Malformed Star

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Location Ainsel River 
Altus Tunnel/Perfumer's Grotto
Drops runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 3844 - 7995 Runes
  Somber Smithing Stone [7]

Malformed Star is an Enemy in Elden Ring. Malformed Stars are strange insectoid creatures with debris comprising their bodies and human skulls for heads. They hang from the ceiling and are able to shoot multiple rocks at players from a far distance. When at close-range, they will bite any player that gets too close.


Elden Ring Malformed Star Locations

Where to Find Malformed Star:


Elden Ring Malformed Star Drops


Malformed Star Notes & Tips

  • These are a similar in appearance to Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. According to the description of the Remembrance of the Naturalborn, Astel is a member of the Malformed Stars.
  • The encounter in the northern section of the Uhl Palace Ruins has plenty of cover, allowing you to get close enough to lock on to its head. In this instance, using Kukri will deal significant damage.
  • They resemble antlions, having the wings of the adult and the large mouthparts of a larva.
  • The way the creatures hang upside down is similar to how insect larva (like caterpillars) spin a chrysalis or cocoon to await maturity. In this way, these creatures could be considered juveniles or pupae.


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    • Anonymous

      This isn't shaped like a dragonfly, because dragonflies (and damselflies, for that matter) cannot fold their wings across their back, instead keeping them either spread out or folded against their sides. Rather, it is more similar (in every regard) to an antlion lacewing, the adult stage of the antlion. Plus, the jaws/horns are suspiciously similar to the jaws of an antlion, so it just makes more sense for it to be an antlion lacewing.

      • Anonymous

        Malformed Star is an Astel creature that isn't full grown. Fallingstar beast and Fullgrown Fallingstar beast are NOT earlier stages of Astel like everyone is saying. They are from the same genus but a different species. All boss type creatures with mandibles are from outer space. They all use gravity and arrived by meteor.

        • Anonymous

          Do these always drop Somber Smithing Stone [7]? I have defeated one Malformed Star from the Altus Tunnel side, which then wasn’t available via the Perfumer’s Grotto, and another at the Uhl Palace Ruins in the Ainsel River area. Neither one dropped a Stone [7]. FWLIW, I have taken down the Draconic Tree Sentinel, but have yet to earn entry into Leyndell, as I have only one Great Rune.

          • Anonymous

            its just an astel clone tho... how is it a "star" These made up names man... it doesnt even glow. Just call it a "Natural born of the Void" or "Voidborn" or whatever.

            • Anonymous

              You have forgotten to mention the other Astel Stars of Darkness not putting spoilers here but js theres one other boss variant

              • Anonymous

                Last night I was fighting him. I don’t know how much damage he had left and I used my Angel Wing special attack and hit him but flew off the ledge and died. When I returned, he was gone and I picked up my runes and there was 0. I rested at a POG and checked again, still gone and no runes.

                • Anonymous

                  For the one in the Altus Tunnel, Bolt of Gransax weapon art works as well, only takes about 3 shots and he's gone!

                  • Anonymous

                    I think these have a connection to the starbeasts in a way, a failed attempt that leaves them much more vulnerable which makes them prone to hiding. The base similarities being the black pincers, gravity magic and the name itself "Malformed star" so possibly a starbeast that didn't hatch correctly

                    • Anonymous

                      I believe the Altus Tunnel and the Perfumer's Grotto one is the same one. 2 entrances to the same tunnel.
                      From the Altus side, melee can't reach the mob but might be able to shoot with a bow. I wasn't able to hit with Lightning Spear at that distance.

                      • Anonymous

                        For the one in the river, you can melee its head. Get there by running up a toppled pillar and dashing along the cliff side in the east side of the room. I had a +15 claymore and the star died in 4-5 hits. Kind of a push over once you get there.

                        • Anonymous

                          There's one not listed on this page in the Altus Tunnels. After the 2nd lift down, taking the first possible pathway on the right-hand side will lead to a large chamber where it can be found. When killed, it drops 5760 Runes.

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