Starcallers are a Humanoid Creature in Elden Ring. Starcallers are humanoids clad in black robes that cast gravity Sorceries, they have some sort of relationship with Alabaster Lords. They are found near craters left by meteorites, scavenging for stones imbued with magic.


 Scavengers desperately digging around craters found in the wake of meteorite strikes, they dub themselves Starcallers.


Elden Ring Starcaller Locations

Where to Find Starcallers:


Elden Ring Starcaller Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 57 - 512
Gravity Stone Fan 8.00% N/A
Gravity Stone Chunk 4.00% N/A


Starcaller Notes & Tips

  • They can dig their weapon into the ground and remove a large rock, then chuck it at the player.


Starcaller Image Gallery

starcaller 1 elden ring wiki guide er starcaller


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    • Anonymous

      The awkward moment when you are farming them for the grave scythe while being super sad knowing you can never get the armor and then finally realizing that they can't even drop the weapon you're looking for

      • I haven't seen these characters at all yet. I just found out through Last Protagonist's 1.00 stream. They were originally near that one turtle shield tower by Castle Morne Rampart.

        • Anonymous

          It really sucks that you can't get their Scythes or clothes. I would like to try making a Starcaller build.

          • Anonymous

            I farmed these ****ers for 12 hours release day level 30 thinking I could grab my first scythe easy. I love scythes why only 4 and why have 1 be terrible and 2 of them faith based?? GIBIT

            • Anonymous

              If you’re looking to cosplay as this dude and you need a similar weapon, two three best choices I could come up with was the Warpick, Scythe, and Pickaxe, all with the Cragblade AoW. Scythe looks the most similar to their weapon, but the Pickaxe fits the best for Heavy infusion for Cragblade.

              • Anonymous

                Goddammit, it seems like the weapon isn't obtainable. I just fought one of these on the ant tunnels before Nokstella, and the dude did basically the Ruins Greatsword's Ash of War, but smaller and faster, and i was SO SURE you could get their weapon
                What a bummer **kicks random rock on the ground**

                • Anonymous

                  Everyone Look!

                  Yall looking for the weapon. Dont bother the weapon art is Crag Blade! Good for everything but Whips! Dont ask me where to get it your on the Wiki!

                  • Anonymous

                    Was hoping to get their head gear that covers your face, wearing that with the night cavalry armor might give you a ringwraith look

                    • Anonymous

                      I love how all the comments are "how do I get their weapon?" that's also why I came here. Too bad you can't seem to get it. Hear that From Soft? The people want the Starcaller pickaxe.

                      • Anonymous

                        Tried to test if the weapon drops by farming with Silver Scarab and under effect of Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot.

                        I farmed about over half hour near "Beside The Crater-Pocked Glade" graze, where these enemies spawn near the graze and also another half hour close to the "Atlus Highway Junction" where there are also bunch of them mining the craters.

                        Unfortunately it does not seem like they drop anything besides the gravity stones. Not even armor. Even mannequins drop helmet and chest piece (and spear), but these dudes do not seem to drop anything besides the stones.

                        Sad too, it would had been interesting if their weapon was strike/pierce based scythe without bleed.

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