Skeletons are Humanoid Enemies in Elden Ring. Skeletons are literal bare-bone creatures, always hostile and often moving in packs. It is very common for them to ambush their preys, by acting as lifeless corpses or hiding underwater or underground. They will not die upon defeat, making them able to re-take their previous shape and keep on fighting. In order to avoid this, players should also attack their remains even after these creatures are defeated.


Skeletons Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Skeletons:


Skeleton Drops in Elden Ring


Drop Rate


Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 35 - 892 Runes
Executioner's Greataxe 4.00% N/A
Glaive 4.00% N/A
Grave Scythe 2.00% Usually found in graveyards
Grossmesser 2.00% Usually found in Catacombs
Scimitar 2.00% Usually found in Catacombs
Sun Realm Shield 2.00% Usually found in graveyards
Scripture Wooden Shield 2.00% Usually found in Catacombs
Longbow 2.00% Usually found in Catacombs
5x Arrow 10.00% Usually found in Catacombs
5x Bolt 10.00% Usually found in graveyards
Human Bone Shard 5.00% Usually found in Catacombs
Mushroom 8.00% Usually found in Catacombs
Smoldering Butterfly 8.00% Usually found in Catacombs


Enemy Type Item Drops Notes

Skeletal Militiaman
skeletal militiamen 2

Skeletal Militiamen are usually found in graveyards.

Two of these can be summoned by using the Skeletal Militiaman Ashes.

They do not drop their spear, and it is not obtainable.

Skeletal Crossbowman
skeleton bolt 3

Skeletal Crossbowmen are usually found in graveyards.

They do not drop their crossbow, and it is not obtainable.

Skeletal Soldier
skeleton sun realm shield 1

Skeletal Soldiers are usually found in graveyards.

They do not drop their sword, and it is not obtainable.

Skeletal Mage
skeleton grave scythe 1

The Skeletal Mage can summon skull wraiths to chase down and damage the player. They are usually found in graveyards.

Skeletal Bandit
skeletal bandit 3

The Skeletal Bandit can drop two Bandit's Curved Swords. They are usually found in graveyards.

This Skeleton can be summoned by using the Skeletal Bandit Ashes.

Skeletal Executioner
skeleton executioner's greataxe 2

The Skeletal Executioner is stronger and does more damage than any other skeleton type. They are often found away from other Skeleton types, but are usually found above ground, and not too far away from Skeletons that usually appear in graveyards.

Skeletal Glaiveman
skeleton glaive

The Skeletal Glaiveman is stronger and does more damage than most other skeleton types. They are often found away from other Skeleton types, but are usually found above ground, and not too far away from Skeletons that usually appear in graveyards.

It also has the same drip as the Skeletal Executioner.

Skeletal Archer
skeleton bow 3

Skeletal Archers are usually found in Catacombs. They can stab with an arrow in their right hand if their target is too close.

Skeletal Swordsman
skeleton scimitar 3

Skeletal Swordsmen are usually found in Catacombs.

The Scripture Wooden Shield drops from those that wield it, as well as from those that wield an Iron Roundshield, which they do not drop.

They can throw Fire Pots at the player, though this is rare.

Smoldering Butterflies and Mushrooms only drop from those that wield a shield.

Heavy Skeletal Swordsman
skeletal heavy swordsman

Heavy Skeletal Swordsmen are usually found in Catacombs.

They can throw Fire Pots at the player, though this is rare.

Unarmed Skeleton
skeletal grenadier

Unarmed Skeletons are found in the Tombsward Catacombs and the Black Knife Catacombs. They have no weapon, but will continuously throw Fire Pots at the player.

Skeletal Beastman

Skeletal Beastmen are only found in Crumbling Farum Azula. They have the same weapons and moveset as humanoid Skeletons, but the Beast Skeletal Executioners and Beast Skeletal Glaivemen can use Fire Breath.


