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Enables the ability to teleport to another set location

Waygates in Elden Ring are transporter portals or gateways that teleport players to a set location when interacted with. They are also referred to as Sending Gates or Gateways. Each Waygate will teleport the player to one set location. Before it is used, players will be prompted with the option to travel to another location. They are located throughout different regions and their destinations vary.

Other teleporters include Transporter Traps which are presented as regular chest and Teleporter Coffins found around the Underground Map which appears as an empty coffin. This page includes information and locations on all teleporting systems including Sending Gates and Transporter Traps.



What are Teleporter Chests or Transporter Traps in Elden Ring?

Teleporter Chests, or transporter traps, have the same use, except players will not be prompted with the option to refuse the teleport.  These may be opened unknowingly since they are made like any other chest. Opening these may transport players into difficult situations or dungeons, so its best to be aware of their whereabouts. As players open these chest, a puff of smoke will emerge before they are informed that they are Ensnared in a transporter trap. 


All Waygate & Transporter Trap Locations

Weeping Peninsula
Liurnia of the Lakes
Altus Plateau
Leyndell, Royal Capital
Mountaintops of the Giants & Consecrated Snowfield


Waygate & Transporter Trap Notes & Tips

  • If the Transporter Trap in Dragon-Burnt Ruins is accidentally triggered, players will find themselves in a shack un Sellia Crystal Tunnel players can find the closest Site of Grace by following the tunnels south, avoiding enemies if they choose to. Keep to the tunnel on the left and there will eventually be a drop down area with a ladder. The Site of Grace is just ahead. 


