Ashes of War for Elden Ring are special items combined into Weapons that determine the Skill and Damage Type of the target weapon. Players can apply Ashes of War to their Weapons and Shields to modify their affinities and grant them new Skills. This allows players to adapt each type of armament to their respective Build and playstyle. You may want to check Upgrades to learn more about upgrading and modifying your equipment.

How to Use Ashes of War in Elden Ring

Visit a Site of Grace and select the "Ashes of War" menu (this only becomes available after you have collected at least one Ash of War). Once inside the menu, you can preview the effect of the Ash on your Weapon or Shield, and select to apply either the skill or the skill and the effect, which acts as an optional Prefix. By using Ashes of War, you can match the scaling of your equipment to your character's Stats. Note that you can "unenchanted" your Weapon or Shield at a Site of Grace by selecting the Ashes of War tab, and clicking on the Weapon or Shield and selecting "Unenchant" to remove the effects of an Ashes of War and return the Weapon or Shield back to it's original scaling and Skill.

It's important to note that during the Network Test, it seems that Bows, Light Bows, Glintstone Staves and Sacred Seals cannot be infused with Ashes of War. Unique weapons, such as the Dragonscale Blade, can't be infused to modify neither their Skills nor Prefix.

You can find multiple copies of the same Ashes of War, so you can enchant several Weapons or Shields with the same Ashes of War, but otherwise you can only apply 1 Ashes of War to 1 Weapon or Shield at a time. If you wish to reassign it to another Weapon or Shield, you'll have to remove it first in the Ashes of War tab. Since it costs nothing to do this, it's encouraged to experiment with many different Ashes of War to see what works best for your current Build and playstyle.

Unlike past From Software titles, you don't need any sort of material to change the damage type or scaling of your Weapon or Shield, and instead you will use your Ashes of War. To increase your Damage and Scaling, you will need to upgrade your Weapon or Shield with Smithing Stone Shards, and the exact effect of these Upgrade Materials will change based on the Ashes of War slotted. For example, they may improve Intelligence Scaling, or Strength Scaling, as well as base damage. This means that all you need to do is upgrade most Weapons down one "path", and then swap around Ashes of War to see their effects.


Where to Find Ashes of War in Elden Ring

There are two ways you can get Ashes of War in Elden Ring and those are as drops from enemies, and looted from corpses that are scattered around the game world. These are not random drops or placements, meaning if you know the locations of these Ashes of War, they will always be there in every playthrough you attempt. This allows you to head directly to the ones you know you like, and get your Build off the ground rather quickly. You can find the locations of each Ashes of War on their respective pages, along with other information you might find useful.

  1. Drops from Bosses and Enemies
  2. Looted from corpses


Elden Ring Ashes of War by Type

Standard Ashes of War

standard upgrades elden ring wiki guide

This path respects the weapon's original scaling and damage. No special properties will be applied, but Skills may still be selected.

Available for all Weapons and Shields

Keen Ashes of War

ash of war piercing fang bolstering materials elden ring wiki guide 75px

Increases Dexterity scaling, decreases Strength and Base damage

Available for: Swords, Katanas, Greatswords, Double-Edged Swords, Spears, Great Spears


Lightning Ashes of War

ash of war thunderbolt bolstering materials elden ring wiki guide 75px

Adds Lightning Damage, decreases Base Damage and Strength Scaling

Available for: Swords, Katanas, Greatswords, Curved Swords, Double-Edged Swords, Spears, Great Spears, Hammers, Axes

Sacred Ashes of War

ash of war holy ground bolstering materials elden ring wiki guide 75px

Adds Holy Damage, decreases physical damage, most damage negation, and Strength Scaling

Available for Small Shields and Shields


All Ashes of War in Elden Ring

Quick Search of All Ashes of War

Name Skill Skill Effect Affinity Availability Location
Ash of War: Piercing Fang Piercing Fang Starting with your blade held horizontally, you make a powerful thrust that cannot be blocked Keen All Thrusting Armaments that are not small
  • Bloody Finger Hunter Yura encounter
Ash of War: Holy Ground Holy Ground Raise your shield to consecrate the land to the Erdtree, continuously restoring HP and boosting defense for you and allies
in the area of effect.
Sacred It can be used on all types of shields.
Ash of War: Repeating Thrust Repeating Thrust Twist to build power, then unleash a flurry of thrusts. This Skill takes some time to build up, but it is very powerful. Keen It can be used on all thrusting armaments.
Ash of War: Gravitas Gravitas Pierce the ground with your armament to damage foes as a surge of gravity draws them in Magic It can be used on melee armaments that are not small.  
Ash of War: Storm Blade Storm Blade Your armament is wrapped in a stormy blade that can be fired in rapid succession. Quality It can be used on all standard slashing armaments.
Ash of War: Carian Glintsword Carian Glintsword Your sword becomes a magical glintsword for a slash. You can charge this Skill for more power. Magic It can be used on all types of sword.
Ash of War: Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Your armament calls down a bolt of lightning.
You can fire multiple bolts in rapid succession.
Lightning It can be used on all melee armaments.
  • On the cliffs on the side path right before Stormveil Castle gate, guarded by bladed eagles.
Ash of War: Barricade Shield Barricade Shield Focus your energy into your shield, temporarily hardening it to deflect greater blows. Standard It can be used on all types of shield.
Ash of War: Storm Stomp Storm Stomp Stomp the ground hard to kick up a temporary storm. Quality It can be used on all melee armaments
  • Found in Stormveil Castle, at the very end of the accessible area before a barricade blocks further progress up the staircase guarded by ballistas with 3 soldiers at the top.
Ash of War: Glintsword Arch Glintsword Arch Small glintswords form an arch and attack automatically.
Attack again for a lunging thrust.
Magic It can be used on all thrusting armaments.
Ash of War: Determination Determination Hold your armament to your face and pledge your resolve, powering up your next attack Quality It can be used on all melee armaments
  • Dropped by an invisible Teardrop Scarab located at the beaches of Western Limgrave. From where the Giant Land Octopus and Land Octopus enemies are, check the east side of the shore and you'll see some pillars on the beach. You'll notice multiple glowing prints moving around the pillars. Attack it at the right time just when it's about to approach you to reveal the scarab.







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