Elden Ring Skeletons Notes & Tips

  • undead icon 40px Undead type
  • All Skeletons share their resurrection mechanic. Once defeated, the glowing remains they leave behind must be hit to avoid them reforming and attacking again.
  • If a Skeleton is killed by a weapon, spell, skill, or consumable that's strong against undead icon 40px Undead, it will not resurrect.
  • Necromancers, which can only be found in the Black Knife Catacombs, can each continuously resurrect certain nearby Skeletons (unless they are killed by certain Sacred weapons or weapon skills) until they are killed, at which point each Skeleton they can resurrect will disintegrate.
  • The Skeletons in the Capital Outskirts can hover up into the air in a t-pose and breathe black smoke downwards, which does continuous damage until it dissipates.
  • In the Deathtouched Catacombs, Skeletal Swordsmen can wield an Iron Roundshield but instead will drop a Scripture Wooden Shield.
  • Those found in Crumbling Farum Azula are skeletons of Beastmen, though they wield the weapons of the human skeletons, not the weapons of Beastmen. The ones with a Glaive or an Executioner's Greataxe can use a Fire Breath attack. It is not clear why the drop Human Bone Shards.
  • According to the description of the Skeletal Militiaman Ashes, Skeletal Militiamen "live in Death, and will continue to rise again until properly finished off.
    This is the grotesque fate of those who come into contact with Deathroot."
  • According to the description of Skeletal Bandit Ashes, Deathroot appeared in the Lands Between after Godwyn's assassination took place, and "Those Who Live in Death" followed. "Those Who Live in Death" includes Skeletons.
  • According to the description of the Grave Scythe, Skeletal Mages are "the aged grave keepers who tend the forgotten graveyards throughout the Lands Between." They can summon black-and-white wraiths, like Skeletal Snails.
  • The description of the Sun Realm Shield says, "Shield of honor depicting a city crowned by the sun.
    It has seen better days.
    Much like the wear upon the shield, the Seat of the Sun is long faded away."
    Neither the Seat of the Sun nor the Sun Realm is mentioned in the rest of the game. The Sun is mentioned various times in the game, almost always in reference to it being eclipsed. A cartoonish Sun is also visible on the "watch" in the bottom-right corner of the in-game map screen. There is still a Sun in The Lands Between, but it is usually obscured from the view of the player, except in a few locations. This is presumably due to the light pollution caused by the Erdtree's gross incandescence. Therefore, it is possible that this city and its soldiers predate the Erdtree.

Image Gallery

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 skeletal bandit 5 enemy elden ring wiki skeletal bandit 1 enemy elden ring wiki skeletal bandit 2 enemy elden ring wikiskeletal bandit 3 enemy elden ring wiki skeletal bandit 4 enemy elden ring wiki skeleton bandit 7 elden ring wiki guide

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    • Anonymous

      I think that the Skeletal Soldier which drops the Sun RealmShield also wields a unique sword that is not obtainable :(

      • Anonymous

        I thought putting Holy AoW on a weapon would make it do Holy damage, "effective against Undead," to prevent them from rising again..guess not. Even the AoW, Golden Slam, didn't prevent them from rising up; they still got knocked down the same as a non-Holy I misunderstanding it?

        • Anonymous

          I only ever called these enemies "Those who live in death" cuz that's what D calls them (⁠╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠)

          • Anonymous

            I got one hell of surprise from a skeletal militiaman, and again from a skeletal soldier a few minutes ago. One of each jumped up into the air, and started flying around for a few seconds, all while pouring out black mist that damages you if you get caught in it. both instances happened in the area around the Hermit Merchant's Shack Site of Grace right outside the walls of Leyndell. Has anyone else had this happen to them? It sure as hell is new to me.

            • Anonymous

              i love how the ones with glaives and greataxes don't stagger from 2h charged colossal r2s and just attack you through it all, what fun and competent game design

              • Anonymous

                The only reason they didn’t bring back wheel skeleton is that it’s open world and the wheel can potentially chase you forever

                • Anonymous

                  Are we going to brush over the fact that the skeletal Soldiers look like Lothric knights? I’ve been playing DS3 for a bit and noticed this, makes sense as to why they have the “Sun Realm Shield.”

