Leyndell, Royal Capital is a Legacy Dungeon in Elden Ring. A sprawling capital city that houses various strong enemies, as well as champions that were previously encountered. The Royal Capital of Leyndell functions as the seat of government and administrative center of Altus Plateau. For an overview of this location outside of the "dungeon", visit our location page for Leyndell, Royal Capital.

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Leyndell, Royal Capital Maps

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Important Discoveries

  • Explore the Capital.
  • Clear out the sewage section.
  • Defeat the Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit to obtain a Gold Seed.
  • Investigate the former Roundtable Hold.
  • Invade and defeat the Errant Sorcerer and Vangram.
  • Defeat the Specter of Godfrey.
  • Defeat Morgott the Omen King.
  • Examine the Erdtree.
  • Acquire the Rold Medallion from Melina.
  • Explore the Mountaintop of the Giants.

Full Leyndell, Royal Capital Walkthrough

East Capital Rampart Site

For this walkthrough, we will be providing you a guide on various sections the area, as well as indicating important loot, enemies, any NPCs, and related bosses. The Leyndell, Royal Capital region is only accessible to players who have gathered two Great Runes and has content for highly leveled gameplay. If you want to check a summary of the various entries found within Leyndell, Royal Capital, please visit our location page for Leyndell, Royal Capital. We will begin the walkthrough by starting your exploration at the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace [Map Coordinates Here].

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Exit the door through the west exit and head southeast where you'll encounter several Oracle Envoys, and one Large Oracle Envoy, which are white-colored enemies holding instruments. Eventually, before reaching the end, you'll notice a Broken Statue guarding a doorway behind it. Make sure to fight this enemy from long range since it will conjure pillars of flames that will track you. After defeating it, go through the arch doorway it was guarding to enter a study room. Inside, you'll encounter a Perfumer. Go down to the first floor and exit the door on the right where you'll encounter three more Oracle Envoys.

Go straight and pass through the narrow runway where you'll see another Oracle Envoy at the end. Enter the door on the right side and quickly dodge or prepare to hold your shield to block the attack from the Leyndell Foot Soldier that is ready to ambush you. Exit the opposite door and head up the stairs. You'll find yourself back at the section where you encountered the Broken Statue - go back to the first floor of the study room (where you initially encountered the Perfumer) and exit towards the other door that's facing west.

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By the doorway, there's a lever on the left, pull it to call the lift and ride the elevator down if it's not already present. At the bottom, you'll encounter two Commoner enemies resting by the door. Jump over the balcony to the left and onto the roof of a short building.  Look down, you'll see a Leyndell Knight, take this opportunity to kill it while you are on high ground. Jump down and kill the Leyndell Foot Soldier that's resting here as well. Go north and then make a left. Next to the bodies of the Commoners, there's another doorway on the left, be cautious since another Leyndell Knight is patrolling and will eventually walk through that doorway. After killing the knight, go towards the doorway and enter a stock room filled with crates and barrels - you can break through and exit the doorway facing west.

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Behind those crates and boxes blocking the doorway, there are a few more Commoners sitting by the hall, as well as more around this section. Go up the stairs, exit to the balcony, and enter the doorway on the right side of the balcony. In that room, you'll notice another Perfumer sitting at the center, next to some Commoners. You can sneak behind to backstab it. You'll notice that if you exit the doorway ahead, you'll find yourself back at the starting point from the lift you rode earlier. Within this octagon shaped room is a ladder, climb it.  At the top you can claim a Perfume Bottle in a chest. Kill the Commoners that are outside the balcony if you want.

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Go back inside the room where you killed the Perfumer, exit the balcony, go back down the hallway with the resting Commoners, and exit the doorway facing west where you'll enter a small garden that is guarded by a single Leyndell Foot Soldier. Walk towards the left side corner of the fence and you'll see that you can jump over it to go down. As you walk around the corner, you'll encounter two Rotten Strays on the right, eating a corpse that's holding an item, and another hiding by the corner on the left. Kill the Rotten Strays and loot the body to find 3x Old Fangs.

Royal Capital Grounds

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Next, head northwest towards the capital's main grounds where you'll see an Erdtree Avatar that will appear. You can hide behind cover and wait for it to walk past you so you can sneak in, just keep an eye out because it will walk back. There are a couple of things you can grab here, there's a body lying on a short set of stairs that can be looted to find 3x Gold Firefly. By the steps, you'll see another corpse that's hanging on a large Carriage that's been tilted (defeating the Erdtree Avatar yields 10062 Runes and rewards you with a Lord's Rune). By the large Carriage that's on right, you'll find another corpse by the Carriage's wheels, loot it to find a Golden Rune [9]. (You can go to the golden entrance with 2 flags and 2 firestands - near the tilted Carriage - to activate the Grace Avenue Balcony.)

