Special Weaknesses is a hidden mechanic in Elden Ring. Certain Weapons, Skills, and Spells deal extra damage to certain types of Enemies.

  • See Status Effects for all status buildups and other effects applied to your character.
  • See Buffs & Debuffs for useful information regarding the stacking or overwriting of effects on your character.
  • See Damage Types to identify the best sources and resistances for all damage types.
  • See Affinities for a comparison of each affinity's effects and their respective whetblades.
  • See Equipment with Special Effects for special stat-increasing or effect-granting weapons and armor.


All Special Weaknesses in Elden Ring

meteorite of astel sorcery elden ring wiki guide 200px Gravity

Gravity enemies come from the outer stars far beyond the Lands Between. They often have a purple glow, and are weak to weapons that share their stellar origins, as well as Starscourge Radahn's weapons.

ancient death of rancor sorcery elden ring wiki guide 200px Undead

Undead enemies, also known as "Those Who Live in Death", defy the Golden Order of the Erdtree and so are weak to armaments with its blessing.

dragonmaw incantation elden ring wiki guide 200px Dragons

Dragon enemies are fearsome and powerful, but certain weapons (often made from fallen dragons) can more easily penetrate their thick scales.

ancient dragons %20lightning strike incantation elden ring wiki guide 200px Ancient Dragons

Ancient Dragons have thicker scales than their younger compatriots and aren't as vulnerable to weapons designed to hunt them.

Dragonlord Placidusax is neither a Dragon nor an Ancient Dragon.

Normal Damage Types
Critical Damage  ♦  Fire Damage  ♦  Holy Damage  ♦  Incant Scaling  ♦  Lightning Damage  ♦  Magic Damage  ♦  Pierce Damage  ♦  Slash Damage  ♦  Sorcery Scaling  ♦  Standard Damage  ♦  Strike Damage


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    • Anonymous

      holy water pots are godly against undead enemies, even with no faith leveling. Its so good that it does good damage even against the strongest death rite bird. Also easy to make. Makes skeleton filled catacombs a cakewalk

      • Anonymous

        The weapon skill Sacred Blade seems to do increased damage to Undead, and prevents skeletons from respawning if they are killed by either the projectile or the buffed weapon.

        • Anonymous

          Blackflame incantations, ashes of war and weapons like the Godslayer's Greatsword are extremely effective against Elden Beast. This is cool because it's backed up by the in-game lore.

          • Anonymous

            Not mentioned here - all blackflame attacks extra effective against Godkin (including most if not all demi-gods)

            • Anonymous

              Does the magma wyrm’s scalesword count as a dragon weapon? If the icerind hatchet does it’d be a little weird if the scalesword didn’t

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