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Location Various Locations
Role Guide and Quest NPC
Voiced by Pip Torrens

White Mask Varré is an NPC in Elden Ring. White Mask Varré is encountered near the start of the game, right by The First Step Site of Grace, and will offer advice to the player. He can be found multiple times in different locations as the story progresses.


 Oh yes... Tarnished, are we? Come to the Lands Between for the Elden Ring, hmm?
Of course you have. No shame in it.
Unfortunately for you, however, you are maidenless.


White Mask Varré Location in Elden Ring

White Mask Varré can be found in various locations throughout your adventure:

  1. He will be the very first NPC you speak to at the beginning of the game. Found in Limgrave, by The First Step Site of Grace. [Map Link]
  2. After obtaining any of the Great Runes, and talking to Enia for the first time at the Roundtable Hold, White Mask Varré can be found at Rose Church, in a large island southwest of Liurnia. [Map Link]


White Mask Varré Questline: How to complete White Mask Varré's Quest

  • Awards you the Festering Bloody Finger upon meeting him the second time at Rose Church
  • After obtaining the item, players can choose to progress the questline in two ways:
    • With patch 1.06 a new invasion sign of the NPC Magnus the Beast Claw can be found in one of the ruined buildings in Writheblood Ruins, surrounded by a pack of bloodhounds. Once the NPC is defeated, the player can return to White Mask Varré at Rose Church to progress the quest.
    • Invading other players using the Festering Bloody Finger three times (note: using Recusant Finger will NOT work). It is not required to defeat the invaded player; using Finger Severer right after invading the enemy world also counts.
  • After completing one of the tasks above, Varré will ask you to join his order with the Bloody Lord. If you agree, he will give you the Lord of Blood's Favor item, requesting you soak it in the blood of a maiden.
  • Once you return with the blood-soaked Favor, he rewards with a reusable Bloody Finger. If you speak with him again, you will receive the Pureblood Knight's Medal that can lead to Mohgwyn's palace where you can fight Mohg, Lord of Blood. This is the earliest access to Mohg boss fight. Killing Varré at this point does not reward Varré's Bouquet, but it does reward 6 Festering Bloody Fingers.
  • An invasion sign can be found near the Mausoleum Dynasty Midpoint site of grace allowing you to fight White Mask Varré.
  • After defeating him, look back into the corridor where you found his invasion sign. His wounded body will be on the floor as he gasps for strength from Mohg. He will die after you exhaust his dialogue, and you can collect 6 Festering Bloody Fingers and Varré's Bouquet off his corpse.
  • Note: If killed, Varré cannot be respawned at church of Vows therefore making his questline incompletable, although you can still reach Mohgwyn's palace with a hidden teleporter North-North-West of the Yelough Anix Tunnel in Consecrated Snowfield. [Map Link]


Dialogue in Elden Ring: White Mask Varré


  • Oh yes... Tarnished, are we? Come to the Lands Between for the Elden Ring, hmm?
    Of course you have. No shame in it.
    Unfortunately for you, however, you are maidenless.
    Without guidance, without the strength of runes, and without an invitation to the Roundtable Hold...
    You are fated, it seems, to die in obscurity.
  • Luckily for you, however, there is one shining ray of hope for even the maidenless.
    Me. Varré. Take care to listen.
    Are you familiar with grace? The golden light that gives life to you Tarnished.
    You may also behold its golden rays pointing in a particular direction at times.
    That is the guidance of grace. The path that a Tarnished must travel.
    Mm, indeed. Grace's guidance holds the answers.
    It will lead you Tarnished to the path you are meant to follow.
    Even if it leads you to your grave.
  • Grace's guidance will reveal the path forward, most certainly.
    To Castle Stormveil, over on the cliff.
    The home of the decrepit demigod, Godrick the Grafted.
  • It's time you set off, I should think.
    To Castle Stormveil, on the cliff, where grace would guide you.
    If you seek the Elden Ring, maidenless as you are.

If attacked

  • Oh?
  • Do you even comprehend the gravity of this choice?
  • Very well. If you mistake kindness for frailty of heart, then perhaps a more physical lesson is in order!
  • (On player kill) You will die nameless, without ceremony.


  • What's the matter? Shouldn't you be off proving yourself, or some such? Then go on, take the hint and follow the guidance of grace. To castle Stormveil, on the cliff. And if, by chance you do find your way to the castle, you may receive a summons. To the famed Roundtable Keep...