There's a set of stairs next to it if you check around the side of the Carriage. Go up the first set of stairs, make a hard left and you'll see two Leyndell Foot Soldiers, another Perfumer next to a gazebo, and a Leyndell Soldier on the right side. Kill the enemies, check behind the chalice statue to find a Smithing Stone [4] that is looted off a corpse. (from the gazebo, you can jump over the fence to land on the Carriage that's been knocked over, loot the body here to find one Holy Grease)

Go up the next set of stairs, kill the two Leyndell Soldiers that are chit-chatting, and check the alleyway first, ahead of the two soldiers. By the dead-end, there's another corpse you can pillage to find a Golden Rune [8]. Go back, check the east side where you'll bump into two more Leyndell Foot Soldiers guarding by the short steps, along with another Leyndell Soldier.

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As you head down, you'll notice another Broken Statue enemy ahead. Kill it and loot the bodies that are around to find the following items, one Golden Rune [11], one Golden Rune [8], and one Somber Smithing Stone [5].

Royal Capital Grounds - Northeast

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Now explore the northeast section, go back to the section where you encountered the Erdtree Avatar. Proceed northeast, from the Carriage, if you haven't yet, pick up a Golden Rune [9]  from the body that's beside the Carriage's wheels. Turn left from the large Carriage, and head down a short set of stairs to the area with a fountain. enter the doorway that's on the left side; in that room is another lift that will take you down if you ride it. From the bottom of the elevator ride, exit the doorway and go down the stairs where you'll encounter some zombie enemies.  Use caution, you'll be blindsided by a bloodthirsty zombie that comes from your right. Clear the area, loot the nearby corpse to find a Golden Rune [9] - also make sure to jump on the roof of the small buildings to find a corpse that's holding the Black Bow.

From the stairs, check the left side first and you should see another corpse that is sitting against the wall. You can pillage the body to acquire a Gravel Stone. If you continue exploring the south section, you'll find another body that you can loot to find a Smithing Stone [4]. A Skeleton will jump down from the tree once you loot the body. From where you looted the body, look to your right and you should see another corpse next to a tombstone, loot it to find a Stonesword Key.

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After clearing and looting the graveyard go back to the Stairs. Now continue moving southwest (stay on the right side until you reach another stairs), then look to your right, you'll see a zombie that's on its knees. Backstab it and jump down to the sewage at the side first, don't move forward towards the destroyed building since a Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit will appear from the ground as you approach it. Look to the right side of the sewage and you'll see another body at the end, loot it to find a Guilty Hood. Turn around and walk towards the opposite side of the sewage where you'll enter the sewage tunnel. You'll encounter some Rats and some bodies that you can pillage to find a Golden Rune [1] and a Golden Rune [8]. Move forward and look above, you'll see a Fingercreeper on the wall. Shoot it down and kill it. Go up the stairs on the left and head inside a storage room that is guarded by a Leyndell Knight. In this room, you'll see another corpse sitting against a metal door.

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Loot it to find a Cracked Pot, if you go out the doorway on the left, you'll enter the area where the Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit will appear. If you have a mage build or are capable of attacking with long-ranged attacks you can bait it by the doorway and attack inside the storage room. Killing the tree spirit rewards you with a Golden Seed. If you did beat this enemy, go outside the open area and loot the body to find a Smithing Stone [6].

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Go back to the graveyard and continue exploring the southwest section where you'll enter a wine cellar that is heavily guarded by Leyndell Foot Soldiers. Kill them and go up the stairs of the wine cellar to acquire 1x Clarifying Boluses from a corpse. Next, before climbing up the ladder, make sure to also open the treasure chest behind a gate that you can open. Inside that chest contains a Stonesword Key. Now climb the ladder and open the door to unlock a shortcut leading to the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace. Make sure to check around the site to find x1 Smithing Stone [6].

Now, go back down first to the lift (at the graveyard entrance) and ride it back up. Exit the doorway and investigate the opposite doorway where you'll encounter a lesser variant of Crucible Knight Ordovis that's standing next to an altar inside a room. Kill it and you'll see near the altar, another corpse you can loot to obtain a Hero's Rune [5]. In the same room, check the statue beside the doorway on the left to find another corpse holding a Golden Rune [9]. Pass through the short hallway, make a right and ride the elevator up - open the door and you'll unlock a shortcut leading back to the East Capital Rampart site.

large doors northeast side capital grounds encounter leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

From the East Capital Rampart site, go back to the long road with the carriages where the Erdtree Avatar spawned at the northeast section of the capital grounds, and open the large doors at the Easternmost end. Beyond the doors is a section of the capital that is flooded with sand and gravel. This part of the capital grounds is guarded by Misbegotten, and some Rotten Strays.

Upon entering, you may want to check this area first (specifically the southeast section), before you head up the stairs. You'll encounter Misbegotten and Rotten Stray enemies here and find some corpses along the way that you can loot to find items such as 3x Beast Blood, a Golden Rune [9], and a Lightningproof Dried Liver. At the end of the path, you'll encounter a larger Misbegotten and another Rotten Stray. There is another body from where the enemies are standing, loot it to find a Perfume Bottle - upon clearing this section, go back and head up the stairs.

misbegotten group and perfumer encounter leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

As you head up the stairs, you'll encounter a group of Misbegotten, two Perfumers, and a larger Misbegotten. Kill all the hostile characters and don't forget to flood the corpses by the stairs and the tombstones to find items such as 3x Nascent Butterfly and 1x Exalted Flesh. You'll notice that at the top of the stairs, it's a small graveyard section where you'll encounter more Misbegotten. Check the northwest side, go to the end, and you'll find another corpse you can pillage to obtain 2x Soporific Grease, be cautious when you loot the body since a large Misbegotten next to it will attack you. To the northeast is a lower section with a Misbegotten praying to a statue. Behind the statue is a Somber Smithing Stone (6).

