Spirit Jellyfish

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All across the Lands Between


Spirit Jellyfish is a Wildlife Creature in Elden Ring. Spirit Jellyfish are usually non-hostile, but if aggroed, they will fire poison and will try to headbutt their opponents.

Spirit Jellyfish can be summoned for aid in battle by using the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes.


Ethereal beings usually found near places of rest, acting as protectors. They are usually peaceful, but if angered, they attack with deadly poison fired from a distance.


Spirit Jellyfish Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Spirit Jellyfish:

  • Spirit Jellyfish are found all over the Lands Between, with the exception of the underground. They often appear near graveyards or cemetaries, sometimes at nighttime.


Spirit Jellyfish Drops in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Spirit Jellyfish Notes & Tips

  • Spirit Jellyfish are blue in color unless provoked, after which they will turn red and start attacking. Blue Jellyfishes are safe to approach. 
  • Their ranged jet attack causes Poison buildup.
  • Once hostile (turned red) they will attack the player on sight, and will make other Spirit Jellyfish aggressive as well.
  • In a few places, such as northeast of Castle Morne and southwest of the Four Belfries, there is a small group of Spirit Jellyfish that spawn red and are always aggro.
  • Particularly weak to Lightning damage.
  • Resists Strike damage.


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 14 - 569
Grave Glovewort (1) 2.97% N/A
Grave Glovewort (2) 1.50% N/A
Grave Glovewort (3) 1.50% N/A
Grave Glovewort (4) 1.00% N/A 
Grave Glovewort (5) 1.00% N/A 
Grave Glovewort (6) 1.00% N/A 
Grave Glovewort (7) 1.50% N/A 
Grave Glovewort (8) 1.50% N/A
Trina's Lily 8.00% Only drops from Spirit Jellyfish next to the Apostate Derelict
Golden Rune (3) 5.00% Only drops from Spirit Jellyfish next to the Apostate Derelict


Elden Ring Spirit Jellyfish Image Gallery

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jellyfish 4 elden ring wiki guide jellyfish 5 elden ring wiki guide


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    • Anonymous

      Are they children who died in the Badlands and reborn into the Lands Between, similar to the Tarnished? Because the whole sidequest of getting Aurelia (Spirit Jellyfish Ashes) to her sister tells me these might be kids who died young and couldn't be reborn as Tarnished in the Lands Between.

      • Anonymous

        One group is West of Stormhill, where the Lim Soldier Ash is Glove (1) / One is directly south of black knife catacombs Glove (2) & (3)

        • Anonymous

          Someone should really say what areas drop which gloveworts. The fact that that's not anywhere on the wiki is honestly really dumb. I at least know the ones in Liurnia seem to drop 2s and 3s.

          • Anonymous

            i feel like when i dispatch these guys in Cave of Forlorn they are just extremely tanky, even with fully upgraded gear. are there certain damage types that are just way more effective against them than others, or do they just have a lot of HP?

            • Anonymous

              Back in the network test I noticed the 'bell' part of the jellyfish had a beautifully trippy refractive effect, but in the final version its just translucent. I hope a modder can dig up the old version of these cool dudes one day

              • Anonymous

                I dont care if they are spirits of dead kids anymore,They broke the peace when i was attacked by 2 at the graveyards in Stormhill east of the shack for no reason, didnt even know red meant hostile until i got poisioned.. now im on a jellyfish spree... no mercy!!!

                • Anonymous

                  "Spirit Jellyfish are found all over the Lands Between, with the exception of the underground."
                  With the exception of the underground? Do they mean the underground where Nokron and the spirit shamans and the jellyfish are? Because there ARE jellyfish down there.

                  • Anonymous

                    I didn't kill a single one of these throughout the course of 9 complete playthroughs, not even the ones in the consecrated snowfield dungeon. How could anyone go out of their way to kill these?

                    • Anonymous

                      Has anyone seen the ones at Castle Morne? Near the boss fight zone? They seem to use a different model. Have tendrils dangling from their "head". Do those appear anywhere else?

                      • Anonymous

                        anyone else wonder what the lore implication of them being in select places in groups? anyone else notice this or am i just stoned? i came here expecting to see something but nothing

                        • Anonymous

                          The part about them being non-hostile unless attacked isn't universally true. Most of them spawn blue and passive, but there are some that always spawn red and will attack on sight.

                          • Anonymous

                            Is it worth farming instead of purchasing? If the drop rate is very low and time consuming then I'll wait till I get the bell-hearing.

                            • Anonymous

                              They can drop grave glovewort [1] at the church of the dragon communion. It’s a low percentage drop but I got 5 from them

                              • Anonymous

                                A few (I've seen two, but didn't actively look for more) spawn at night on the island where the Church of Dragon Communion is.

                                • Anonymous

                                  can they only be seen by summoned phantoms? i was able to see them but my friend (the host) couldnt see them

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