigor 12 Intelligence 9
Mind 10 Faith 7
Endurance 13 Arcane 10
Strength 11    

Warrior is a starting Class in Elden Ring's Closed Network Test. The Classes only determine the starting Stats and Equipment of the player, but as the game progresses, players can freely change their build to their preferred playstyle. There are 5 Classes in the Elden Ring Network Test that the player can begin the game with.


The Warrior is a Dexterity based character that uses agile and acrobatic attacks to deal with enemies at close range. Equipped with a Buckler and Medium Armor, the warrior's default skills allow for projectile-style sword storm attacks


Warrior Starting Equipment for Elden Ring

This class starts with the following equipment:


Starting items for Warrior in Elden Ring

This class starts with the following items:


Warrior Builds in Elden Ring



Elden Ring Warrior Notes & Tips

  • The Warrior is the only starting Class that begins with two weapons. Using L1 attacks with both at the same time, dealing more damage than R1, so make sure to use it.
  • Dodge Rolling is a must for this Class since it has no way to Block or Parry without acquiring a Shield. If you're having trouble, consider purchasing the Leather Shield from Kale to make things easier.
  • Storm Blade makes playing this Build much easier. Use it to pick off enemies at a distance when they are in groups to avoid taking damage. You can spam it quickly for best results. Note that Storm Blade is not the default Skill of the Scimitar.
  • Warriors have the highest Dexterity in the Closed Network Test, so they make good candidates for Archer Builds. You can purchase a Bow from Kale, as well as Arrows, or you can Craft them.
  • During Boss fights, use a Spirit Summons, let it gain aggro, and then unleash your attacks into the Boss's back for best results.



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