Elden Ring Map (Interactive): Find and track all Items, Bosses and Npcs in the game with our interactive map. Our Elden Ring Full Map is regularly updated with detailed information for all Quests, Equipment, Bosses and Locations, and much more! From Walking Mausoleums to special Teardrop Scarabs or NPC locations, you can find everything you need on this Elden Ring Map.


Elden Ring Map


Please be mindful that locations in the Elden Ring Map are not pixel-perfect to their corresponding location, as many items are found on top of each other. In order to provide easy tap targets for tooltips and links, some items have been spaced out around the area where they are found. Please see each description tooltip or item page for further details on the item, boss or location.

Elden Ring Map Size: this is a very big field, and users are working on figuring out the actual transformative distance of the Elden Ring Map in KM. You can find a 4k Elden Ring Map on our Maps section, that displays the full World Map divided by regions, featuring all locations and regional distinctions.

This Elden Ring Interactive Map is a still work in progress: You can contribute to it by editing wiki pages such as Locations to add information, and adding comments to this page to give tips and advise. You can also join us on discord.gg/fextralife to provide feedback and tips.

If you are on mobile, the map works best on Safari or Chrome. Allow it time to load in all the assets as you scroll or turn filters on or off. Alternatively we suggest using our static Maps instead, and the wiki's search function to find what you are looking for.

How to use the Elden Ring Map:

  • Click the er icon map info sidebar icon of the map to see the map legend explaining the icons, and to swap between overworld and underground maps
  • The search bar matches partial words so you can try and put "sword" or "Staff" and see what comes up. Use the Weapons page and the categories there and in Armor to find names for items. Use the wiki search to find pages for "All Golden Seeds" etc.
  • You can filter by category using the checkmark layers on the right side of the map. These are general categories, so Upgrade materials include Flask upgrade items (Golden Seed, Sacred Tear), as well as Ore and Glovewort. Weapons category will include all weapon types, etc.
  • Please see our Walkthrough and Game Progress Route to figure out where to go!
  • VIP USERS: PROGRESS TRACKER: Now live for ALL DEVICES! Click on any item and "mark as complete" to save your progress to your account and view it on ANY of your logged in devices.
  • VIP USERS: PROGRESS RESET, Multiple Character Slots and PERSONAL CHECKLIST now available! Use the links to select slots and reach your checklist. We will add "mark as complete" from the checklist soon.
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Elden Ring Map Content:

  • Complete Overland and Underground Map for Elden Ring. Individual jpgs can be found under Maps page.
  • All Bosses and Minibosses: Some of these are repeated finds on the landscape but only have one page since they are essentially the same enemy. Some bosses also become Regular Enemies later in the game.
  • All Weapons, Talismans, Ashes of War, Spirit Ashes and Armor found as treasures or guaranteed drops.
  • All Upgrade Materials that can be found as Treasures; Includes Smithing Stones and Ghost and Grave Glovewort items
  • All Key Items: This includes Bell Bearings, Cookbooks, Keys and special drops
  • Treasure Consumables: Consumables found on the landscape as a shining treasure
  • Guaranteed Drops: Items guaranteed dropped by bosses, npc invaders and enemies.
  • Summoning Pools Map: Now Adding!
  • NPC Questlines: See Side Quests for details, all NPC locations are being added - Work in Progress
  • NPC Invasions: Hostile NPCs and invaders - Work in Progress
  • Walking Mausoleum locations - Now added!
  • Altars + Pillars - Now Added!
  • All Locations and puzzle solutions
  • Logged-in user progress tracking
  • Personal Elden Ring Checklist - Updating now to show non-map items.
  • Completion % tracker
  • Character Slots for tracking
  • All Spiritsprings now added (Mount Jumps)


Features to be added:

  • Expansive search to complement filters
  • Farming locations for materials
  • Enemy spawn locations
  • Zone level suggestions
  • User notes per location.
  • Custom User Notes

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    • Updated October 10th 2022

      This Elden Ring Map is a complete guide to all Treasures, NPCs and Locations. However, it is STILL a WORK IN PROGRESS!!! We are adding small items and corrections CONSTANTLY, the page "updated" date is not reflective of when we last updated the map since it is independent to the wiki page. How to Help: You can help complete this by editing whatever you know about the game into other wiki pages, or joining our discord to report missing things or errors. We read all the comments.