                  • Anonymous

                    For a long time I asked myself what Rogier meant when he stated Those Who Live in Death "touched upon a flaw in the Order." The game never explicitly states what that flaw is because it's fairly obvious if you think about it. Those Who Live In Death don't return to the Erdtree. They can't die either because Marika removed the Rune of Death from the Elden Ring. Those Who Live In Death don't die because there is no proper death in this world. Thus, they live in death.

                    • Can we avoid using Slang to describe something in a Wiki? Do we really need to mention, that the glaive skeleton has the same drip as the Executioner Greataxe skeleton, especially If the drip is not even available?

                      • Anonymous

                        So you can get the shield from the sword skeleton but can't get the actual sword itself? I really don't understand why some of the observable weapons we see on enemies aren't able to be obtained at all, wouldn't hurt to have a tiny bit more variety.

                        • Anonymous

                          Are skeletons weak to Strike damage? I mean they are brittle and bony and it seems like they should be, right?

                          • Anonymous

                            The ds1 skeletons don’t actually appear as often throughout the game as I thought. They don’t appear in the Overworld, and the only catacombs I saw that had them were Deathtouched, Tombsward, Caelid, & gelmir/auriza’s grave. Am I missing any?

                            • Anonymous

                              its bs that holy alone does not kill skeletons.
                              Also if you scatter or attack a skeletons bones they will form up without waiting on the trigger. Only tested in the deathtouched catacombs and only doesnt work on the 2 skellys who only activate once you pull the lever

                              • Anonymous

                                I wish we got the kettle helm that the crossbowmen wear. It'd be a nice simple helmet without the cloth that the foots soldier cap has

                                • Anonymous

                                  It's interesting to see in the skeleton's notes and tips say weapons, spells or consumables "strong against undead" stops them from resurrecting not holy damage. It's mental that only the right type of holy damage puts them down permanently.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    It is idiotic that Sacred weapons don’t make them stay dead. Apparently a few weapons do, but not Sacred ones. Patch this, From.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I WANT the sword the skeletal soldiers who drop the sun realm shield wield. I want a straight sword with some GIRTH. Some HEFT. Bigger than Broadsword but not so big as to be a greatsword.

                                      Also, the militia skellies should drop the Iron Spear rather than the shriveled scrotum gnomes in Nokron. I'd use an Iron Spear if I found it early on, especially since plain ol' Spear is also weirdly rare.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        very disapointed in not being able to get the sword from the skeletal soldier, all the other skeleton weapons are pretty universally the best all around weapons in their respective class and it would be quite interesting to see how that one wouldve turned out

                                        • Anonymous

                                          The skeletons that drop grossmesser also dropped a scimitar for me in the tomesward catacomb I made sure it was the skeletons that use it

                                          • Anonymous

                                            The big Beastman skeletons with glaives and greataxes in Farum Azula are quite deadly since they have massive poise making them hard to stagger, and they hit like freight trains.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              My favorite thing about skeletons in these games is when you backstab them, their bones go flying everywhere.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I realized something about the large skeletons. The Glaive variant shares the same movesets from that Large Hollow (Halberd) in DS3, while the Greataxe variant shares from another large hollow that wields an axe. I wanted to point this out because one of them did that jump attack with the axe and it instantly gave me flashbacks to High Wall of Lothric.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  why is it that holy ashes of war kill them but if its regular holy damage on a weapon you still have to hit it after you defeat them

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    A shame you can't get their tattered armor, minus the grave keeper cloak. If anyone is looking for that though, it drops from the colesseum bois

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      i discovered this by accident at farum azula, rolling into them with any piece of the briar set on will cause them to die when in their "resurrection" phase after being "killed" once. very helpful when you can't spare a weapon attack animation when swarmed by these guys

                                                      • It seems SO wrong that Coded Sword and Cipher Pata aren't weapons that can kill skeletons without them resurrecting, as they're literally pure holy light.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          The location portion has a spelling error. I don't think a 'skeletalon' is a thing.
                                                          "Where to Find Skeletons:

                                                          Players can encounter Skeletalons in the beaches and dungeons of Limgrave, and in the graveyards."

