Talisman in Elden Ring are accessory which can be equipped by the player to acquire various effects and additional protection to withstand damage. Talismans may be obtained as an item drop from enemies, bosses, looted inside chests or purchased from Merchants.


Elden Ring Talismans


Talismans Gallery
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Talismans Gallery in Elden Ring

viridian amber medallion talismans elden ring wiki guide 200px
Viridian Amber Medallion

Raises maximum stamina

arsenal charm talismans elden ring wiki guide 200px
Arsenal Charm

Raises maximum equipment weight

crimson amber medallion elden ring wiki guide 200p
Crimson Amber Medallion

 Raises maximum HP




Talismans Comparison Table for Elden Ring

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Talisman Name Effect Weight Location
Viridian Amber Medallion Raises maximum stamina. 0.3
Crimson Amber Medallion Raises maximum HP 0.3
Arsenal Charm Raises maximum equipment weight. 1.5


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    • Anonymous

      This was the only thing i found extremely lacking. Only 2 slots when we already had 4 in the last 2 games? Please tell me that in the full game we can have 4 or we can unlock/craft more Talisman slots... That would be epic.

      I really don't want this game to have 2 meta Talismans that literally everyone is going to use like it was FAP+Havel or FAP+Clo in Dark Souls 1... that was so boring. I actually want to spend more times on making my PvP builds instead of less.

      There are so many Rings that ppl just used for fashion: Ring of the Dead/White Ring/ Illusory Ring of a Conqueror/Illusory Ring of the Exalted from Dark Souls 2 and Untrue Dark Ring/Untrue White Ring from Dark Souls 3. If you have 4 Ring slots you can sometimes put these in your build, but with 2 doing that is a very bad decision, considering the fact that the less amount you can equip the more powerful they are going to be.

      Then we had Rings that gave out a ton of level, like the 5 stat Rings from Dark Souls 2~3 or Ring of the Embedded/Prisoner's Chain from Dark Souls 2~3. These Rings where many times used to be more powerful on a lower level co-op or PvP bracket, in both cases it meant a hell lot more variety for your builds. Even if we get 10 stat Rings, i would probably not include them in any builds.

      Now another thing i want to mention is that for builds that want to only play with magic... FP needs to regenerate somehow, but i highly doubt that with 2 slots available anyone is going to choose an FP regeneration/sec Talisman over more DPS. Simply its just easier to kill faster and have more FP potions, than having a low regeneration using half of your Talisman slots.

      I could say so many more things, but this comment is already long. I'm going to enjoy the game even if they stay with 2 Talisman slots, but i wanted this game to be more deep in build variety and idk i don't find the FP skills and the crafting too interesting yet. I feel like crafting is just there to complicate things that where simple previously. Plus it was strange that there where a lot of enemies that did drop nothing at all. No "soul", no equipment, nothing. In the previous games enemies dropped most of their equipment, especially the humanoid ones... I hope that the Tree Sentinel's weapon/armor and mount is somewhere in the game for example.

      • Anonymous

        Are these the equivalent of "rings" from DS games? If so, could you update with how many can be equiped at a time?

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