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      • It doesn't make sense to me having weapons that only have a chance to drop on the map.

        For starters, it kind of arbitrary where you put the icon. The enemies that drop them are often found in many places across the lands. Some of the locations that have been tagged are far from optimal farming spots. It also needlessly confuses things. All the other items in the map are guaranteed pick-ups. You just go to the location and pick it up directly or kill an enemy to receive it.

        I would gladly start making some of these edits myself but I don't want to directly contravene what's been decided by the Fextralife team. Just chiming in with my two cents.

        • Anonymous

          Poison Armament Ash of War is available from an invisible scarab with yellow light prints just below the cliff ESE of Sellia Evergaol.

          • Smithing Stone [3] in gazebo southwest of Highway Lookout Tower in Luirna of the Lakes is incorrectly labelled, it is a Smithing Stone [2]. I edited their respective wiki pages to reflect this but the label in the interactive map needs to be changed as well.

            • Anonymous

              underneath the cliff south west of divine tower caelid, there is a somber smithing stone 9 around a few corpses on seats.

              • the STONESWORD KEY - LEYNDELL, ROYAL CAPITAL (B) is a duplicate and misplaced (it needs to be removed)

                the proper one is : STONESWORD KEY - LEYNDELL, ROYAL CAPITAL (A)

                • Anonymous

                  Teardrop Scarab that drops a somber smithing stone (2) is missing, keep going exactly northwest of the Mausoleum Compound grace until you hit the cliff, the teardrop scarab will be located there & you can hopefully find it by listening to it. For some strange reason I couldn't lock onto it at first & had to rely on its sound to locate it, then after hitting it once I was able to lock onto it.

                  • Anonymous

                    The Rune Arc Item is missing from this map right before the mimic boss god gate - when you jump down the rubble and immediately turn around before going in.

                    • Anonymous

                      SACRED TEAR (STORMCALLER CHURCH) Your map shows it outside the church. Yet, every video I am seeing shows it inside and I could not find it in the area outside the church based on your maps location. Please advise, and thank you!

                      • summoning pool for Fia's Champions (Deeproot Depths) and post-Mimic Tear grace seem to be missing

                        similarly, the summoning pool just southwest of Fort Faroth seems to no longer be present.

                        • Anonymous

                          missing a rune graveyard in liurnia to the south-west of the "South raya lucaria gate" grace. also missing smithing stone 3's in a gazebo in the woods above "Crystalline Woods" grace

                          • If you go to fort haight, and lookout where the ship is on the map there is a lone ray of light shining down on the spot. The actual ship is off the coast in Radahn's area, and can't be reached.

                            • Anonymous

                              Can someone move the marker for the Rulers Set? It's at -101.2 : 71.1, a fair bit off from where it's currently marked.

                              • Anonymous

                                there is a glitch with the map where it counts multiplayer items such as Furlcalling Finger Remedy or Festering Bloody Finger as key items when they are basically just consumables, the game itself literally calls them consumables as well. very annoying since they block like half the map and there is no way to disable them without also disabling actual key items.

                                • Anonymous

                                  giant rat ashes is way off on the map, youve put it outside the map, but its actually at west windmill pasture

                                  • Anonymous

                                    The interactive map shows there is Ghost Glovewort 2 and 3 but there isn’t any type 2 there. at -185.64062 : 138.22656.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      at least you guys fextralife put this here because i couldn't find anything if you didn't it's also really awesome you guys have a wiki for every souls game except sekiro i think if you guys did make a sekiro wiki then please reply to this comment telling me if there is a sekiro wiki cause if there is( I would have no idea how you guys do it).