After defeating Margit, The Fell Omen and accessing to Roundtable Hold

  • Ohh, well done, well done indeed. You made it through that entire mess, all the way to Stormveil.
    And off you trotted to the Roundtable Hold... My sincerest congratulations.
    But, how did you find the Roundtable? Oh, you don't have to say it.
    Before, the Roundtable was chock full of venerated warriors, but now, it's home to puff-chests and has-beens.
    I fear you've been terribly disappointed. I don't blame you.
    But still, the Roundtable has its perks. Why not earn a seat?
    Fly straight and true, so to speak.

Choosing "I'll fly straight and true!"

  •  Ahh, then you're interested? A wise choice indeed.
    To join the Roundtable proper, you must acquire a Great Rune,
    and request audience... with the Two Fingers, in the inner chamber.
    They are the purported masters of the grace that guides your kind, the Tarnished.
    Mm, yes, pay them a visit, so that you may see for yourself.
  • Challenge Godrick the Grafted, lord of Stormveil, to acquire a Great Rune.
    Decrepit, he may be, but a demigod he remains. And of course, an inheritor of a Great Rune.
    Worse yet, I hear old Godrick's acquired a ferocious new toy to graft...
    So. Prepare for the worst.

Choosing "I don't need a seat"

  • ... Yes, I see. Perhaps it's just as well. Besides, you are maidenless. One can only do so much with the materials provided. But then again, if you should realize the error of your ways, I'm always willing to hear you out.

Talking again, after choosing "I don't need a seat"

  • Oh, have you decided to have a go after all? At joining the round table proper?

Visit after 

  • What's the matter? Aren't you supposed to be earning your place at the Roundtable Hold?
    Then you must face Godrick the Grafted, lord of Stormveil,for without a Great Rune,
    you will not be granted audience. With the Two Fingers, in the inner chamber.

Visit after killing Godrick or obtaining any other Great Rune

  • Ah, there you are. You claimed a Great Rune, and had your audience. With the Two Fingers, at the Roundtable Hold. What was your impression? 

Choosing "They didn't seem right"

  • Ah-ha, your intuition serves you well. My doubts had been piling up, you see… The words of the Two Fingers cannot be trusted. Truly, naught but rambling, senile delusions. I believe, that when the Elden Ring was shattered, the Two Fingers were corrupted, their guidance; skewed. Even worse, the Fingers harbor no love for our kind. That's the part that irks the most.

Choosing "They were magnificent"

  • You don't say. Well, what a relief that must be. You may go, then. My work here is done. May the wisdom of the two fingers guide you.

Receiving the Fingers

  • Oh, I have a gift for you, something fit for only the wise. A means for circumventing the draw of the Two Fingers. Give it a try, won't you? And if it please you, may we meet again. I've high hopes for you. My lambkin. Be sure to try that finger I gave you. There's no reason to dither. 

Visit at the Rose Church, after using the Finger three times.

  • Oh, lambkin, so pleased you're here. I'm glad you're enjoying my gift. Mmm, I knew from the very start. You have a taste for noble blood. 
  • I wish to anoint you a proper inductee. A knight to serve Luminary Mohg, the Lord of Blood, and establish a new dynasty. Luminary Mohg has strength, vision, and of course, love. So, what do you say, my lambkin?

Choosing "Anoint me."

  • Mm, yes, who would have it any other way? Now, take this. For your final trial. Soak the cloth with a maiden's blood. Normally, this ritual would involve killing one's own maiden, and recanting the wisdom of the Two Fingers. But since you are maidenless, the blood of anyone's maiden will do.

Choosing "Refuse."

  • Oh my. Perhaps you misheard me. Nothing wrong with giving you a day or two. For your ears to clear out.

After returning with the blood-soaked Favor.

  • Ahh, my lambkin. You've completed your final trial. And with this, you are a formal inductee. A knight who will assist Luminary Mohg, the Lord of Blood, in the establishment of a new dynasty. Now, give me your finger. This noble blood will be an immutable badge of honor, once it settles. Inside of you.

Upon offering finger.

  • Oh, good heavens. Clench your teeth, or something.

After receiving Bloody Finger.

  • Never forget that feeling of agony. For it is what binds you to Luminary Mogh, to all of us. Ha ha ha... You have the sweetest scream. My lambkin.

Talking again, after offering finger and receiving Bloody Finger.

