Giant Rat is a Wildlife Creature in Elden Ring. Giant Rats are hostile creatures even if not attacked, and are usually seen in abandoned areas or within caves. They vary in size, ranging from small normal-sized Rats, to large human-sized Rats. These rodent creatures may very well attack alone, but will often charge in groups, therefore making them a considerable threat.

A group of Giant Rats can be summoned for aid as spirits by using the Giant Rat Ashes.


[They] swarm upon their victims... These vermin seem to multiply incessantly.


Giant Rat Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Giant Rats:


Giant Rat Drops in Elden Ring


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 39 - 811 | 160 - 938
Rune Arc 0.50%-1.00% N/A
Yellow Ember 5.00% N/A
Golden Rune (3) 20.00% N/A


Elden Ring Giant Rat Notes & Tips

  • These creatures share the same moveset as previous Souls games, but do not inflict plague or similar status effects. Be careful not to get mobbed by them.
  • Like any animal-type enemy, it is suspectible to Slash and Fire Damage
  • Parryable: No
  • Can be poise broken and riposted.


Giant Rat Image Gallery

rat 1 ls elden ring wiki guide rat 2 elden ring wiki guide er rat


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    • Anonymous

      I can't believe no one else is complaining about the INVISIBLE GODDAMN RATS in the sewers. I swear those ones specifically have killed me more times than any other single enemy spawn in any FromSoft game

      • Anonymous

        Shouldn't be underestimated. They die in one or two hits, but can dodge back and their attacks very easily break your poise. It's very easy to get stunlocked to death by them.

        • Anonymous

          For anyone who are farming these at the Beside the Rampart Gaol grace, if you ahve a skill similar to Starscourge Greatsword AoW it can clip through the wall and kill them. Helpful so you don't have to deal with them in the small room. Breath attacks also works (Like the Dragons fire breath for example) but is a bit harder to hit with. Still for anyone who has trouble with these little bastards.

          My setup tends to be
          Kill Enemies through Wall
          walk to the front gate to peak and check
          If ones there, take it and reset, if not head back and reset

          It doesn't really cut down time or anything since this is already fast. But i thought i'd try to help a few people out there who do have trouble with this.

          • Anonymous

            With the terrifying amount of poise damage they could inflict, they'll see what kind of trouble they could get themselves into.

            • Anonymous

              the way they jump with their tiny little arms, even the giant version... i hate these things even in ds. getting killed by a freakin rat triggers me more than getting killed by any boss

              • Anonymous

                I have 58 poise and getting staggered by the smaller versions of these little shits lmao. Fromsoft is laughing rn

                • Anonymous

                  do you people have any idea how embarassing it was to fight my way through Fort Faroh severely underleveled so I could get the Dectus Medallion early, methodically vanquishing the poisonous bat harpies and eliminating the summoned soldiers, only to fall down a hole and instantly get deleted by a ****ing rat

                  • Anonymous

                    Fromsoft Developer: "so how much poise damage should we have this enemy do?"
                    Myazaki: "ALL OF IT!!! **** YOU!!!" *punches worker in the face*

                    • Anonymous

                      Fromsoft Developer: "so how much poise damage should we have this enemy do?"
                      Myazaki: "ALL OF IT!!! **** YOU!!!" *punches worker in the face*

                      • Anonymous

                        I don't know what specific sub-variant of rat drops Yellow Ember or Golden Rune (3), because I've killed close to 300 so far to farm Rune Arcs and haven't seen a single one of either of those despite getting close to a dozen Rune Arcs that have a (according to wiki) far lower drop rate.

                        • Anonymous

                          There’s four rats in the building right next to a grace called “Beside the Rampart Gaol” in Castle Morne

                          • Anonymous

                            Fuuuuck the ones in the castle with the soreseal. They hit harder than anything else up to that point. The bigger one can easily oneshot you.

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