small debate room entrance leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

Upon clearing the north portion, check the south side and you'll find an entrance that leads to a small debate room. Pull the lever that's on the podium and this will take you to the upper section of the capital. Go up the stairs, kill the Leyndell Foot Soldiers and Leyndell Soldiers, and by the arch doorway, on the left, loot the body to find a +1 variant of the Flamedrake Talisman. At this point, the path ahead is blocked by a seal that is placed by Morgott, so you'll have to go back first.

Avenue Balcony Site - Lower Capital

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From the Avenue Balcony site, go up the stairs, turn right from the doorway and proceed southwest. You should see two Leyndell Soldiers by the steps and a Leyndell Knight that is guarding a door. Kill the enemies and make sure to loot the corpses on the stairs to find items such as a Golden Rune [8], a Golden Rune [12], and 2x Lightningproof Dried Liver. The door cannot be interacted with so go back down, turn right, and move towards the section ahead where you'll spot another Leyndell Soldier and a Leyndell Knight that's sitting under a tree and bonfire. Careful with this knight since it is wielding a large bow. Check the gazebo on the right side that is being guarded by a Perfumer, you'll see a ladder that goes down to the sewers.

omensmirk encounter leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

Pass through the sewers and you'll find another ladder at the end. Kick it down and jump down to the roof of a small building from the left side. Below you, you should see a strong-looking enemy, a Lesser Omenkiller. Killing this enemy has a chance to drop the Omensmirk Mask. Jump down, grab the item if it drops from the enemy, and loot the nearby corpse to find a Smithing Stone [6]. Next, go inside the small church and you'll find the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace. On the bed inside this room, you'll find two things, Lionel's Set and the Deathbed Dress - from the church, if you go straight, you'll see a short ladder that you can climb down, this takes you back to the sewage where you encountered that Fingercreeper and Rats.

giant spider hand sewers leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

Retrace your steps to the sewers section by climbing back up the tall ladder. If you look below, you'll see a Fingercreeper. You can kill this creature just by using long-ranged attacks while you're on high ground. Once it is dead, (with enough health, at this point you should have enough HP) jump down and loot the body to find 1x Lost Ashes of War. The Fingercreeper may also drop a Somber Smithing Stone [4] upon killing it. To leave the sewers, go northwest, follow the path as you kill more Lesser Fingercreepers. There are also a few bodies in the sewers that you can loot, these corpses hold items such as 8x Poisonbone Dar, 4x String. The area here is a bit linear, where eventually, you'll encounter a Broken Statue blocking the path.

sewage pit sewers leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

In front of the Broken Statue, you'll find a pit, jump down and loot the bodies to find items such as a Holyproof Dried Liver, an Erdsteel Dagger, and 5x Fan Daggers. Once you've grabbed all the items, climb up the tall ladder to find yourself back on the capital's grounds. At the top of the ladder, check the stairs on the left, you'll find another corpse that you can pillage to acquire 1x Dragonwound Grease. Turn around and you'll see three Leyndell Knights, one with a large bow and the other two wielding a sword and large shield. Take caution and take them out one at a time, there's also a body that you can loot here, it's hanging on the balcony fence, it holds a Golden Rune [9] - if you need to rest at a site, you can go straight and this will lead you back to the Avenue Balcony Site.

avenue balcony stone hill leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

After clearing the avenue balcony section, you'll notice that you're right by the wing of the giant ancient dragon corpse. You can actually jump on and climb it. As you climb to the top, you'll find some materials here such as some Gravel Stone. Hike to the top and then jump towards the destroyed wall of a building on the left. You should see another corpse that you can pillage to acquire a Rune Arc. Climb up the ladder that's in front and go up the stairs. At the top is another Leyndell Knight. Kill it and loot the corpse that's near the spot where the knight was standing to find 5x Gravel Stone.

As you enter the arch doorway, prepare to dodge or ready your shield to avoid getting hit by the Leyndell Foot Soldier that will ambush you. Kill the enemy, loot another corpse here to find a Golden Rune [11], continue forward and you'll find the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace.

Royal Capital Grounds - Southeast

Starting from Avenue Balcony site of grace, go to the main avenue (where the Carriage is) If you want, you can search this area thoroughly until you see a Lion Guardian and a broken bridge towards the west side. You can get quite a lot of runes, various materials, and some notable loots e.g., an Imp Head (Corpse), a Stonesword Key, and some Arteria Leaves if you explore the various side streets and shadowy nooks along the southeast side (towards upright carriage crashed into a building)

Note that some of the area is only accessible via rooftops. Indeed, there are some loots available on the rooftops as well. To collect them, go to East Capital Rampart site of grace. Stick to the the right side and jump over the wall when you see a Broken Statue. You can see a roof onto which you can jump on your right side. There will be imps on the rooftops here and there and you will frequently need to make careful running jumps over the gaps between roofs. The loots are mostly runes but there is a Stonesword Key among them. If you look around while you are moving on roofs, there will be an unreachable corpse from this set of roofs. The loot is a Smithing Stone (5), accessible from the roof on the right side of an outside corridor that you cross after taking a short elevator while you were making a way from East Capital Rampart site of grace to Avenue Balcony site of grace.