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            As of writing, golden arrows will destroy them without reanimating, but player crafted holy arrows will not.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Since they do not and probably will never have their own article, I'll just mention these here. There is another skeleton variant that resembles an undead knight that wields a sword and shield and the glaive wielding beastman skeleton can also breathe fire.

                                                              Also, all of the skeletons in the cemetery near the Leyndell minor Erdtree will frequently levitate in the air and belch dark magic at you.

                                                              • So far as I've seen, having tested a bunch of weapons, there are three that prevent the revival of reviving enemies without the aid of Sacred Blade or other buffs: Golden Epitaph, Golden Order Greatsword, and Inseparable Sword. The Inseparable Sword specifically mentions being useful for hunting Those who Live in Death, and I suspect that the other two have lore reasons for doing so connected to the relationships between Miquella, Radagon, and Godwyn. It would be awesome if someone with an INT/FTH build could test whether Discus of Light and Radagon's Rings of Light have the same skeleton-killing effect.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  The Shared Order ash works against them, the game probably says explicitly "highly effective against TWLID" when something works against undead enemy

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Just started a Cleric playthrough and for some reason the skeletons still resurrect despite me using a holy infused weapon.
                                                                    Am I missing something or is this a bug?

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Was hoping the armored knight skeletons would drop their sword, been trying for a bout an hour and I’ve only gotten the shield.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        Can confirm that Ash of War: Sacred Blade, *not lightning slash* will prevent normal skeletons from resurrecting, but only if you kill them while the buff is active, does not work after it wears off. This is the only way ive seen to prevent resurrections

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          If you buff the weapon with holy grease it does not permakill skellys, HOWEVER if you use Sacred Blade Art it'll do the trick!

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            I am confused as to why people are not mentioning that you "can" kill the skeletons without holy or light weapons. All you have to do is when they break apart and their soul is exposed, you hit it once or twice, can't remember, but they die regardless. I tested this theory when my skeleton militia summons died in a similar fashion so I decided to try it. Again, your weapon does NOT need to be holy to actually kill these things! just hit them again when their soul is exposed. No need to carry around a holy weapon.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              The Holy Blade skill/ash also kills them permanently, as will a killing blow by any weapon with holy damage.

                                                                              Tested on the two skeletons in ruins in Liurnia near Cliffbottom Catacombs entrance.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                Does anyone know if the crossbow skeletons between the Sellia Backstreets grace and the Church of the Plague drop their helmet?

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  The Skeletons with the Black Grow can be permanently disposed if you kill their respective Necromancer. Just like in previous Souls games. Just find the guy that has a staff with a black flame and that should be it.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Prevent resurrections by killing them with holy water pot, a weapon buffed with Order's Blade, or Litany of Proper Death incantation. Things that do not specify revival prevention in their description cannot prevent skeleton resurrection, such as sacred weapon.

                                                                                    Some skeletons are summoned by a necromancer, and cannot be killed at all without a revival prevention method. To kill these skeletons, you have to kill their summoner.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      The ones in deathtouched catacombs can drop a Scimitar, Scripture Wooden Shield (not Iron Roundshield idk), or Longbow depending on what they are wielding, they also drop human bone shards, smoldering butterflies, mushrooms, and arrows for the archer ones.

                                                                                      • Just added the drops I discovered for the 2 first areas with them, the drop rate for skeletons is exhaustingly low, so let me know if I missed anything!

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          At least a couple, likely more, of the skeletons in The Black Knife Catacombs doesn't seem to be killable even when hitting the blue glow after downing one. The first one you run into is a regular, killable one. The two after seem to have a dark glow coming from them, and I can't kill them however many times and methods I try. Suggestions?

                                                                                          • I posted this as a reply to another comment but I might as well post it here.

                                                                                            I've used two types of weapon with Holy damage and I still have to hit them while they're down. The only exception seem to be if your weapon is buffed with holy damage from an Ash of War like Holy Blade, only then will they stay down once killed. Strange that inherent holy damage (Winged Scythe) is not having the same effect. Bug maybe?

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              Has anyone figured out if skeletons die permanently if killed by sacred(faith)weapons or do they reform anyway if not hit when downed?

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