PvP Builds for Elden Ring focuses on providing recommendations for character stats and player equipment which benefit Player versus Player combat. This page contains a list of various builds that are created by the community. If you have a build you would like to add, click on the "Edit" button to share your own creation - for PvE Builds, click here.

Elden Ring features a Rebirth mechanic that allows you to Respec your character. You can unlock this function by defeating Rennala Queen of the Full Moon. Once defeated, you'll be able to trade Larval Tears for a Respec. Please visit the Rebirth Page for more information on how to respec your character.

Elden Ring PvP Builds


Level 30 Poison/Bleed Wretch

Strong but balanced low level invasion build that uses Radagon's Soreseal, applies poison increasing it's attack power, and uses Reduvia as a finisher. Both swords used can be replaced with your preference, as long as you can power stance and apply poison affinity to both.

Starting off, power stance your straight swords. Power stancing is using each sword in a different hand, then executing attacks with L1 on controller; right click on PC. The diagonal crossing motion on the first two parts of the combo very rapidly applies poison. Don't underestimate the rest of your combo too. After applying pressure with the poison, continue to apply pressure with more power stancing or switch to your off-hand, Reduvia. Reduvia's normal attacks are good at staggering low poise targets at close range, and also good as a surprise albeit tiny close gap with it's heavy attack, good for punishing rolls too. If you're tired, just use it's ability, Reduvia Blood Blade, a spammable, fast casting skill that fires a medium range projectile, applying big bleeds from a safe distance.

Level 60 St. Trina's Confessor

Strong but balanced medium level invasion build that uses Radagon's Soreseal. The build revolves around applying sleep with the Sword of St Trina's power stance, with a Pulley Crossbow as off-hand, using Sleepbone Bolts for a close to medium range 3 shot sleep burst. Death's Poker is there for a stylish finisher or for higher poise targets, though it doesn't apply sleep but frostbite.

To start off, power stance your Swords of St. Trina. Power stancing is using each sword in a different hand, then executing attacks with L1 on controller; right click on PC. The diagonal crossing motion on the first two parts of the combo very rapidly applies sleep. Sleep works differently from the way it works in small targets in PvE, in which it doesn't open up the target for a critical hit, but instead, breaks his stance for a good while, allowing you to back away and recover stamina, chain the rest of your combo, or pull off a Ghostflame Ignition. You have to be careful when you want to use your sleep openings to deal big damage, as if you hit the target right after the sleep procs, it will cancel the sleep animation. Plus, the sleep animation is not the longest, so act swiftly and know what you want to go for before it happens. Do not get discougared though, as the bread and butter of this build comes from chaining your power stance attacks and sleeps and it's quite easy. If you open up with the first two parts of your power stance combo, most players at this level will be put to sleep, as it's a fast and unforgiving sequence of attacks, albeit short ranged. If someone is resisting your sleeps, try using Mists of Slumber. The ability itself is very situational, not to say bad, but it buffs your sword with even more sleep. From here, finish your combo to heavily damage a single target. The Ghostflame Ignition is another possible outcome of your sleeps. A quick swap for your off-hand Death's Poker will allow you to cast it's skill but do not forget it has a second part: a light attack will blow the flame into a trail of ghostflame, but a heavy attack will blow the flame into a massive explosion for big damage; and that's what you want to go for when your target is put to sleep. 



Level 75 Sanguine Lightning Assassin 

Medium level invasion build with emphasis on high damage output from stealth. Designed to combat multiple Furled Finger/Hunter enemies by taking out the host in a single, powerful attack. However, the required items can be extremely difficult to obtain at level 75 and in a single playthrough.

The previously mentioned talismans will make weapon abilities incredibly powerful. Before you invade, have Bloodhound's step ready in case the host and phantoms are waiting for you on the spawn point. If they are, break away and use a Phantom Bloody Finger to reposition and find a safe place to enter stealth. When you crouch with the Concealing Veil equipped, you become invisible to Player enemies from outside a certain distance (approximately 5 medium rolls) away from the observer. When you have entered stealth, sneak near the host and find a decent vantage point to either snipe with the Bolt of Gransax's Ancient Lightning Spear or an opening to rush in with the Dragon King's Cragblade's Thundercloud Form. Always plan for the attack to miss so you can be prepared to reposition somewhere else to fire another shot.