West Capital Rampart

west capital rampart site leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

Continue south from the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace, follow the inlaid stairs downward and check the right side, there's a body here that you can loot to find the Cane Sword. Turn around and exit the arch doorway facing north, on the other side, you should find some Oracle Envoy by the balcony on the right, and one on the left. There's another corpse by the balcony that you can loot to find a Golden Rune [9] and a lever - pull it and go back up to the starting point of the West Capital Rampart site.

gargoyle encounter leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

From afar, you'll notice a statuesque enemy, called a Valiant Gargoyle. You can use long-ranged attacks against it if you can but just watch out when it releases a roar, the waves move fast that damages and can knock you back if hit. Defeating this enemy drops the Gargoyle's Halberd. On the same spot where the Gargoyle enemy was, look to your left and you'll see two Oracle Envoys standing between a glowing sapling. Kill the enemies and pick up a Golden Seed.

Go towards the southwest and take the stairs.  Continue uphill until you reach a large building. You can obtain Star Fist and Ritual Shield Talisman here by taking the path to the left alongside the building wall. You will also meet Goldmask and Corhyn here if you are following their quest.

Head back down the hill to where the little golden tree was (the one with the seed) and look north this time. You'll see a set of stairs that goes down. As you go down, prepare to take out the Page enemy that's hiding by the corner of the stairs. Exit the room on the left and you'll see another body that's hanging on a ledge, loot it to find a Smithing Stone [6]. Jump down to the roof of a stable and investigate the south side first where you'll encounter a few Rotten Strays. In this section, you'll notice a large root that is protruding from the ground and is wrapped around a large building ahead. If you look to the right, on the roof of a stable, there's another body that you can pillage to find a Golden Rune [9].

entrance to an armory leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

On this roof, look to your left, and you'll see an arched doorway leading to an armory. Go inside, enter the next room that is connected to the armory and you'll find some items that you can grab. You can pick up the Sanctified Whetblade and the Hammer on the floor. Exit the doorway on the left side to enter a bedroom where you can find more items such as a Hero's Rune [1] on the bed, and the "By My Sword" Gesture that is looted off a burnt corpse.

Exit the bedroom and follow the path on the left. You'll somehow realize that you are inside the old location (or the original) of the Roundtable Hold. Jump on the round table and pick up the item to acquire a Rune Arc. Go east, check the balcony and you'll see a corpse hanging on the balcony fence, loot it to find a Smithing Stone [5]. Go back and investigate the north section and enter the office that's on the left. It's a room similar to where Gideon Ofnir is usually found. By the fireplace, there's another body sitting in front of it. Loot it to find a Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

old roundtable hold library leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

Go back outside and proceed to the library, you'll see a corpse that is tied to a chair. Loot the body to obtain a Seedbed Curse. Next, open the closed door in southwest direction to loot Coded Sword. Finally, return to the southeast section, this is the same looking section where you usually see Smithing Master Hewg and Roderika. Go down to the first floor, but walk carefully so that you can loot the body that's hanging on the broken stairs, pillage it to acquire a Smithing Stone [6]. Jump down, make a hard left, and go straight to enter the dining room. By the bonfire of the dining room, you'll find 20x Black-Key Bolts on the ground and the Two Fingers' Prayerbook that can be looted off the corpse - enter the kitchen, kill the three Commoners.

alberichs set location leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

Now retrace your steps and enter the main hall. A few things you'll notice here, there's a red summoning sign on the ground, and in between the two maiden statues at the center of the main hall, there is another corpse in a sitting position. Pillage this body to acquire all of the Armor pieces for the Alberich's Set. Next, check the commoner's quarters which are on the right side of the main hall. In the armory, check behind the weapons to find a corpse holding a Smithing Stone [5]. Proceed further where you'll find the Fortified Manor, First Floor Site of Grace, and the Flightless Bird Painting in the bedroom. The red summon sign is only available, if the player has visited Volcano Manor.

invading vangram and wilhelm npcs leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

VOLCANO MANOR QUEST: Return to the main hall and if you examine the red summon sign on the floor, you'll be asked if you want to invade the world of Vargram the Raging Wolf and Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm. By doing so, you'll be transported to their world as an invader where you'll need to defeat the two hostile NPCs. Upon successfully vanquishing both NPCs, you'll return to your world and acquire the Raging Wolf Set - before exiting the main hall, rest at the site if needed.

Before leaving the main hall, on the left side is a door which can be opened. There are 2 Iron Maidens, both can be killed without melee since they can't get through the door. In the yard a Stormhawk Axe can be looted and 3x Nascent Butterfly. On the other side of the hallway a Somber Smithing Stone [6] can be found on a corpse. At the opposite end of the yard is a lift, which leads to the Divine Bridge Site of Grace - the same place that you get teleported to from the Tower of Return. If you haven't already looted it, the Blessed Dew Talisman can be found from a chest in here, and on the opposite end is a sending gate that leads to the Isolated Divine Tower, but we won't be going there now. 

