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Elden Ring FAQs

What platforms is Elden Ring available on?

Elden Ring is available for PC, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

Is Elden Ring a game like Dark Souls?

Elden Ring is a dark fantasy 3rd-person action role-playing game with gameplay familiar to the Dark Souls franchise. It introduces new mechanics to the formula in an open-world environment.

What Classes can you choose in Elden Ring?

Players can choose between the following Classes in Elden Ring:

How can you traverse the world of Elden Ring?

With Elden Ring's expansive world, there are new methods to traversing its terrain:

  • Torrent, the Spirit Steed, is a mount that assists you in traversing the Lands Between.
  • Sites of Grace offer points for fast-travel.
  • Waygates can instantly transport you over large distances.

Elden Ring Release Date

Elden Ring was released on February 25, 2022. You can watch the trailer by clicking HERE.

What does George R. R. Martin bring to Elden Ring?

The acclaimed author of the Song of Ice and Fire Saga has teamed up with FromSoftware for Elden Ring. Although many rumors online suggested he was in charge of the game's main story, George R. R. Martin had a had in the world-building of Elden Ring.

Does Elden Ring feature Multiplayer?

Yes. Elden Ring features cooperative and player-vs-player multiplayer. You can find more information by clicking HERE

What happens after Journey 7 Elden Ring?

Each playthrough is considered a Journey in Elden Ring. Each New Game+ is a new journey with adjusted Rune multipliers and increases in difficulty. However once you complete Journey 8, the multipliers and difficulty stops increasing and caps after this journey. Starting a New Game Plus (NG+8) after Journey 8 will play out the same way as Journey 8. Players are welcome to continue to start new Journeys, but the scaling will stop after NG+7. View the New Game Plus page for all known guides and multipliers and information on what can be carried over for each new journey.  

What are the Ghosts in Elden Ring?

Spirits can be seen throughout the Lands Between. These are the Phantoms that usually paint a scene as to how they met their demise. They sometimes offer a few lines of dialogue or may share a little bit of lore, but other than that they became natural parts of the environment and are now usually interacted with. Some of these spirits and their dialogue have been logged on the NPCs page. Sometimes the other ghosts in the area offer a glimpse of what other online players are currently doing in the game within the same area. Players can also find out how other players have died in the area. 

 Beginner Elden Ring FAQ 

How do I know what to do Elden ring?

The most recent Souls game, Elden Ring, has attracted a number of new Souls players, but a common impression is that it requires a guide to properly playthrough. Unlike previous souls games, Elden Ring has a larger open world with less linear questlines that are sensitive to all your actions in game. This was deliberate to give the game replayability since each playthrough is unique. With a less linear approach, players can interact with new things encountered through exploring the environment and start a new questline or story. At the start of the game, start by filling out the Map and discovering the Sites of Grace in the area. Clear any dungeons that you come across, if not, you always have a choice to come back to them. 

How do I put stuff in my Memory Slot Elden Ring?

  • Addional Actions become available once you reach a Site of Grace
  • After having your desired Equipped Spells or Magic, the first step is to rest at a Site of Grace where you will have a few additional options besides resting at this spot. Choose to Memorize Spell to bring up a menu with your Sorceries and Incantations. From here this will also display your current Memory Slots, Empty Slots and FP. The Slots at the top display your Memory Slots. Select one of the slots then choose which spell you will like to equip into that memory slot. Make sure that you meet the requirements and conditions for the Spells you select to memorize. You may now see these equipped spells from the quick access menu and switch your items here with the designated button depending on the platform you play on. Once selected, attack to use the spell. You may need to press and hold down your attack button until the action successfully activates. This will then successfully deploy the spell and drain some of your FP

What kind of animal do you ride in Elden ring?

Your main mount in the game is named Torrent the Spirit Steed. He is a horse that will be your constant companion, used for travel, exploration, and combat. To unlock Torrent in Elden Ring, speak to Melina at the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace. Agree to have her act as your maiden, and she will give you the Spectral Steed Whistle which you can use to summon Torrent.Torrent cannot be ridden within dungeons, nor can he be called upon during PvP or Co-op.

Is Elden Ring Norse?