Waygate & Transporter Trap Gallery

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All Elden Ring Locations
Abandoned Cave  ♦  Academy Crystal Cave  ♦  Academy Gate Town  ♦  Aeonia Swamp  ♦  Ailing Village  ♦  Ainsel River  ♦  Ainsel River Main  ♦  Ainsel River Well  ♦  Albinauric Rise  ♦  Altus Plateau  ♦  Altus Tunnel  ♦  Apostate Derelict  ♦  Artist's Shack  ♦  Auriza Hero's Grave  ♦  Auriza Side Tomb  ♦  Bellum Church  ♦  Bellum Highway  ♦  Bestial Sanctum  ♦  Black Knife Catacombs  ♦  Boilprawn Shack  ♦  Bridge of Sacrifice  ♦  Caelem Ruins  ♦  Caelid  ♦  Caelid Catacombs  ♦  Caelid Colosseum  ♦  Caelid Waypoint Ruins  ♦  Callu Baptismal Church  ♦  Capital Outskirts  ♦  Caria Manor  ♦  Carian Study Hall  ♦  Carriage  ♦  Castle Morne  ♦  Castle Sol  ♦  Cathedral of Manus Celes  ♦  Cathedral of the Forsaken  ♦  Cave of the Forlorn  ♦  Chapel of Anticipation  ♦  Chelona's Rise  ♦  Church of Dragon Communion  ♦  Church of Elleh  ♦  Church of Inhibition  ♦  Church of Irith  ♦  Church of Pilgrimage  ♦  Church of Repose  ♦  Church of the Plague  ♦  Church of Vows  ♦  Cliffbottom Catacombs  ♦  Colosseums  ♦  Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs  ♦  Converted Fringe Tower  ♦  Converted Tower  ♦  Corpse-Stench Shack  ♦  Craftsman's Shack  ♦  Cuckoo's Evergaol  ♦  Deathtouched Catacombs  ♦  Deep Ainsel Well  ♦  Deep Siofra Well  ♦  Deeprooth Depths  ♦  Demi-Human Forest Ruins  ♦  Divine Tower of Caelid  ♦  Divine Tower of East Altus  ♦  Divine Tower of Limgrave  ♦  Divine Tower of Liurnia  ♦  Divine Tower of West Altus  ♦  Dragon-Burnt Ruins  ♦  Dragonbarrow  ♦  Dragonbarrow Cave  ♦  East Windmill Pasture  ♦  Effigies of the Martyr  ♦  Elden Throne  ♦  Eternal City  ♦  First Church of Marika  ♦  Flame Peak  ♦  Forbidden Lands  ♦  Forest Lookout Tower  ♦  Forge of the Giants  ♦  Forlorn Hound Evergaol  ♦  Forsaken Ruins  ♦  Fort Faroth  ♦  Fort Gael  ♦  Fort Haight  ♦  Fort Laiedd  ♦  Fourth Church of Marika  ♦  Frenzied Flame Proscription  ♦  Frenzied Flame Village  ♦  Frenzy-Flaming Tower  ♦  Fringefolk Hero's Grave  ♦  Gael Tunnel  ♦  Gaol Cave  ♦  Gatefront Ruins  ♦  Gelmir Hero's Grave  ♦  Giant-Conquering Hero's Grave  ♦  Golden Lineage Evergaol  ♦  Gowry's Shack  ♦  Grand Cloister  ♦  Grand Lift of Dectus  ♦  Grand Lift of Rold  ♦  Groveside Cave  ♦  Guardians' Garrison  ♦  Hallowhorn Grounds  ♦  Heretical Rise  ♦  Hermit's Shack  ♦  Hermit Merchant's Shack  ♦  Hermit Village  ♦  Hidden Path to the Haligtree  ♦  Highroad Cave  ♦  Highway Lookout Tower (Altus Plateau)  ♦  Highway Lookout Tower (Liurnia)  ♦  Impaler's Catacombs  ♦  Isolated Divine Tower  ♦  Isolated Merchant's Shack (Dragonbarrow)  ♦  Jarburg  ♦  Kingsrealm Ruins  ♦  Lake of Rot  ♦  Lakeside Crystal Cave  ♦  Laskyar Ruins  ♦  Lenne's Rise  ♦  Leyndell Catacombs  ♦  Leyndell Colosseum  ♦  Leyndell Royal Capital  ♦  Limgrave  ♦  Limgrave Colosseum  ♦  Limgrave Tunnels  ♦  Lord Contender's Evergaol  ♦  Lunar Estate Ruins  ♦  Lux Ruins  ♦  Malefactor's Evergaol  ♦  Minor Erdtree (Altus Plateau)  ♦  Minor Erdtree (Caelid)  ♦  Minor Erdtree (Consecrated Snowfield)  ♦  Minor Erdtree (Dragonbarrow)  ♦  Minor Erdtree (Liurnia Northeast)  ♦  Minor Erdtree (Liurnia Southwest)  ♦  Minor Erdtree (Mistwood)  ♦  Minor Erdtree (Mountaintops East)  ♦  Minor Erdtree (Mt. Gelmir)  ♦  Minor Erdtree (Weeping Peninsula)  ♦  Minor Erdtree Catacombs  ♦  Minor Erdtree Church  ♦  Mirage Rise  ♦  Mistwood  ♦  Mistwood Ruins  ♦  Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum  ♦  Moonfolk Ruins  ♦  Moonlight Altar  ♦  Morne Tunnel  ♦  Mountaintops of the Giants  ♦  Mt Gelmir  ♦  Murkwater Catacombs  ♦  Murkwater Cave  ♦  Night's Sacred Ground  ♦  Nokron, Eternal City  ♦  Nokstella, Eternal City  ♦  Old Altus Tunnel  ♦  Oridys's Rise  ♦  Perfumer's Grotto  ♦  Perfumer's Ruins  ♦  Purified Ruins  ♦  Ranni's Rise  ♦  Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel  ♦  Redmane Castle  ♦  Renna's Rise  ♦  Revenger's Shack  ♦  Ringleader's Evergaol  ♦  Road's End Catacombs  ♦  Rose Church  ♦  Roundtable Hold  ♦  Royal Grave Evergaol  ♦  Ruin-Strewn Precipice  ♦  Sainted Hero's Grave  ♦  Sealed Tunnel  ♦  Second Church of Marika  ♦  Seethewater Cave  ♦  Sellia Crystal Tunnel  ♦  Sellia Evergaol  ♦  Sellia Gateway  ♦  Sellia Hideaway  ♦  Sellia, Town of Sorcery  ♦  Seluvis's Rise  ♦  Shack of the Lofty  ♦  Shack of the Rotting  ♦  Siofra Aqueduct  ♦  Siofra River  ♦  Siofra River Well  ♦  Slumbering Wolfs Shack  ♦  Smoldering Church  ♦  Spiritspring  ♦  Stillwater Cave  ♦  Stormcaller Church  ♦  Stormfoot Catacombs  ♦  Stormgate  ♦  Stormhill  ♦  Stormveil Castle  ♦  stranded graveyard  ♦  Street of Sages Ruins  ♦  Subterranean Shunning-Grounds  ♦  Summonwater Village  ♦  Swamp Lookout Tower  ♦  Swamp of Aeonia  ♦  Temple Quarter  ♦  Testu's Rise  ♦  The Four Belfries  ♦  The Shaded Castle  ♦  Third Church of Marika  ♦  Tombsward Catacombs  ♦  Tombsward Cave  ♦  Tombsward Ruins  ♦  Tower of Return  ♦  Uhl Palace Ruins  ♦  Unsightly Catacombs  ♦  Village of the Albinaurics  ♦  Village Windmill Pasture  ♦  Volcano Cave  ♦  Walking Mausoleum  ♦  Weeping Peninsula  ♦  West Windmill Pasture  ♦  Windmill Village  ♦  Witchbane Ruins  ♦  Woodfolk Ruins  ♦  Writheblood Ruins  ♦  Wyndham Catacombs  ♦  Wyndham Ruins  ♦  Yelough Anix Ruins  ♦  Zamor Ruins