  • Oh another thing. You should have this.

After receiving Pureblood Knight's Medal.

  • A medal granted by the new Mohgwyn dynasty. With the power to grant audience with Luminary Mohg. I've gone out of my way to provide one to you. But you mustn't use it just yet.
  • The meeting must wait until the Mohgwyn dynasty commences. Luminary Mohg yet slumbers beside the Divinity. We must endure a little longer.

Talking again, after receiving Pureblood Knight's Medal but before using it.

  • Ahh, it is trying, but we must be patient. One day, you will be elevated, deservedly, basking in love. Right, my lambkin? Ha ha ha...

Upon invading him near the Mausoleum Dynasty Midpoint grace.

  • You seek violence, heedless of my warning, though you have been raised to a knight of the dynasty? I am pained, to the very depths of my being. I'll ensure you regret this, my lambkin. Enjoy your miserable death.


  • You maidenless runt... Who do you think I am?  <Groan>

When killed while invading him.

  • Why must I be... disgraced by this lowborn

Final dialogue when talked to after invading him

  • O... Luminary... Mohg...
    Please grant... the strength... you promised
    I have given... everything...
    Please... my lord...
  • Please, answer me... Luminary... Mohg.
    Bless the Mohgwyn Dynasty, with love!


Elden Ring Notes & Trivia for White Mask Varré

        "Feel free to go off and die in a ditch somewhere."

  • Cannot be revived at Church of Vows, like most dead NPCs.
  • He wears the War Surgeon Set, which drops from one of the three Nameless White Mask invaders in Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.
  • The War Surgeon Set's description implies that Mohg originally had the surgeons abducted against their will; Varré included. It details that none of the other White Masks he had taken were able to "tame the accursed blood", but that Varré was the exception. This could be related to Varré's deep loyalty to Mohg and his upcoming Dynasty.

 White Mask Varré Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      For those who play offline: after receiving the bloody fingers in the rose church, do the invasion contracts from the volcano manor. Those invasions are valid for his questline.

      • Anonymous

        I think I somehow bugged Varre on my NG+ run. I don't remember killing him, I only have one set of his armor and weapon from my first run. I did speak to him at first steps, but he hasn't shown up at the Rose Church... Is he not supposed to if you already did his quest on a previous journey? I don't really care for doing the rest of his quest, but I was hoping to get the pureblood knight's medal early on.

        • Anonymous

          May have done something arguably worse than teabagging this guy: As I killed him during my Invasion I dunked Mohg's Shackle on him as he died, repeated that after each of his Dialogues just to drive the point home, disrespect me Varré? I'll disrespect your entire dynasty and its ruler.

          • Anonymous

            "You can also kill Irina, which is the easiest to reach when she is at the entrance of the weeping peninsula." On this note, if you progress her questline enough, she dies 'naturally' at the hands of some misbegotten. After this had occurred I could not use her blood for the Lord of Blood's Favor, so I'm assuming you actually have to kill her outright for that. Kind of a bummer

            • Anonymous

              game made the mistake of teaching me how to use a sword BEFORE this mf called me maidenless, had to reset my world to calm him down

              • Anonymous

                If you kill him and exhaust his dialogue until he drops the items, DON'T pick them up yet. Rest at the nearby grace site and he'll drop more Bloody Fingers and another bouquet of his.

                • Anonymous

                  man i killed this dude at the beginning cuz i didnt know any better and i cant fix it through absolution. this really sucks.

                  • Anonymous

                    go to the starting area he first appears at if u cant find him at rose church and then talk to him and after that go to roundtable hold. after u do all of this he will be at rose church

                    • Anonymous

                      I think Varre tricked the Albinaurics headed to Haligtree to use the Portal to Mohgwyn instead, to help build Mohgs dynasty, inadvertently creating our little rune farm area.

                      • Anonymous

                        Super annoying how you need to go towards the end of the game just to find some invasion sign in one specific location to complete his task after the bloodrose church if you don't have online play.
                        Would it really kill them to add one inside the church literally behind Varré?

                        • Anonymous

                          "Bless the Mohgwyn Dynasty, with love!" I somehow got this dialog in Patch 1.06 after I received the pure blood knight metal and killed him immediately at the church. I never got it again after several more attempts to get the dialog in future runs.

