Chanting Winged Dame is a Humanoid Creature in Elden Ring. Chanting Winged Dame is a hostile, eerie bat creature. However, they are lighter and have human-like facial features. Chanting Winged Dames are often found meditating and reciting ancient chants in Latin, surrounded by Giant Bats at great heights or dark places. Their song can be interrupted when they are hit, after which they will attack. 


Chanting Winged Dame Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Chanting Winged Dame:

Chanting Winged Dame Drops in Elden Ring



Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 110 - 1518
Golden Rune (6) 100% N/A
Golden Rune (9) 100% One time


Chanting Winged Dame Lyrics

Chanting Winged Dames sing a series of melodic Latin verses. This song is the only one in the game truly in Latin. The Latin lyrics and                                                                                                            English translation of the song of lament were confirmed by youtuber Antonius Tertius (aka MAGISTER-ORGANI on Reddit) who contacted the                                                                                              lyricist and singers who worked in Elden Ring.

Latin Lyrics                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      O, locus ille, beatus quondam, nunc deminuit.
Nos, destinatae matribus, nunc fiunt turpes.
Ploravimus lacrimavimusque,
sed nemo nos consolatur.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Aureum cui irascebaris?

English Translation:
Alas, that land, once blessed, now has dimished.
We, destined to be mothers, now become tarnished.
We have lamented and we have shed tears.
But no one consoles us.
Golden one, at whom were you angry?


Elden Ring Chanting Winged Dame Notes & Tips

  • There is one official mistake in the lyrics: "fiunt" (the've become) was actually intended to be fimus (we've become), but as the lyricist had no time to revise the text, "fiunt" was kept in the lyrics. Also, some adjustments were made in the lyricist's text before the song was recorded. This and other backstage information regarding Elden Ring music comes from Antonius Tertius YT channel who directly contacted the lyricist on March 2022.
  • The Hungarian singer Csádi Nóra is the official performer of this Latin song, this was also confirmed by Antonius Tertius who contacted the Hungarian choir. 
  • The poem appears to be written in the format of Latin elegiac couplets. Elegiac couplets is a form of poetry that consists of two lines of verse, typically in dactylic hexameter followed by dactylic pentameter. This form of poetry is characterized by its use of an alternating pattern of long and short syllables, and is often used to express grief or mourning.
  • In this poem, the first line has 12 syllables and the second line has 11 syllables, this format is consistent throughout the poem. The poem also has a consistent rhyme scheme, with the first and second line of each couplet rhyming.
  • It's a traditional form of poetry that was widely used in the ancient Roman world, it's often used for lamenting, reflecting on the past or expressing sorrow.
  • They are often accompanied by Giant Bats.
  • One variant, the hairnet variant, often spits a mist of poison and are tough to deal with in groups, they are vulnerable from behind and will be stunned by a few repeated strikes.
    Another variant, wearing a crown-helmet, throws Glintstone Scraps at its targets, and can summon six vengeful spirits to chase down players, similar to Rancorcall.
  • Like most flying enemies, they can be stunned with Gravity Sorceries or any other Gravity related Ash of War.


Chanting Winged Dame Image Gallery

chanting winged dame 1 elden ring wiki guide chanting winged dame 2 elden ring wiki guide chanting winged dame 3 elden ring wiki guide 

chanting winged dame 4 elden ring wiki guide er dame


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    • Anonymous

      Their poison attack has deceptively long range and will go through walls in addition to target tracking and a grab attack that deals absurdly high damage. They stay airborne and move a lot, don't hesitate to bust out Gravitas on them.

      • Anonymous

        Thought my build was fire and near unbeatable PVE and went to Fort Faroth to get a half of a medallion. I got grabbed by one of several swarming around spewing poison and screams at me, it took 70 percent of my health in that one scream grab attack (very high vigor full armor), worst panic roll moment ever. I hate it when my builds get humbled by random caelid monstrosities.

        • Anonymous

          That attack from the helmet version that's stated to be like Rancorcall looked more like Black Flame than Ghost Flame. Do these enemies have a connection to the Godskin faction?

          • Anonymous

            Gravitas works as well. i'm using my Meteor katana and it has Gravitas on it. pulls them in, uses very little magic, and stuns them.

            • Anonymous

              I ****ing hate actually fighting these things, but they do have beautiful singing voices I'll give them that.

              • Anonymous

                There are two at ruin strewn precipice just before the lift that takes you to the magma wyrm makar boss. One is the same as all the others I've seen up to now but the other one has a sort of greenish colouration and black hair. I don't know if its unique to ruin strewn precipice or if they show up again at late game areas.

                • Anonymous

                  anyone know what these dames are weak against? Or how to reliably stun them?

                  I'm trying to farm runes in fort faroth and these dames keep messing up my flow.. I'm not sure how to deal with them, but I'd like to learn it because they give a lot of runes in one go. (15k+ with golden scarab)

                  Anyone willing to share some strategies on how to deal with these enemies?

                  • Anonymous

                    "There is a typo in the Latin where fiunt "the've become" was actually intended to be fimus "we've become". This was found out by Reddit user MAGISTER-ORGANI after contacting the singer directly and obtaining the official Latin transcription."