As you go back out the entrance of the main hall to the city street, turn left and you'll see pair of Leyndell Knights ahead - one on the ground and another on an elevated platform with a Greatbow. Kill the bottom Leyndell Knight and it should drop the Gravel Stone Seal. After dispatching these enemies, check the stable on the right to find another corpse you can loot, the body has 5x Old Fangs.

jumping on the stone structure leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

Look to the left, jump on the dragon's claw, and use it to jump onto the roof of the nearby stable. From there, sprint to jump so that you can reach the small guardhouse. Inside, there are two bodies that you can pillage to find a Smithing Stone [6] and a Stonesword Key. Also, don't forget to check behind the stone structure, you'll find another corpse by the rubble, loot it to find 3x Gravel Stones. At this point, you'll want to return to the opposite side of this section where the large root of a tree is protruding from the ground and start hiking until you reach the top.

maneuvring the large tree leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

As you work your way up, you will encounter multiple Guardians. You'll normally find them sitting and they appear to have roots and branches growing from their bodies. Although the path here is quite linear, make sure to check the west side of this large tree, you'll find a path that you can quickly check where you'll encounter some Miranda Sprouts, and as you reach the dead-end, there's a body that you can pillage to find a Smithing Stone [6]. Also, as you're about to reach the top, walk on one of the large branches that's connecting to a narrow roof, also on the left side, there's another body on the roof that you can pillage to acquire 3x Holy Grease - upon reaching the top, enter the room of the cathedral and you'll trigger a boss battle against a specter of Godfrey, First Elden Lord.

Boss Battle: Specter of Godfrey

specter of godfrey leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

For this battle against the specter of Godfrey, we suggest you summon any of the strong Spirit Ashes that can help you in fighting this mini-boss. Although appearing as a specter, it's still agile and attacks aggressively. As soon as the battle starts, summon your spirit ash, and be ready to dodge his attack where he leaps in the air and throws his axe. If you did dodge this attack, dodge the second time or ready your shield up to avoid his follow-up attack where he picks up the weapon and swings it.

During our battle against the specter of Godfrey, we were mainly using long-range magic attacks. With the help of your summoned spirit, it can catch Godfrey's attention for a while, making it possible to bombard him with magic. Keep your distance and always be ready to block or dodge if he so happens to switch his attention to you and attacks. If you are fighting up-close, it's more of waiting for that window of opportunity to strike back after his combo attacks.

specter of godfrey battle leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

He will usually swing his battleaxe three times and end up with a headbutt, making it possible for you to counterattack after dodging or blocking the fourth attack. He can also dash and then stomp the ground to release a shockwave, if you see him dash to the sides or when he lifts his foot, be ready to dodge back or ready your shield to avoid getting hit. Some of Godfrey's attacks can be read easily since he telegraphs this moves slowly, just like when he lifts the battleaxe and swings it forward, you'll have enough time to react if you pay close attention to his movements.

Godfrey can also be stunned if you land a critical hit, if this happens, the specter of Godfrey will kneel to the ground, quickly rush in, and execute a finishing blow that applies a medium amount of damage to its health. Be patient and assess the situation depending on his movements so you can react properly. By defeating this mini-boss, you'll acquire a Talisman Pouch and 80000 Runes - make sure to examine the lost grace in this arena to discover the Erdtree Sanctuary site. After the battle, make sure to check the left side corner from the entrance to find a body that you can loot, pillage it to obtain 3x Somber Smithing Stone [5]. Go back outside and you'll see a small building that has a lift, ride it to reach the lower section of the capital.

Exploring the Capital

invisible teardrop scarab leyndell royal capital walkthrough elden ring wiki guide 600px

Go down the stairs, into a building where you will find an elevator. Go down that, down more stairs and past a message on the floor and one more set of stairs and you'll encounter two Perfumer enemies, on the right side, there's another corpse you can pillage to find 5x Holy Grease. As you move towards the northeast, walk up to the first statue on the left of the runway. Ready a spell such as the Glintblade Phalanx or be ready to attack it with a melee weapon since an invisible Teardrop Scarab will run away, you'll notice the golden tracks it leaves behind once it moves. Using the Glintblade Phalanx against it is a good move since the swords will automatically pierce through it, revealing it, and eventually, killing it. This golden teardrop scarab will drop the Barrier of Gold incantation. Continue northeast towards the stairs, but be ready to fight the lesser Crucible Knight Ordovis that's patrolling. On the way back, look to your right(northwest direction) to notice an item on a golden giant-spear-shaped structure. You can jump safely onto the balcony below you, which lets you get onto the spear. Carefully jump up the spear's contours and you'll eventually acquire the Bolt of Gransax. You can then drop onto the roof of the gazebo below you for another Stonesword Key.

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Teleport back to the Erdtree Sanctuary site and continue your exploration of the capital. From the site, head outside the balcony, and proceed northeast. As you walk along the runway, turn right and you'll see another branch of the tree, connecting to the second floor of the sanctuary. As you reach the second floor, keep going straight towards a building where you'll see multiple corpses of the elderly Finger Reader Crones.