                          • Anonymous

                            fockin hell i just killed this man because i thought atoning could revive npcs (info got from wiki page) but then he didnt fockin revive and now i cant go to mohgwyn palace until after i beat morgott

                            • Anonymous

                              i killed Mohg, and almost forgot to kill him before going for the Elden Beast. Watching him beg for his dead god that i killed probably feels a lot more satisfying than killing him BEFORE Mohg, so long assh0le, may you AND Mohg rot in the ocean of a trillion bloodflies!

                              • Anonymous

                                I don't know if this is common knowledge but it isn't explicitly explained here and it is relevant to anyone doing a NG+? playthrough. I did Varre's quest before 1.06 and my first priority in starting my first NG+ last week was to head straight to Altus plateau right after I killed Godrick to get the giant crusher because the chest was bugged and empty for the entirety of my first playthrough. I also went to writheblood ruins for a third great-stars and the red NPC invasion sigil allowed me to invade and kill Magnus. I wasn't playing offline and I hadn't spoken to Varre outside the rose church before invading Magnus. I didn't interact with any grace checkpoints at Altus plateau while I was there.
                                The interesting bit is I spoke to Varre at rose church earlier and he gave me festering finger or whatever. I switched to offline play on start-up and reloaded I hadn't invaded any players but Varre acted like I had followed the steps of his quest and the three invasions and he gave me the pureblood knights medal.
                                This means anyone on a + playthrough can quickly and easily get access to the fat coinpurse rune farm down the hill from the palace approach ledge-road grace.

                                • Anonymous

                                  You don't have to best Magrit. It's just down to do anything that unlocks the keep. For example, going off the bridge by the Crone and getting to that region north of the starting area

                                  • The former version said that Varre may have killed our maiden, but this is very unlikely. During his quest, tarnished originally have to kill their own maiden to prove their loyalty to Mohgwyn. But Varre alters this rule because the player has no maiden - which makes it super easier. (I mean, player would not join/betray varre so easily if they have to kill Melina, right?) There is no reason for him to get his hands dirty at all - why kill himself when he can just make someone kill instead? Also, Varre is not even close to our dead maiden, those two places are a thousand miles away. Plus, Melina also immediately knows you are maidenless, did Melina also kill our maiden?
                                    We don't need to have a headcanon on the wiki page, other infos are canon-based, but that part was just an imagination. So I edited that part, if someone is wondering why the paragraph has been removed.

                                    • The former version said that Varre may have killed our maiden, but this is very unlikely. During his quest, tarnished originally have to kill their own maiden to prove their loyalty to Mohgwyn. But Varre alters this rule because the player has no maiden - which makes it super easier. (I mean, player would not join / betray Varre that easily if they have to kill Melina, right?) There is no reason for him to get his hands dirty at all - why kill a maiden when he can just make someone do it instead? Also, Varre is not even close to our dead maiden, those two places are a thousand miles away. Plus, Melina also immediately knows you are maidenless, did Melina also kill our maiden?
                                      We don't need to have a headcanon on the wiki page, other infos are canon-based, but that part was just an imagination. So I edited that part, if someone is wondering why the paragraph has been removed.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        they still dont mention the bravo gesture early on in his quest. you get it by reading a message in Varres original location after killing a shardbearer, but BEFORE talking to him at the church of blood. if you progress his quest there the message disappears and the gesture is lost for the cycle. a good gesture too.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I'm glad they added a different way to complete this quest; I don't like invading people, and I just play online for messages and bloodstains.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I don't think varre particularly KILLED your maiden, given that it's kind of a minor inconvenience for you becoming one of mohg knights, but it IS likely he is to blame, as if the blood of anyone's maiden will do for being indoctrinated he likely sent another out to kill a maiden, and they killed yours. Such as one of the bloody fingers invading through the yura quest line. Entirely possible that it was actually Eleonora who killed your maiden after going mad from pursuing dragon Communion, and then being approached by Varre. Possible it was narijas too, but I feel like the fact he's wearing sanguine noble robes kind of implies a long service, but that's entirely just assuming on my part, not really anything to back that up. But with the available information I feel more comfortable assuming it was Eleonora to kill your maiden(with Varre's encouragement) over the possibility of it being Varre.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Many themes and NPCs in Elden Ring have direct parallels in Dark Souls. Varre here resembles the Londor Pale Shade, who wore the white robes of a cleric and a smugly smirking mask, while in truth being an assassin. The Pale Shade served Yuria, who wanted a Lord of Hollows to usurp the power of the First Flame; similarly, Varre serves Mohg, who wants to usher in a new dynasty with Miquella as the supreme God instead of Marika. While Yuria's quest does not directly involve invasion - Leonhard's does - invasion is closely tied to the Darkwraiths, who drop cracked red eye orbs and pale tongues, and wield the Dark Hand, which Yuria exclusively can sell to you; the Darkwraiths, it can be inferred, are surviving people of Londor. Additionally, the Pale Shades invade you several times if you do not serve Yuria, and if you go to the Dynasty Palace against Varre's insistence that you wait, several White Masks invade you.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Any way to do his quest without getting the mohg aids eyes? Like ask him to use clean clippers to cut off your finger? Maybe if they had some kinda bloodflame effect I wouldn't mind but I prefer the dragon eyes that these overwrite

