Depraved Perfumer is a humanoid enemy in Elden RingDepraved Perfumers are the corrupted cohorts of the Perfumers of Leyndell. They will attack the player with a mixture of physical and perfume attacks.


 These heresy-inclined perfumers imbibe their own spices to alter body and mind. Their slow descent into self-destruction is what earned them their name.


Elden Ring Depraved Perfumer Locations

Where to Find Depraved Perfumers:


Elden Ring Depraved Perfumer Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 385 - 880
Depraved Perfumer Headscarf 3.00% N/A
Depraved Perfumer Robe 3.00% N/A
Depraved Perfumer Gloves 3.00% N/A
Depraved Perfumer Trousers 3.00% N/A
Perfumer's Shield 2.00% Only dropped by Depraved Perfumers that wield it.
Budding Cave Moss (x5) 15.00% N/A
Altus Bloom (x5) 8.00% - 15.00% N/A
Miranda Powder (x3) 8.00% - 15.00% N/A


Depraved Perfumer Notes & Tips


Depraved Perfumer Gallery

depraved perfumer 1 elden ring wiki guide


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    • Anonymous

      Honestly. Yeah they are really cool enemies objectively. Perfume attacks, agile and unique. Somehow From made them so annoying and cheesy that it just ruins whatever enjoyment you might get fighting them. Especially at the shaded castle. Never again will I go for that smithing stone 5.

      • Anonymous

        I'm glad these guys are only in part of the game. I made sure after my first visit to shaded castle that that would be my only time going to shaded castle. I literally back tracked through all the locations on the map to make sure I didn't miss anything for NG+ but I didn't even think of touching ShadedCastle because of these guys.

        • Anonymous

          I knew I was right about these guys being a major pain for melee. No wonder the game gives us so many range options for melee player. I main dual daggers and bows, so I breezed through these guys easily, but even then I got a full dust to the face at least twice. Melee will probably have to make then flinch somehow (a few ashes of war coming to mind), then close in and burst them down.

          • Anonymous

            For anyone having problems farming this mob or any other diffcult mobs like the cleanrot knights, just spam Fallingstar Beast's Gravity Bolt from a distance.

            • Anonymous

              Miyazaki, try again. This complete trash tier garbage enemy isn't it. Love how much From sincerly hates melee in this game

              • Anonymous

                Putting these guys on my list of most hated enemies. High damage powder that they can spam over and over with little opening to strike. get too close to them? they super backstep and spams more. has poise while throwing perfume. and perfume goes through shields. hate these guys almost as much as the iron virgins.

                • Anonymous

                  I love all the areas in Elden Ring except for one: Shaded f ing Castle. Poison swamp, annoying perfumers, royal revenants make my blood boil and the area looks average at best. Sadly its going to be the only view for the next few hours of farming perfumer's set -.-

                  • Anonymous

                    Ive played a LOT of dark souls in my day, these guys are literally the first time ive ever actually had to set the controller down and physically step away from the game due to how bad a time I was having

                    • Anonymous

                      How do you fight these guys properly? Stay back and they just spam high dmg attacks, it doesn't seem like you can roll through the attacks to close distance because you will take damage, then they dodge backwards so they can spam high dmg attacks again. If you do get one low but can't finish them off, they just heal back up.

                      • Anonymous

                        Farmed these guys for armor... good god this is the most annoying enemy to farm. I would literally rather farm crucible knights. No openings, endless high damage perfume spam, backwards dodges 30 feet and heals like you're playing against a bloodhound step user... Thanks From

                        • Anonymous

                          These guys are bugged, sometimes they deal a incredible small amount of damage, and sometimes they one shot me at 2000hp

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