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A simple map, badly weathered 
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Weathered Map is an Info Item in Elden Ring. Tutorial items provide information about how to add Skills to your WeaponsCrafting advices, Combat tips, and more. They can be obtained through exploration and looting, dropped by specific Enemies or Bosses, or purchased from NPCs


A simple, badly weathered map.
Left discarded and forgotten for some time.

Depicts streaks of amber light.


Where to find Weathered Map in Elden Ring

Can be bought from Pidia, Carian Servant in Caria Manor.
Can be bought from Twin Maiden Husks after giving Pidia's Bell Bearing to them.


Elden Ring Weathered Map Tutorial Guide

 Shows a spot just north-east of Altus Highway Junction Grace where Amber Starlight can be looted. [Map Link]

  1. Travel to the Altus Highway Junction grace
  2. Travel East along the road towards the large stairs; do not travel up the stairs
  3. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, immediately turn North, leaving the paved road
  4. Continue North through a tunnel in the ridge
  5. Collect your reward at the statue


weathered map guide


Elden Ring Weathered Map Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 1 Weathered Map.
  • You cannot store Weathered Map.
  • You cannot sell Weathered Map.
  • There seems to have been different conditions on the map's availability pre-launch and before patch 1.03. Currently, the map is available immediately upon talking, or after purchasing other items such as cookbook and ash of war


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    • Anonymous

      I wonder if this map is depicting the "the stars' amber that rained down" mentioned in Founding Rain of Stars

      • Anonymous

        Does not get deleted on NG+ AND does not get restocked. You can literally receive Pidia's 'no items left to sell' dialogue and this still won't appear so the information listed above:

        'There seems to have been different conditions on the map's availability pre-launch and before patch 1.03. Currently, the map is available immediately upon talking, or after purchasing other items such as cookbook and ash of war'

        Does not relate to NG+ - I don't know how you edit these pages, whoever does might want to add that.

        • Anonymous

          You don't habe to start Rannis Quest to buy this. I defeated Loretta and went straight to Pidia to buy all his Stuff. That Map, he sells it right away.

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