Weeping Peninsula is a Location in Elden Ring. The Weeping Peninsula region is a region players can reach by heading south east from Limgrave. The Weeping Peninsula is a land with many changes in height, featuring a Minor Erdtree in its center and is constantly raining.


The peninsula, to Limgrave's south, is named for its unceasing rainfall, redolent of lament.


Weeping Peninsula Map & Map Fragments

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Elden Ring Weeping Peninsula Sites of Grace & Sub-Locations



Teleporter Chest to Leyndell: Found at the top of the Tower of Return in the south. Teleports you to Leyndell, Royal Capital. [Elden Ring Map Link]


All NPCs and Merchants in Weeping Peninsula


All Items in Elden Ring's Weeping Peninsula Zone


Elden Ring Weeping Peninsula Creatures, Enemies and Bosses


Elden Ring Weeping Peninsula Maps and Notes

Where do I go after Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring?

  • Once you get through the initial areas past Limgrave and Stormhill then start to explore the Weeping Peninsula, players might have an invitation to the Roundtable Hold at some point once you rest at ta Site of Grace. This will take you to the hub of the the game and you can begin to introduce yourself to the characters that are stationed there at this time. If Melina has not appeared to you yet at this time you may continue to explore the areas nearby the Weeping Peninsula and you might find yourself in Caelid,
  • If you're following the linear path of the game (in terms of story), by resting at the Site of Grace after defeating Margit the Fell Omen who is guarding the main gate of Stormveil Castle will have Melina appear and bring you to the Roundtable Hold. On the other hand, if you have been exploring and wandering into further regions (at some point upon accidentally reaching the region of Caelid), Melina will appear and invite you over to visit the Roundtable Hold.
  • Even if your interaction with Melina has not occurred yet, your next location after Stormveil Castle will be at Liurnia of the Lakes. This is part of the natural progression of the game and easily the next area because of its proximity to the Weeping Peninsula and Limgrave. It has a starting area just northwest of Limgrave.  It can be initially accessed via the passage beneath Godrick the Grafted's throne room in Stormveil Castle, or by following a narrow cliffside path around the east edge of the castle in northern Stormhill.  

Other Notes Weeping Peninsula

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    • Anonymous

      I always come early to this area to get the sacred tears, and completely forget it exists until im at mountaintops

      • Anonymous

        what is the enemy right before the bridge?? I can't find it on this page nor have I ever seen it elsewhere

        • Anonymous

          The items that are sold at the shop at Castle Morne Rampart are missing in this section, bastard sword and a amber medallion for example

          • Anonymous

            Weirdly one of my favourite areas, especially the very southern point with the boss. It's so low and bleak, you really feel like you are at the very furthest from the Golden Tree, especially because it is mostly hidden from sight by the Castle. You are standing in a dull, gray, crumbling graveyard on a tiny island crowned by a long-dead tree. You are surrounded by nothing but water and half-submerged ruins. It feel so forgotten, distant and abandoned. I can easily imagine how the game could have started from this point rather than at the First Step, with the player working their way from the dead tree to the Castle's front gate (It would be too similar to DS3 or Demon's Souls though, so i can see why they didn't start the game here). I've definitely stood in that small graveyard for a while, just taking in the atmosphere of that area. Fromsoft really outdid themselves with their art direction in this game, and the incredible diversity of the environments in the game.

            • Anonymous

              This place is a damn gold mine you can find 3 flask upgrades lots of weapons and the best summoning ash in the game!
              Idk why this place is weeping its the best!

              • Anonymous

                Quick note for anyone who can edit this page, the link to the page for the map piece has a typo in it ("peninsulta")

                • Anonymous

                  The weeping peninsula is clearly a part of limgrave and I believe as such it should be reflected on the article.

                  • Anonymous

                    there is cave near Fourth Church of Marika to the east, has that big flower thing as a boss, it drops a talisman that boost stamina by 10 or something

                    • Anonymous

                      Anybody know about the shiny spot in the pond south west of the Minor Erdtree? Being guarded by a Land Octopus. Dunno what to do there.

                      • Anonymous

                        There is a map fragment. It's just down the road from the Castle Morne Ramparts Grace site, on the large pillar.

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