Dominula, Windmill Village

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Located in northern Altus Plateau, many have heard ominous laughter from the locals, who dance as a part of their festival.

Dominula, Windmill Village is a Location in Elden Ring. The Dominula, Windmill Village  is found in Altus Plateau. East of the "Road of Iniquity Side Path" Site of Grace. Follow the main path southeast, then bend east. Despite the jolly portrayal of the Celebrants, this place holds a sinister secret. 


North Altus Plateau Map

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All NPCs and Merchants in Dominula, Windmill Village

Spirit NPC - site of grace icon
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Eek... I hear a festive melody

No, no, don't skin me...

My hide is filthy, I swear...


All Items in Elden Ring's Dominula, Windmill Village 

Elden Ring Dominula, Windmill Village Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

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Dominula, Windmill Village Walkthrough

There is a small group of Celebrants at the start then a larger pack of them at the next flat spot. Most of them are generally not hostile but be prepared, because a group of them may change upon approach. They are brutal in packs so try to take them out slowly one by one or if you have slash weapons maybe 3 at a time. There is 1 Rotten Stray in the pack so be prepared for them. Be sure to check building tops for small paths leading to treasure. Clear these dancers to gain a chance to obtain their garments and equipment. Though Drop rate chances are slim, those attempting to farm in this location can note that the Festive Dancers wield the following equipment: 


Guaranteed Celebrant's Skull

North of the Village is also a narrow walkable Cliffside. Follow this route to obtain the Celebrant's Skull. [Map Link] The Golden Seed can be found at a phantom tree southwest of Windmill Village Site of Grace (following the road). [Elden Ring Map Link]


Boss: Godskin Apostle

Follow the path to the top to fight the Godkin Apostle. After the enemy falls, you can obtain Godskin Peeler and Scouring Black Flame from him. [Map LinkMillicent can also be found around this location at some point during her questline. This is known to be her fourth location, and the Godskin Apostle must be defeated for her to appear. [Map Link] In this area, players may also choose to take a rest at the Windmill Heights Site of Grace.


Fire's Deadly Sin

After having seen the Flightless Bird Painting in Leyndell, Royal Capital, you can return and head south following the village houses along the cliffside. Just behind one of the houses you will find a seated spirit from whom you can obtain the spell, Fire's Deadly Sin. [Map Link]


Elden Ring Dominula, Windmill Village Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      How did the Godskin Apostles know that Marika is crucified. How did they know what happen to Marika in the first place. If she is inside the Erdtree and the Erdtree is absolutely heavily guarded.

      • Anonymous

        this is a reply to:

        25 Jan 2023 22:31
        I wish too share this for anyone who might have seen this for yourself but if you stand still for a very long time especially near your site of grace you may find that the dancers are slowing moving ever closer too you as you wait. I fell asleep while at the grace and woke up hearing laughing and seeing that I was being surrounded by them. Im making more test on this as im writing this too see what else might happen. Added note this is on Xbox One so results may vary.

        i tried this on pc, it was terrifying, i was sitting there, and after about an hour they were very close to me, so i moved a ways out of the village. they followed me out eventually, and once they got out of the village they began screaming. at the top of their voices, i sear they were screaming words, i was to terrified to listen closely though. i ran out of there as fast as i could. about 2 minuites later i came back, (i had not rested at a site of grace yet, so the people were not reset) when i came back, they were all dead on the ground, i swear i did not kill them. this experience has been terrifying and i too, think i must continue to research this.

        • Anonymous

          I wish too share this for anyone who might have seen this for yourself but if you stand still for a very long time especially near your site of grace you may find that the dancers are slowing moving ever closer too you as you wait. I fell asleep while at the grace and woke up hearing laughing and seeing that I was being surrounded by them. Im making more test on this as im writing this too see what else might happen. Added note this is on Xbox One so results may vary.

          • Anonymous

            My Apostle is bugged - he does not appear after the first time. Anyone know the solution or had a same expirience?

            • Anonymous

              i expected the radahn festival to be blaidd and alexander and all those other guys dancing around like this and i was very dissapointed

              • Anonymous

                the map link of the golden seed seems wrong, this leads to another one in front of the barricades and catapults guarding the outer wall gate

                • Anonymous

                  I don't think this will be news to anyone who has already killed the Godskin apostle at Dominula Windmill village, the windmill heights site of grace that becomes available after killing the Apostle is bugged, but if you walk slowly west from the site of grace you will get the prompt to "rest at site of grace"

                  • Don't know his I missed it earlier, but here are clearer instructions for Celebrant's Skull location, if anyone else had issues following the wiki instructions: from Windmill Village site of grace, go directly north. You will see a windmill, go toward it and to the right, and there is a cliffside path. Follow that to the end to find the weapon. There's also an Arteria Leaf, because everyone wants more Atreria Leafs...

                    • Anonymous

                      OK. I mean, I get the bit about the killing and subsequent skinning of the people. But no one has given me any indication as to what the dancing and laughing is all about. Which is arguably the most strange and intriguing bit about this place.

                      • Anonymous

                        Windmill Heights grace point is bugged. After beating the boss I was able to see the Site of Grace, but couldn’t touch/activate it. Quit/reload fixed it without having to leave area.

                        • Anonymous

                          Lore: the wimminfolk killed the menfolk, flensed them, and gave their skin to the boss you fight up at the top.

                          • Anonymous

                            Did everyone noticed ytou can't see the glow of the erdtree from the top of the village? is that by design or it's just a visual bug?

                            • Anonymous

                              I find it strange nobody has mentioned that the dancing women have no skin. They were flayed and skinned.

                              • Anonymous

                                It seems all the men are in the pasture nearby and women are celebrating, also the spirit that begs not to skin it, pretty creepy.

                                • The windmill areas are, basically, a nod to Midsommar. Everything is over the top creepy. Their faces, clothes, dancing, and laughing. Do yourself a solid... call in several JDAM strikes and maybe several cluster bombs with Willie Pete. By the gods, call in 10 more. Never going here again. Just, no. No.

                                  • Yeah, definitely Midsommar and The Ritual. Will never be able to forget them, nor this village. Where's my broken-arrow call when I needed it

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Souls is always great at just throwing completely random off the wall nonsense in. The entire world is zombies trying to murder you but these weirdoes laugh for some reason.

                                      Can you get their dance as an emote?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        For farming the weapons here:

                                        First three closest to grace
                                        2x Cleaver, Smasher

                                        Up stairs, pair on left
                                        Cleaver, Rake

                                        Up stairs, pair in front
                                        2x Sickle

                                        Up stairs, trio to right
                                        2x Cleaver, Smasher

                                        Up stairs, far pair
                                        Rake, Smasher

                                        2nd flight trio, with dog
                                        2x Cleaver, Rake

                                        After 2nd flight, sitting alone on left

                                        3rd flight, on left
                                        2x Cleaver

                                        3rd flight, by garden
                                        Cleaver, Smasher

                                        Past Godskin Apostle grace
                                        2x Cleaver, Smasher

                                        Cleaver: No hood, no cape
                                        Rake: No hood, cape
                                        Smasher: Hood and cape
                                        Sickle: Blue hood and cape

                                        If you're trying to do a full clear, just do the big camp up the first flight of stairs repeatedly. You're going to get multiple cleavers no matter what but the other weapons are rarer, sickle seems the rarest.

                                        • The first two groups of women are non-hostile. Then you will come across a group of three women they will attack you once you are half-way past them and a dog will come out from side way. Be prepared. They are the only hostiles other than the boss on the top of mountain.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Most of the women here are non-hostile, though they'll attack if you engage other hostile enemies near them.

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