At the top of the stairs, there is a Black Knife Assassin, sitting by the doorway. Be ready to fight it the moment you approach. This enemy is very agile, wields a Blade of Death, and can conjure projectiles at you that reduce your max health and inflict damage over time. After defeating the assassin, enter the chamber and you'll find the Queen's Chamber site, as well as another Incantation spell, the Blessing of the Erdtree. Make sure to rest and make further preparations before you fight the next boss, Morgott, the Omen King.

Before fighting Morgott, go back to the Bridge where the Black Knife Assassin was. Go back to the Beginning of the Bridge and jump down to the west. Go through the window and loot the Erdtree Bow in the Chest and the Celestial Dew, don't forget to kick down the ladder at the end. Jump up on the Tree Branch and loot the Golden Order Principia.

Boss Battle: Morgott, the Omen King

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NOTE: If you want to summon dung eater for this fight you need to go to Subterranean Shunning-Grounds and unlock dung eaters cell DO NOT do the invasion at the moat! If you do his summon sign will not appear in front of the gate. If you are ready, follow the path up the stairs and pass through the mist, a cutscene will first trigger before the battle starts. During our encounter with Morgott the Omen King, we fought him by using ranged magical attacks and by summoning our strongest Spirit Ash, specifically the Kaiden Sellsword Ashes. Using a spirit ash will always be helpful since you have an additional character that can help in fighting, and most importantly, it kind of taunts the boss and catches their attention, making it possible to bombard them with magic.

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As the battle starts, quickly summon your equipped spirit and prepare to block or dodge his first move. Morgott wields a katana-like weapon and he'll dash to the sides quickly and follow up with a slashing move. If you were able to summon your spirit as soon as the battle starts, Morgott will immediately shift his attention towards that spirit and start attacking it. Apart from him holding a weapon, just like Margit, he can manifest a random secondary weapon such as a sword, a hammer, a spear, or a dagger. Morgott can be stunned as well if you land critical hits, and he gets stunned, make sure to execute that strong executing attack to take out a chunk of its health.

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At some point, you will want to watch out for one of his attacks where he summons a myriad of swords that will rain from above. It will appear on random spots of the arena and will continue to shoot out those myriads of swords for a couple of seconds. Ready your shield if you need to block or move away from those spots until the swords disappear. Once his health is at 50%, Morgott starts to gather energy and releases it, when he starts to glow, make sure you are away from him. With perfect timing, patience, and carefully analyzing his moves, you'll be able to defeat this boss. Successfully defeating Morgott the Omen King rewards you with Morgott's Great Rune, the Remembrance of the Omen King, and 120000 Runes (90000 if Melina was summoned for the fight).

Beyond the Barrier

After defeating Morgott, you have no choice but to advance into the Erdtree, and notice that its impenetrable thorns are denying you entry. Turn back and rest at the Site of Grace in the boss arena that's just appeared. Melina will appear and she will hand you the Rold Medallion, and you'll get a red marker that shows you the way forward. With Morgott defeated, the seal that was blocking the path that you previously encountered where the section is guarded by Misbegotten can now be explored.

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To quickly get there, fast travel to the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace, head out onto the main street where you previously fought the Erdtree Avatar, then turn left and follow it to the large double doors. Exit through them and take the uphill path on your left, and you'll reach an elevator that was previously inaccessible. Ride it to the top, fight off a few soldiers along the way, and be wary of the two Leyndell Knights up ahead. Defeat both, and nearby is a corpse that you can loot to find an Invigorating White Cured Meat. By the broken statue, you'll also find a Teardrop Scarab, killing it will cause it to grow in size and regaining its HP. Make sure to quickly kill it and get a Somber Smithing Stone (6)

Continue along the path and enter the tower on the other side. You then have two possible exits. Through the southern door of this tower, you will go on a bridge that leads to the Divine Tower of East Altus - however, be aware that the Fell Twins will ambush you on the way. Take this route to unlock the power of Morgott's Great Rune. If you ride the lift down, you'll formally arrive at the Forbidden Lands and the next Site of Grace.

Before you continue, ride the lift back up again, face southwest, and keep an eye out for a passageway in the elevator shaft. You can jump into that passageway mid-ride, and find the Official's Attire on a body in a chair right before a door where you will find the Blade of Calling in the room at the end.



Leyndell, Royal Capital Map

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Dungeon Maps: Exploration starts from the northeast Site of Grace called Capital Rampart at the 1st Upper Floor.


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2nd Lower Floor

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1st Lower Floor

leyndell royal capital 1st lower floor dungeon map elden ring wiki guide 300px

Ground Floor

leyndell royal capital ground floor dungeon map elden ring wiki guide 300px

1st Upper Floor

leyndell royal capital 1st upper floor dungeon map elden ring wiki guide 300px

2nd Upper Floor

leyndell royal capital 2nd upper floor dungeon map elden ring wiki guide 300px

3rd Upper Floor

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Elden Throne

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Leyndell, Royal Capital Videos





Speed Run Walkthrough

East Capital Rampart to Avenue Balcony

Leave the East Capital Rampart room and turn left. After taking out the Large Oracle Envoy, you can either proceed forward and fight through the Broken Statue, or turn left  to a doorway that leads under the pedestal. Either way, the way forward is a lift that takes you to a multi-story tower at the south.

