Elden Ring Equipment and Magic covers links to all pieces of a player's arsenal for use both in and out of combat, including armaments, magic, items, summons, and all of their respective upgrades.

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    • Anonymous

      As of the newest patch, I wanted to do some more PVP and co-op (Mainly PVP) for some testing. I named the builds more specifically just so you guys should understand it better.

      1. Rivers of Blood spam (Like almost always)
      2. Moonveil user
      3. Fingerprint Shield (Usually paired with a spear)
      4. Duel bleed curved swords (Can sometimes be paired with frost)
      5. Stars of Ruin spam or Adula's Moonblade
      6. Heavy thrusting sword (Usually Godskin Stitcher or Bloody Helice)
      7. Duel Vyke's War Spear
      8. Seppuku on every weapon
      9. Annoying sleep build
      10. Gigachad

      • Anonymous

        I wanted to do some PVP and some co-op. I have mostly seen players use these 10 common builds that you guys should probably know.

        1. Rivers of Blood spam (MOST COMMON)
        2. DEX/INT (Mainly Moonveil)
        3. Pure sorcerer
        4. DEX/FTH
        5. Gigachad
        6. Average bleed build (Not using RoB)
        7. INT/FTH hybrid
        8. FTH/STR (Golden Halberd used most)
        9. Cray Cray ppl
        10. Frost sorcerer

        • Anonymous

          The people who think DS2's the best are generally the people who use Moonveil, Sword of Night and Flame, and Fallingstar Beast Jaw skill with three summons, who make the first summon wait for 5 minutes before summoning more.

          • Anonymous

            There are many categories which lack weapons woth some sort of intelligence scaling. I hope they add some in the dlc or something. I’d love a whip that scales off of intelligence.

            • Anonymous

              In the boss fight with red wolf if go down the side entrance and follow the wall you will see a ladder that leads upstairs , if you survive the lava there is a weapon there called Ringed Finger and it's special attack does a flick I can't seem to find anyone with this info tho so I thought I'd leave this here

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