Players have asked if the game takes its inspiration from Norse mythology. Like all Souls-game their dark themes are influenced by the Norse and Celtic Lore adding to its medieval fantasy. This can be seen through some elements of its initial trailer releases and scenes. For a full detailed log and analysis of its theme and story, players are encouraged to read about Elden Ring's Lore. The Lore page also logs the game's transcripts for reference. Players have also shared their ideas, theories and thoughts in the comments of the Lore page below. In order to fully understand the world of the Lands Between, players can delve into each character and their unique backstory by following their questlines as well as the Locations in the game and how they came to be. Equipment texts may also carry information and Lore related to to the history of Elden Ring. 

  • The Mythos of Elden Ring was written by George R. R. Martin. Mythos refers to the overall narrative theme or plot structure. It can also be interpreted as a belief system.
  • The Story of Elden Ring was written by Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team at FromSoftware
  • The Lore and Story of Elden Ring are told in a similar manner to other FromSofware "Souls" games, so players should expect to find plenty left to interpretation as well as seemingly contradictory statements about various game characters, elements, and concepts.
  • Visit Sword Monuments for flavor text found on sword-like structures around the Lands Between
  • Visit Timeline of Lands Between history for a community-made timeline of the historical events in the Lands Between

Which Elden Ring is the Easiest?

Due to the influx of new souls players to the latest popular souls game, Elden Ring, its difficulty has been a discussion amongst the community since some players find its challenging Combat encounters and Boss fights unforgiving to those starting out. Players have also questioned the game's inability to modify any difficulty levels, forcing players adjust to the challenges of each hostile encounter and work on their Combat skills to get through the game. Elden Ring is the latest souls game but was released as a standalone title. Players can compare Elden Ring's difficulty to other souls games developed by FromSoftware from the Dark Souls series or Bloodborne. 

The Souls games are well-known to have great difficulty getting through them. Other ways to alleviate the difficulty would be to play with different Weapons and equipment that work better against different opponenents. When comparing the souls games, some players have expressed that Elden Ring was already made to accommodate new players and believe that it is the easiest amongst the Souls games. This is because of its open world flexibility and the way it allows players to return to difficult areas at a higher level to gain an advantage during these combat encounters. Elden Ring also has some aiding features that greatly help with these encounters such as Spirit Ashes leading people to believe these features make it easier. This then also forces veteran players to play with constraints to challenge themselves such as refraining from certain Builds, playstyles or using certain equipment when getting through the game.

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      Is there another location for the horn bow? I looked under the stairs on the corpse in siofra and just got a rune, there are TONS of videos on it, but nothing of where else it could be if you just get a rune

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        Not really sure where to ask this but several somber stones on the interactive map are inaccurate on the map they say they are 3s but they are 4s

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          Hi there, I need your help. I dont understand the clip, behind the FP-Costs. ( Weapons/ Ashes of War) What they are exactly meaning or what can I read from it? For example: 14( - - ) or 2 ( 10 8) Thanks for your help :)

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            The game on Xbox series x is broken/unplayable I can create my characters fine but I can’t get 10 second in the opening of the game before it freezes and crashes the game

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              I save the game exited, they started it up and jumped off a cliff and died. I didnt start from where I just died, Is this the way this game is?

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                Need basic section on how to manage equipment. I can find equipment, and I can find inventory but I can find no explanation on how to manage these. How do I take a weapon from inventory and equip it so it can be used.

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                  Some of my npc’s have disappeared and I have never met or hit them what can I do to fix that the main one I want back is yura the samurai guy under the Bridge

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                    So I hit Sellen and she disappeared. I finally got her back with the church of vows, can I continue the questline now?

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                      It would be nice to see a general comparison, showing how Elden Rings doesn't require humanity/you don't lose it when you die. Another thing is World Tendency, Player Tendency, Weapon Durability, and the ability to Travel between locations using the Grace Sites. Things like this were interesting to find on my own the first week, it may be very helpful to newer players that have kept from playing previous games due to it's difficulty. Just a heads up, great job.

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                        On your wiki, basic things like flasks/runes need some explanation to a newcomer to the game. I'm using on a PS5 and the in game descriptions are vague and lack any substance to make sense of things. Specifically looking at keepsakes!

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