Enter the tower and climb to the second floor for a Perfume Bottle. Climb to the top and find a Seedbed Curse. Return to the second floor, clear out the enemies, then look northeast. You should be able to jump across the rooftops to get onto the main street. Descend to the main street, then travel northeast to an area with a fountain. Enter the doorway on your right, then fight off or sneak past the Crucible Knight on the far side of this room. Ride up the elevator at the end of this corridor and open a locked door that serves as a shortcut that links the East Capital Rampart Grace to the main street.

(Alternate route: Turn right from leaving the East Capital Rampart room. Look down from the locked door, and you can find a small ledge on the pillar that you can jump onto. You don't have a lot of footing so try to hug the wall it extends from. You'll take nonlethal fall damage from this jump, then you can descend onto the roof of the great circular building below. This gets you down onto the main street without needing to fight through as many enemies, but skips the rest of the loot.)

Go back to the main street and follow it southwest. You'll eventually fight an Erdtree Avatar; defeating it gives you a Lord's Rune. Proceed forward and look to your right for an open gate with a staircase going down. This is the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace.

Avenue Balcony to West Capital Rampart

Return to the main street and follow it to a giant locked gate. Rather than approach the gate, look left, pick off a Soldier, and fight past a Leyndell Knight with a greatbow. Hop into the gazebo (mind the Perfumer nearby), look northwest and descend the ladder into a small sewer. Cross it, kick down the ladder, and then fight off an Omenkiller for the Omensmirk Mask. Enter the nearby building to find the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace, and pick up Lionel's Set and the Deathbed Dress from the bed.

Exit the church, descend the short ladder, then instead of going down the stairs, head across into the small building. There is a Leyndell Knight that's guarding a corpse holding a Cracked Pot. Head out the other door to an open area, where you can fight off a Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit for a Golden Seed. Looking back at the doorway from where you came, there is a bridge to your left. Cross it, then fight your way uphill through the graveyard, picking up a Stonesword Key along the way. You'll eventually go up a short flight of stairs that leads you to a fountain. Instead of going to that fountain, jump on the roofs of the sunken buildings from the stairway, and you can eventually find the Black Bow from a corpse on a roof. Travel southwest to the end of this graveyard and you will end up in a wine cellar filled with Leyndell Soldiers lobbing lightning pots at you. Behind a grate is a chest with another Stonesword Key. Climb up the ladder to unlock a door that leads back to the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace.

From the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace, now exit the building, descend the ladder, and also descend the staircase and traverse the canals. One of the dead ends has a corpse with a Lost Ashes of War guarded by a Giant Hand Spider. Your ultimate destination should lead you behind a Broken Statue which you can dispatch without it ever harming you. Drop onto the open area, collecting a Holyproof Dried Liver, another Erdsteel Dagger, and 5 Fan Daggers. Ascend the ladder to find yourself behind a Leyndell Knight with a greatbow.

(Alternate route: From the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace, go down the stairs into an open area where you'll immediately be fired upon by that greatbow Leyndell Knight. Fight your way through them - there's a total of three Leyndell Knights and some Commoners to dispatch. Walk to where the greatbow knight was standing and proceed with the next step of this walkthrough. This route is the shortest but very combat-heavy, and skips the loot you can find above.)

You'll find yourself at the base of the petrified dragon corpse. Jump onto its wing and climb it. You'll eventually see a broken part of the capital walls that you can jump into, marked by a corpse holding a Rune Arc. Follow the path upward, and take out a Leyndell Knight on the way up. You'll eventually reach the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace.

West Capital Rampart to Spectral Godfrey

Travel south, and fight the Valiant Gargoyle for the Gargoyle's Halberd. It won't respawn on defeat. You can also find a Golden Seed at the Erdtree sapling. Travel forward, passing under the tree branch, and then ascend uphill until you reach a coliseum. Collect the Ritual Shield Talisman and Star Fist. This is also where you can find Brother Corhyn and Goldmask for the next step of their questline.

Return to the West Capital Rampart Grace, travel south again and hop down the first set of stairs you see for a Cane Sword. Follow the corridor without ascending back up the stairs, pick off a few Oracle Envoys, and pull the lever that will open the great locked gate. From here you can look westward, jump down, and go through the doors into the Fortified Manor. Here, you can assist Recusant Bernahl in a 2-on-2 invasion with his summon sign, pick up Alberich's Set, and activate the Fortified Manor Site of Grace in one of the side rooms. The first door on your right from the main entrance leads to a corridor going to a courtyard that has the Stormhawk Axe and a lift going up to the Divine Bridge Site of Grace.

Exit the main entrance of the manor and turn left to fight two Leyndell Knights for a Gravel Stone Seal. Hop onto the stables to find another Stonesword Key. Turn back and head to the opposite side of the main entrance. Fight off the dogs and jump onto the stables. This will lead to a balcony that gets you to the Manor's upper floor. Enter it for a familiar sight. Great loot to be found includes the Sanctified Whetblade, Two Fingers' Prayerbook, a Rune Arc, the Coded Sword, another Seedbed Curse, and 20 Black-Key Bolts.

