Game Mechanics for Elden Ring is a compilation of useful mechanics research and answers found by the Elden Ring Community. If you are wondering how things like Fall Damage, Summon Ranges, or Status Effects work, this page contains links to useful guides on each subject

Elden Ring Game Mechanics Guides


  • Combat: Parrying, Block-Counters and more
  • Upgrades: Understand Scaling and Affitnity Infusions
  • Fall Damage: Community findings on how damage is calculated
  • Buffs and Debuffs: Useful for Builds, learn about how the effects applied to your character stack and multiply
  • Status Effects: Understand the many icons displayed in the UI
  • Summon Range Calculator: Understand the parameters for multiplayer matchmaking

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    • Anonymous

      I've seen gameplay of people and around their world they have these skulls on the ground they can brake open and get runes but in my game (Xbox one s) in the 120 hours I've played never once have I come across one of them. Is there requirements I need to see them or is my game bugged?

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