                                      • Map says there is only one but there are three sanctuary stones atop the ruin bridge to the west of impaler's catacombs. At least I could only find three I'm not great at spotting them.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          This might be a crazy feature, but could you add a list of EVERY non-boss, non respawning enemy? Like the crucible knights, and the lions, and every other enemy that isnt a boss but doesnt respawn? I understand it would require several of the enemies listed as bosses to be removed and add to the non-boss non respawning list but it would be immensely helpful as non respawning non bosses still give very good rewards for hunting them (like larval tears for one).

                                          • Anonymous

                                            There's an illusionary wall in the church of the cuckoo at the last window on the left side of the room, just before the door.
                                            behind it is a rune arc.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I'm unable to view the underground map on mobile. If I search an item located in the underground, it gives me a view of the overworld with nothing highlighted.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                There is a somber smithing stone [9] near the divine tower of caelid (near the somber smithing stone [8], at the end of a downhill path near the coast)

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  The great mace location is actually a bit farther southwest, than where it shows on here, in a chest next to foot soldiers and a horseback magic knight

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Can you make it easier to click on the options in the pop-up window. It's impossible to click on the weapons option because the elden ring logo gets in the way.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Man, this map is a life saver. But some of the wording on the info is so bad it's actually hilarious.

                                                      Something like: "Next to the big rock past another rock formation slighly to the south, under the clouds."

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        She is the best sniper type summon I have. If you position her well before a boss fight in the open world, she can even solo kill said boss. Tried it against the lizard boss on your way up volcano manor. It couldn't even reach her. Planted her on a tree branch high up and killed black-blade kindred at lvl 40, with her at lvl 3. Key is to survive long and stay closer to the boss than her. Her range is insane!

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          i could swear to god that knight bernahl invaded me, or it was edgar from morne, but i thought i was supposed to help him find the people that killed his daughter and the name was longer than edgar and i have a problem with looking at names of invaders, i only glance, they also looked a LOT alike and when i saw bernahl in the roundtable hold i thought for SURE it was him, but sadly they didnt talk when they invaded or i couldve tried figuring it out based on that, i cant say 100% where because it happened the other day, but im pretty sure it was somewhere in liurnia or altus

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            There's 4 Tarnished sunflowers on the ruin immediately east of "Fallen Ruins of the Lakes" site of grace that has three Albinauric surrounding it.

                                                            • I found an area totally unmapped in Leyndell. This area is exactly ABOVE surface where DUNG eater icon is indicated. A tree spirits pop out from the sand and leaves a GOLDEN SEED if slain. there are also various items in this area. It can be accessed by jumping on the roofs where there's the black bow directing north east and then north.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                I’ve been trying to collect every single gold rune in the game (very bored :P) and the maps pretty accurate but few are missing here and a some aren’t even runes and instead are other consumables.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  The map shows a summoning pool (Effigy of the Martyr) at Fort Faroth, but I don't believe there is one there.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Quick note: Doing a run trying to get all summoning pools. About to enter Faram Azula, and noticed two modification. Unsure who is in charge, but if other people can confirm, that would be great.

                                                                    1. I'm 99% sure the Fort Faroth summoning pool doesn't exist. The description is copied from the one near Dragonbarrow Bridge, and it aligns with the map directly above Sellia Hideaway, so I'm pretty sure that one's double counted.

                                                                    2. There's an unmarked pool on the hill south of Fort Sol by the Deathrite Bird fight

                                                                    • A few points of feedback on the map:
                                                                      - One bug: if the user has Completed as unchecked, when an item is marked complete - it does not disappear. It requires the user to recheck and uncheck Completed on the filters to get it to disappear.
                                                                      -Weapons and Armor that are randomly dropped should not appear on the map, since many of them can be farmed in several locations that are not limited to this space in the map. If these must be shown, then they should be relegated to their own filter, and not with the 100% found weapons and armor.

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