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    • Anonymous

      there is a waygate inside of the bestial sanctum right behind Gurranq the beast clergyman.
      Where does it take? whenever i go there it says "it can't be used at this moment ".
      Do i need to progress the questline?

      • Anonymous

        I just want to input a strange effect I've noticed while going through the Auriza side tomb transporter traps, and I also don't believe this happens every time either (at least from my memory).

        I am/was playing my Archer character and each time I exited (appeared on the opposite end) a transporter trap, there was a big green swirling effect that went into my character (with no discernible effect) similar to using a remembrance or a lord rune.

        Just curious if other people experienced this strange effect and if data miners could possibly figure out what's going on. (I play on Xbox series x)

        • Anonymous

          One can avoid being ensnared if they roll backwards the moment the chest is opened - pretty helpful if you were one of many who were accidentally transported to the crystal tunnel

          • Anonymous

            Personally find that these ruin the game's pacing. I few here and there are okay, but some are unnecessary. For example, multiple of them take you to Church of Vows, even one inside a legacy dungeon.
            The two on the bridge that takes you inside Redmane Castle.
            Siofra river has two that are connected that seem to serve no purpose.
            IMO, exploring an area only to be dropped right in front of the area's conclusion is in opposition with the open world design.

            • Anonymous

              You can actually evade the transporter traps once triggered, if you dodge back immediately after opening the chest.

              • Anonymous

                The Siofra river has another one that appears after you light all the torches. It just brings you to the waygate in front of the Hallowhorn grounds in the same lower area.

                • Anonymous

                  I dont see it here but there's a waygate in the deep root depths where you find Fia that takes you into Leyndell without fighting the Draconic tree sentinal

                  • Anonymous

                    The waygate from West Consecrated Snowfield to Mohgwyn Palace is only active if you've completed the Ordina, Liturgical Town evergoal.

                    • Backstep out of the traps

                      Also anyone find where the gate in capital city send you?
                      If you take the trap at "tower of return" and go past the giant to the left theres a gate.

                      • Anonymous

                        Preventing the teleport of the teleport trap chests is possible by jumping backwards as soon as the smoke is seen.

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