Crimsonburst Crystal Tear

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Type Crystal Tear
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status effect 134 elden ring wiki guide 44px Steadily restores HP for a time in mixed physick

Crimsonburst Crystal Tear is a Crystal Tear in Elden Ring. Crystal Tears can be mixed in the Flask of Wondrous Physick to enhance its effect.


A crystal tear formed slowly over the ages where the Erdtree's bounty falls to the ground.

Can be mixed in the Flask of Wondrous Physick.
The resulting concoction gradually restores one's HP over time.


Crimsonburst Crystal Tear Location in Elden Ring

Crimsonburst Crystal Tear can be found in the following location(s):


Elden Ring Crimsonburst Crystal Tear Notes & Tips

  • Heals 7 HP per second for 3 minutes
  • Heals 1,260 HP Total
  • Stacks with Blessed Dew Talisman
  • Does NOT stack with Incantations such as, Blessing's Boon , Blessing of the Erdtree, or Bestial Vitality
  • You can find Crystal Tears at the bases of Minor Erdtrees and elsewhere throughout the Lands Between
  • At sites of grace, you can mix two crystal tears in the Flask of Wondrous Physick (This will allow you to create elixirs with various custom effects)
  • This is a Health Regen Buff and will not stack with other temporary buffs of the same type.



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    • Anonymous

      This item is god-tier lvl in PvP. You know why? Because when these passive, defensive players notice it, they have no choice but take the initiative.

      • Anonymous

        went to the stated location and there was no avatar to fight. I had already beaten the fire giant, does that mean avatars no longer spawn? ah well.

        • Anonymous

          Love pairing this with the Ritual Sword Talisman because my build doesn't have a slot for the Blessed Dew Talisman.

          • Anonymous

            My character is 800HP and it took 117 seconds for me to regenerate after consuming the tear at nearly ~0 health. That results in 6.8HP/sec. Comments here have reported 7hp/sec and I'd have to agree.

            • Anonymous

              opaline bubbletear + crimsonburst crystal tear make a very good combo for not getting one shotted, sometimes the heal can save your rump but you'll be on ~10hp

              • Anonymous

                I got 3 minutes of (definitelty) 7-HP a second.
                Another person said about 9, and another claimed 1% of total.

                Needs some more testing

                • Anonymous

                  I love this tear. You spend a lot of time dodging in boss fights and this thing passively heals you during that time. If you're confident with your dodging skills, it's the difference between having to waste a flask to recover only 30% because of the fear of getting one shot for 70%, versus saving that flask by regening the HP needed to survive getting one shot.

                  • Anonymous

                    Provides a decent regeneration for 3 minutes (about 9 hp per tick). Very good value if you are not in the danger of dying

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