Leave the area and return to where you fought off the dogs. There is a large tree branch going into the ground. Jump on it and follow it upwards, fighting off Erdtree Guardians on the way. You'll eventually end up at a balcony with a Stake of Marika, and this is where you fight a golden specter of Godfrey, First Elden Lord for the third Talisman Pouch. Hit up the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace in the middle of this boss arena after finishing the fight.

(Alternate route: From where you fought the Valiant Gargoyle, you can hop onto the tree branch. This merges with the main branch that leads up to the Godfrey fight.)

Erdtree Sanctuary to Morgott

From the Site of Grace, take the eastern exit. Climb up the branch and circle into the upper level of this building. Head north out the building, then look left and jump onto the roof and follow it into an open window. Pick up the Erdtree Bow in the chest here, kick down a shortcut ladder in a side room containing a Celestial Dew, then climb on the branch to reach the corpse holding the Golden Order Principia book.

Go back to the Grace on the lower floor, then take the west door out. Descend down the stairs and go down the lift. You'll find a statue of Radagon with a game-generated message in front of it. Use Law of Regression (can be learned from the Golden Order Principia) to trigger a transformation and advance Goldmask's questline. Head down the next flight of stairs, fight past the Perfumers, and then defeat the patrolling Crucible Knight. Kill the invisible golden Teardrop Scarab for the Barrier of Gold incantation. Look over the balcony, align yourself with the golden dragon's spear, then drop down onto a ledge and climb up this spear to obtain the Bolt of Gransax. You can also drop back down to the roof of the gazebo below you for a Stonesword Key.

Return to the Erdtree Sanctuary Grace, climb back to the upper level, then return to the northern exit. Travel down this path, fight off a Black Knife Assassin, then enter the Queen's Bedchambers for a Site of Grace and the Blessing of the Erdtree incantation. Go southeast up the stairs to the boss fight with Morgott, the Omen King. You can summon Melina to assist with this fight.

After Morgott's Fight

After completing the fight, travel into the Erdtree to find that you cannot advance. Return back, and rest at the Site of Grace. Melina will provide a way to deal with the Erdtree's thorns and give you the Rold Medallion.

Return to the Avenue Balcony Grace, exit to the main street and turn left. Follow the street northeast and out a large gate to an area populated by Misbegotten. The path divides into two here - the lower path leads to a Perfume Bottle guarded by a Leonine Misbegotten, while the uphill path is populated by a large group of Misbegotten and leads to a lift that goes east out of the capital.

Follow the path all the way east. You can go southwest to an ambush from the Fell Twins before reaching the Divine Tower of East Altus to activate Morgott's Great Rune. Otherwise, ride the elevator down, checking the southwest corner of the elevator shaft for a room holding the Blade of Calling. Head out the building at the bottom of the elevator ride and you'll reach the Forbidden Lands and the next Site of Grace.


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          There are 2 seedbed curses to get. One of them is already listed on here. The other one that is not listed on here is near the first capital rampart site of grace. Go down the stairs and turn left then go past the oracle enemies. Go down the steps and through the door where an enemy is in front of it. Go down the stairs in the room and then go down the lift. Go straight into the room with the perfumer enemy and go up the ladder on the right. Go up the stairs and the seedbed curse is on the dead corpse in the chair.

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              • Can someone coach me on why I have trouble with sprint jumping - I can't get from the stable to the shed next to the dragon claw in the courtyard. stripped my armor, put on a stamina tali. still can't make the jump. Sadness

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                      At the top of the long ladder up from the sewers, after the broken statue, there's a set of stairs just to the right and behind you. Go west down the stairs and there's a handful of mobs. There's a clearing with several gravel stones and a somber smithing stone (6). There's a dirt ramp at the East end of it that leads to a clearing with a Scarab that drops Ash of War: Thunderbolt. There's a well in the North corner of that courtyard that has a Rune Arc on a corpse, at the bottom. It's on the other side of the grating where there were two Nascent butterflies and an ambush.

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                            • First Broken Statue can be attacked from behind if you go left after the Golden Rune [10] on the platform overlooking the statue. Sneak in, kill the Soldier, exit en kill the envoys. continue, sneak in and up, kill the Perfumer and remove the Broken Statue.

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                                      Looks like there are some ledges there to fall down to.

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                                                  • When you reach Royal Capital Ground, I highly recommend going down to the small Garden first then right to fight or run past the Crucible Knight Ordovis, then turn left and take the lift up which will open the shortcut from the grace "East Captial Rampart"

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                                                      So my friend and I found out you can access the city and all its content with no great Runes. If you use the teleport trap in the weeping peninsula to teleport onto the bridge and then get invaded the invader can (and tends to) use the lift to get you that would be otherwise non functional. We did this twice so we could both get in and it worked both times. We killed the invader and used the lift to get into the city.

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                                                        The sewer is a ****ing maze, but there is a tough boss at the end that will deals variety of damages and aoe effects that will test your strategy as well as wits. Choose a summon that can cause aggro and survive. But the reward is so damn good if you finish and it comes without any debuff.

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