Lesser Fingercreeper

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Caria Manor

Liurnia of the Lakes

Leyndell Royal Capital (Sewers)

Mountaintops of the Giants

Drops item value icon elden ring wiki guide 18px 26 - 198 Runes
Somber Smithing Stones
Weaknesses Fire
Immunities Sleep

The Lesser Fingercreeper is a type of Wildlife Creature in Elden Ring. Lesser Fingercreepers are the smallest variants of the Fingercreeper monster. These creatures can often be found following the larger Fingercreepers around.


Lesser Fingercreeper Locations in Elden Ring

Lesser Fingercreepers can be found in the following locations:


Lesser Fingercreeper Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 27 - 198 Runes
Somber Smithing Stone (2) 13.22% N/A
Somber Smithing Stone (4) 13.22% N/A
Somber Smithing Stone (7) 13.22% N/A


Lesser Fingercreeper Notes & Tips

  • These can be farmed for their Somber Smithing Stone drops.
  • They are very weak to Fire Damage, often flailing and writhing in pain when struck.
  • Will Burn (dealing extra damage and stunning for a few seconds) if it receives fire damage (with consideration to the below trigger restriction).
    • Trigger Restriction:
      • (to be determined as of 2023-03-31)
      • Might include aspects of {time, hits, damage} since last Burn status was triggered. Proof of such is observed from irregular triggers after initial hit of fire type damage.
    • Burn, while present, can and will be interrupted if enemy is hit by anything other than from the Burn status itself; (causing the extra damage and stun effect to stop).
    • If incoming damage includes fire-type damage but is not the predominant (or observable) affinity for the source in question, then Burn will not be triggered.
      • Example: A weapon with the ash of war Sacred Blade but with fire-type affinity applied to it. The weapon naturally would deal physical-type and fire-type damage but when Sacred Blade is used, will be observably holy-type, despite the case when it might be dealing more fire-type damage than physical-type or holy-type.


Lesser Fingercreeper Gallery

lesser fingercreeper 1 elden ring wiki guide er fingercreeper


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    • Anonymous

      These things have eyes. They are located in their wrists you can see them when they have the golden eye effect. It was super creepy to see it

      • Anonymous

        These things in Caria Manor gave me reminded me wallmasters/floormasters in Ocarina of Time in the Forest Temple. Both are giant disembodied hands inhabiting an abandoned building haunted with ghosts and overgrown with foliage. The resemblance is uncanny.

        • Anonymous

          I must request that pages for lesser spiderhand and lesser fingercreeper be merged for info.
          Same for larger variants named Fingercreeper and Spiderhand.

          • Anonymous

            The ones right before the dungeater in the sewer always seem to drop level 7 somber stones on the most recent patch.

            • Anonymous

              in Subterranean Shunning-Grounds in Leyndell, in the zone where Dung Eater's quest is (after running throw poisonous plants and climbing a ladder ) there are three lesser spider hands (and a big one) that may drop Somber Smithing Stone (7)

              • Anonymous

                Seems like these might have a similar glitch to the bleed dogs, but without the actual bleed buildup. I've been one shot killed at 30 vigor by the little ones in Caria when they start use their flailing combo up close. It's a stunlock and it applies a ridiculous amount of damage per tick and its a genuine 100-0 with no counter. I think it only happens if you are positioned right in front of them as close as possible when they do the attack but it caught me by surprise when it happened, because these guys usually deal very little damage.

                • Anonymous

                  Has anyone here discovered any more of these hands dropping Somber Smithing Stones 8 and 9? I found ones that drop 7's north of the Foot of the Forge grace from the Mountaintops of the Giants.

                  • Anonymous

                    Can also be found in Leyndell by Lower Capital Church grace, run past the omenkiller and into the sewer. There's about 5 little hands and a big one in a very tight corridor. The little hands only come down after you damage the big one.

                    • They REALLY do not like fire. Both the little guys and the big ones; I hit them once with a sword enchanted with Bloodflame Blade and regular Fire Grease and one hit set them on fire and they started suffering a DoT. They also start writhing for a few seconds after getting set on fire.

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