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Hmm so he immediately proclaims we are maidenless upon first meeting him without any questions or inquiries where our maiden might be. He also is a bloody finger whos initiation process involves killing a maiden to join Mohgwyn Knighthood. Environmental storytelling is indicating that he could very well be responsible for our maiden's death. Unless you want his Bouquet weapon, I'd recommend killing the weaselly nance after he gives you the Pureblood Knight's Medal.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    He keeps trying to sell me "Mogecoin" and saying it'll be worth double the runes eventually. How do I tell him to leave me alone

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      I felt kind of bad watching Varre die after finally invading him in Mohgwyn Dynasty. His lord abandoned him after proving his worth as a loyal disciple/recruiter. I know it’s meant to show how Mohg only cares about his Miquella/moth cocoon project, but they did my boy White Mask dirty.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        What's this about being able to get a second great-stars by doing this offline? since when? I would have much preferred another great-stars than that bunch or roses I got for killing vaare that's for sure. Why isn't that mentioned anywhere?

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          why do some people say white faced varre instead of white mask varre? is it different in different languages or countries?

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Want to add that with the 1.06ver at the part where you need to invade beast claw, you don't need to defeat him, just invade 3 times regardless of the result you can still head back to Varrus and progress. Just a quick tip for lower level players who may not be able to kill him.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Can confirm that you don't have to actually defeat the new NPC as of patch 1.06. Tested it and just entered his world 3 times and died and went to Varré and he gave me the cloth portion of the quest.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                The offline NPC you defeat drops a SECOND GREAT STARS (that is two within a single playthrough), something that could benefit a variety of builds. Worth doing at least that component of the quest even if you aren't doing anything with Arcane.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  as of patch 1.06, offline players can finally progress his questline without having to invade other players

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    CORRECTION : First kill a new NPC in writheblood ruins, return to Varre then kill any maiden. Closes is probably Irina but theres one in the Chapel of Anticipation too.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      NEW OFFLINE METHOD : killing Irina past the Bridge of Sacrifices in Weeping Peninsulum. Not sure when or if she move but shes there early.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        patch 1.06 added a new method t complete his quest offline. I'm too lay for ng+, any heads up how to do so?

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          They put you into this invasion in WAY too good of a position, you basically have to HARD wiff to not manage to easilly kill him in the invasion

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            note if you dont want to do pvp you can invade then use the finger severer and still count, just invade then leave

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              His questline is literally just a worse version of Leonhard's quest

                                                                              Leonhard's quest just needed you to have a single pale tongue in your inventory, whether you won it from invasions, got it from some random dead body, or even farmed the darkwraiths.

                                                                              Varre's quest requires you to have internet connection or even worse, an online subscription. There's also no pale tongue equivalent to show Varre you actually did invade since Fromsoft decided to cut covenants from the game, even though this is literally the game that had a lot of covenant potential. The tiny bone that is thrown to us is that you only have to invade 3 times in order for progress in his quest to count, but it has to be with other players, not stuff like the recusant requests

                                                                              Oh well, at least doing Varre's quest gives you early access to the white mask for bleed builds, one of the best rune farming spots in the game (the poor albinaurics), a super early Mohg fight, and most importantly, you can get Varre's bouquet of flowers which he whacks you with (though I never see anyone use that weapon so I'm assuming that it sucks).

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                Irony. This dude calls you finger maidenless, (even though he killed your maiden) but this dude has not even a finger maiden of his own.