                    I don't get this.
                    Yes, there is an obvious error in the Latin text as rendered here on the wiki. If this is a TYPO by a wiki contributor, just correct it.
                    But if this is what they actually sing in the game, then this is no "typo", but a BLUNDER in the translation that someone made for Fromsoft.

                    The company doesn't have a record of choosing their translators wisely. Just think of the terrible way in which they butchered Early Modern English in Dark Souls 1. Makes many dialogues in that great game utterly ridiculous and unwatchable.

                    • Anonymous

                      Their screeching attack sounds EXACTLY like Mothra, another reference to chalk up along with Bezerk and others.

                      • Anonymous

                        For all the sad lore From creates in their games this gets to me on a level few others things do. They have turned into monsters but remain just human enough to lament their fate, but turn feral as soon as you show your face. Fantastic design. At first i though it was a friendly NPC i was supposed to help with some quest. Unlike harpies and sirens i dont think they intend to lure eith their song.

                        Whatever the case i feel bad for them and wrathful at whomever so cruely malformed these poor souls. It breaks my heart yo hear their lament and this Golden One that they refer to is will meet its demise at my hands. And not a single strike, spell or projectile will i ever aim at their direction. I will be their champion.

                        Im tearing up man. A piece of art caused me to have an emotional reaction. Is that normal? God this game is amazing!

                        • Anonymous

                          They seem ethereal, until they grab you and give you the one-shot scream attack. Not to be underestimated....

                          • Anonymous

                            The song and lyrics are so somber .. i feel bad for them. They are super annoying but i dont want to kill them. Feels justified to be hostile in their situation. Just wish i could chill out with em without being attacked.

                            • i know the armour would be horrible covering like goldmask's armor but i would love to see what the loincloth/legwraps and crown would look like on our characters

                              • Anonymous

                                The lyrics shown here are wrong. Please, correct them. Antonius Tertius revealed and explained the official lyrics one month ago.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Meta game design, instead of giving the siren a spell that lures the character in, make a song so intriguing and melancholic that the player, enchanted, seeks out the source and walks into an ambush. And I will still, even knowing, go looking. And sit and listen.

                                  Not experienced a moment like that in gaming before, doubt I will again soon soon either.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I saw another translation that goes like this:

                                    "Unfortunately the land that once blessed has now become diminished

                                    We were destined to become mothers, now become tarnished

                                    We lamented and shed tears

                                    But no one console us

                                    Golden one at whom you were angry?"

                                    I don't know latin so I have no idea if this is accurate, but seems to be somewhat more intelligible than the other one

                                    • Anonymous

                                      The second attack of Ash of War: Gravitas INSTANTLY rips entire flocks of these creatures out of the air and flinches them out of their scream. Absolutely brilliant for people who prefer fighting their farms such as Fort Faroth, which is very easy to access immediately after character creation.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Top-tier design, one of the more atmospheric enemies around when encountered singing alone or in small numbers, not so when it becomes basically elite version of bat.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Top-tier design, one of the more atmospheric enemies around when encountered singing alone or in small numbers, not so when it becomes basically elite version of bat.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            “The Chanting Winged Dames of Liurnia of The Lakes are equally hostile as they are suspicious.“

                                            AMONGUS SUS SSUSSYY

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Antonius Tertius revealed the official lyrics, translation and singer of the song these creatures sing! Google 'Elden Ring Secret revealed' and be shocked by their back story!

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Beautiful until I saw that horrid body

                                                Then, my PTSD involving one night of excessive Hennessy drinking, and old cringe kicked in so I immediately killed it

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  AFAIK the latin text (theres a bunch of errors there though) and translation go as follows:

                                                  O locus ille,
                                                  beatus quod nondum deminuit
                                                  nos destinatem matribus
                                                  nunc fiunt turpes
                                                  sed nemo nos consolatus
                                                  aureum qui irascebaris

                                                  O that place,
                                                  Which has the blessing not yet diminished
                                                  We had been destined for motherhood
                                                  But now they've become disfigured
                                                  We cried
                                                  And wept
                                                  But no one has comforted us
                                                  You who were enraged at the golden one

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    The one near the minor Erdtree is not aggressive towards me. I killed the bats around it and then went to hide because I wanted to hear it keep singing, but it's now just passively flapping there. Come to think of it, it never launched an attack on me when I was killing the bat creatures. I wonder if there's a way to interact with her. I tried doing the snapping gesture in front of her before killing the adds, maybe related?

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      There's one hidden South of the Minor Erdtree located on the big island South of Limbgrave. You can hear her song when close by as she's on a slightly lower platform near the cliff edge. She drops a Golden Rune [6].

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I believe their chanting is based on your character's gender. I distinctly heard a male singing voice while my husband heard a female singing voice.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          I believe their chanting is based on your charcter's gender - I distinctly heard a male voice while my husband heard a female voice.

                                                          • At Fort Faroth in Caelid I believe they have a small chance to drop lvl 9 runes as I got 3 of them after trying to go through the fort several times. They are extremely deadly there and will one shot you with their grab attack/scream. Be prepared to run past them if on a quest if you're not there to farm them as they also give around 1400 exp.

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