Elden Ring Map (Interactive): Find and track all Items, Bosses and Npcs in the game with our interactive map. Our Elden Ring Full Map is constantly updated with detailed information for all Quests, Equipment, Bosses and Locations, and adding more! From Walking Mausoleums to special Teardrop Scarabs or NPC locations, you can find everything you need on this Elden Ring Map.


Elden Ring Map


Please be mindful that locations in the Elden Ring Map are not pixel-perfect to their corresponding location, as many items are found on top of each other. In order to provide easy tap targets for tooltips and links, some items have been spaced out around the area where they are found. Please see each description tooltip or item page for further details on the item, boss or location. Elden Ring Map Size: this is a very big field, and users are working on figuring out the actual transformative distance of the Elden Ring Map in KM. You can find a 4k Elden Ring Map on our Maps section, that displays the full World Map divided by regions, featuring all locations and regional distinctions.

This Elden Ring Interactive Map is a work in progress: You can contribute to it by editing wiki pages such as Locations to add information, and adding comments to this page to give tips and advise.

If you are on mobile, the map works best on Safari or Chrome. Allow it time to load in all the assets as you scroll or turn filters on or off. Alternatively we suggest using our static Maps instead, and the wiki's search function to find what you are looking for.

How to use the Elden Ring Map:

  • Click the er icon map info sidebar icon of the map to see the map legend explaining the icons, and to swap between overworld and underground maps
  • The search bar matches partial words so you can try and put "sword" or "Staff" and see what comes up. Use the Weapons page and the categories there and in Armor to find names for items. Use the wiki search to find pages for "All Golden Seeds" etc.
  • You can filter by category using the checkmark layers on the right side of the map. These are general categories, so Upgrade materials include Flask upgrade items (Gold Seed, Sacred Tear), as well as Ore and Glovewort. Weapons category will include all weapon types, etc.
  • Please see our Walkthrough and Game Progress Route to figure out where to go!
  • VIP USERS: PROGRESS TRACKER: Now live for ALL DEVICES! Click on any item and "mark as complete" to save your progress to your account and view it on ANY of your logged in devices.
  • VIP USERS: Progress Reset, Multiple Character Slots and PERSONAL CHECKLIST now available! Use the links to select slots and reach your checklist. We will add "mark as complete" from the checklist soon.
  • VIP USERS: You can put the map FULL SCREEN by clicking the expand screen icon (desktop and android only):
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Elden Ring Map Content:

  • Complete Overland and Underground Map for Elden Ring. Individual jpgs can be found under Maps page.
  • All Bosses and Minibosses: Some of these are repeated finds on the landscape but only have one page since they are essentially the same enemy. Some bosses also become Regular Enemies later in the game.
  • All Weapons, Talismans, Ashes of War, Spirit Ashes and Armor found as treasures or guaranteed drops.
  • All Upgrade Materials that can be found as Treasures; Includes Smithing Stones and Ghost and Grave Glovewort items
  • All Key Items: This includes Bell Bearings, Cookbooks, Keys and special drops
  • Treasure Consumables: Consumables found on the landscape as a shining treasure
  • Guaranteed Drops: Items guaranteed dropped by bosses, npc invaders and enemies.
  • Summoning Pools Map: Now Adding!
  • NPC Questlines: See Side Quests for details, all NPC locations are being added - Work in Progress
  • NPC Invasions: Hostile NPCs and invaders - Work in Progress
  • Walking Mausoleum locations - Now added!
  • Altars + Pillars - Now Added!
  • All Locations and puzzle solutions
  • Logged-in user progress tracking
  • Personal Elden Ring Checklist
  • Completion % tracker
  • Character Slots for tracking


Features to be added:

  • Spirit Springs (Mount Jumps)
  • Expansive search to complement filters
  • Farming locations for materials
  • Enemy spawm locations
  • Zone level suggestions
  • User notes per location.
  • Custom User Notes

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