                                                                                How can he talk s*** to you when he himself is without a finger maiden. Think about that varre >:D

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  I think it's neat they add questlines like this, but the fact that it can only be done *online* is a bit of a problem. Some mods let you circumvent that, granted, but.. eh.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    The fight went in 3 crisp steps: 1. let's see who's scream is sweet now when I hit you with this death machine 9000 ! 2. oh no I feel kinda bad this guy is clearly mentally unwell. 3. metal flowers!!

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      while invading you can go through the doorway and turn left, if you look down you can see Varre and you can easily cheese him

                                                                                      • i always killed this guy instantly on every playthrough without actually knowing what his storyline was. since he seemed pretty pompous and gave festering fingers, i figured it was a good idea. i was correct.

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          I really wish that they made it so that there were no NPC quests that REQUIRED you to take part in the online elements of the game. Like this quest matters quite a bit and yields some access to a good area early, giving great advantages. It forces players that might not even have access to online features to miss out. I am not sure I can remember that happening in a souls game before. Maybe in Dark Souls 1 where there was a quest that involved being able to obtain the Ring of Fog, where I think you had to invade 3 times for a covenant. However, there was an easy alternative that was able to yield you the Ring even if offline. And the quest was of very minor importance in that case.

                                                                                          I really hope in future updates that consider giving an alternate path to players that prefer to not engage in the online elements of this already classic masterpiece. It's fine if there are certain trophies and accomplishments that require online play to gain certain achievements, but not for basic story elements. Anyway, I hope they give this consideration or someone discovers a workaround, or both.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            I can understand not liking or trusted the Two Fingers but who looks at Mohg and thinks this is an improvement?

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              I am I no longer able to invade his world if I've already killed Mohg? Also, I already got invaded by him three times and have his armor set.

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                Acquiring Dragon Communion Spells: Eat five dragon hearts and become dragon-hearted with golden lizard eyes as proof. (Can be switched on/off at the mirror at Roundtable Hold)

                                                                                                Acquiring Pureblood Knight's Medal: Lose a finger (somewhere on your hand, metaphorically speaking) and gain bloodshot crimson eyes (Can also be switched on/off at the mirror in Roundtable Hold)

                                                                                                Acquiring both situational/conditional cosmetics at the same time: Cannot switch between what kind of eye alteration one wants at the mirror, as one thing somehow overwrites the other and you cannot switch between the two alterations at all.

                                                                                                My advice? If you want to keep your cool draconic eyes, don't do this guy's questline. Do it in NG+ or an alt char and just kill this disillusional highborn prick who's own god never loved.

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  So just got to Mohgwyn's Palace by the portal on consecrated snowfields. Wondering if I could do his quest now since I currently have no subscription for online play.

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    I despise this guy so much I never do his quest line. Everytime I start a new game I immediately kill him. His incessant taunting seriously gets under my skin.

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      Offline question: Can you fulfill the 3 invasions requirement for his quest by doing the Volcano Manor invasions?

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        In my playthrough he's disappeared from Rose Church and I never got round to speaking to him in order to get the medal, so not early access to mohgs area for me I guess.

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          If the questline being complete is locked behind online, then with a game this size, you have to wonder... What ELSE did they do that to?
                                                                                                          This is worse than the Dark Souls 2 Brotherhood of Blood/Blue Sentinels situation, because those you only had to go to New Game+ 50.
                                                                                                          This, however, is a straight up lockout.
                                                                                                          You want that rose hammer (for whatever reason) once servers are kneecapped, like they went and did to the previous games?
                                                                                                          "Go screw yourself." is the response, apparently.

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            It's very odd that they locked his questline behind online mode. Was this intentional or merely an oversight? It's not exactly characteristic of them to do this as you were able to farm covenant items in previous games.

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              So in however many years it takes for this game's online scene to more or less die out, it's going to be virtually impossible to complete this quest? Cool; rad, even.

                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                So let me see if I got this right. This guy kills the maidens of new arrivals and sends them to Stormveil Castle, where he hopes they'll be grafted by Godrick. He does this as a safety measure to ensure no Tarnished manages to become Elden Lord, which would prevent Mohg's dynasty from seizing power. When this plan doesn't work and you defeat Godrick, he instead tries to recruit you as one of Mohg's knights. He then tells you not to go to Mohgwyn Palace because the dynasty isn't ready yet (which it'll never be because Mohg is delusional about Miquella). If you ignore his advice and go there anyway, he assumes you want to take Mohg's Great Rune because that's what you've been doing with the other demigods. He tries to stop you and, of course, fails pathetically. Does that sound right?

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