Be prepared to use the Flask of Wondrous Physick. A lot of hosts in this level range will go down in a single hit, however if they have either obtained or been given higher level gear, you will need to buff with the FoWP. If they have any Great Runes equipped, a gold circle icon will appear next to their health bar, ALWAYS assume it's Godrick's Great Rune and use the FoWP to get the increase in damage, you will need it. 

The level 150 version of this build is still WiP

Level 80/90 Sorcerer Duelist

NOTE: Patch 1.05 changed how chain casting works with sorceries making them much clunkier in general. I will update this build but as of the current patch this is no longer (close to) optimal.

PvP duel build for meta level 80-90, combining versatile and high-damage spells with decent poise and life pool for trading. Most of the items are easily obtainable at this level, with maybe the exception of Veteran's Armor and Graven-Mass Talisman. An easy to way to power through the story with this build is with Comet Azur + Cerulean Hidden Tear tech.

 Let's start with gear. 40 virtual dex from Azur's Glintstone Staff plus the 30 from Radagon Icon puts us over the cast speed cap (if you don't know, Dexterity affects cast speed capping out at 70, and these two items give us that effect). Imo reaching this cap is mandatory for duelling as it allows us to play super aggro with Carian Slicer in melee range and generally give the opponent less time to react to our spells, which is much more valuable than raw dmg against human players. If you really don't like this playstyle you could switch to Lusat's Glintstone Staff and swap out Radagon Icon for Erdtree's Favor +2/Crimson Amber Medallion +2Carian Glintblade Staff gives good sorcery scaling while boosting dmg of glintblade sorceries (of which I use a lot). Stargazer Heirloom lets us reach the int requirement of azur's staff, and Queen's Crescent Crown gives us the most int for the least extra weight. Veteran's Armor and Banished Knight Greaves puts us to 55 poise (56 with gloves) which is the brekapoint for tanking most 2h/power stance attacks (though not all) with light weapons. Graven-Mass Talisman boosts our sorcery damage by 8% and Great-Jar's Arsenal gives us enough equip load to medium roll. 

In terms of spells, I genuinely believe that Carian SlicerSwift Glintstone Shard and Comet are sufficient for the majority of matchups if your spacing and reads are decent. Carian Slicer has amazing damage and will stagger anyone with 30 or lower poise (at this level not everyone invests in this), so combining this with our extra cast speed gives us a reliable melee weapon that hits harder and comes out faster than most others in the game. Swift Glintstone Shard is an excellent poke tool at medium range, and can be chained into a quick-cast Comet which allows for a surprising burst of damage (this will often roll catch if they're charging towards you and try to roll through the SGS). Throw in Carian Piercer for poke builds (UGS crouch/power stance thrusting/BHS spammers) and Eternal Darkness for casters and we have a very competitive all-rounder. Another great combo is 2x Magic Glintblade -> Collapsing Stars. While the timing is tricky and requires practise (and patience), if  it hits it is an almost guaranteed one-shot at this level. The trick is to charge-cast the first glintblade, then quick-cast the second as soon as the animation of lowering your staff ends. A moment after casting the second glintblade, cast Collapsing Stars. If it hits (and you timed it right), CS will pull the target into the glintblades as they fire (they can't roll out of the pull animation). CS is difficult to dodge as the timing is awkward and there are multiple projectiles (only one needs to hit). Scott Jund has a great video on youtube showing it if you search for it, not sure if I can post video links. 

Two more spells I want to mention: Gavel of Haima got a nice buff in patch 1.04 that gave it some hyperarmor and faster cast time, making it a great tool for trading with heavier weapons. You can even catch people as they're running in as the range is surprisingly large. I generally avoid the followup cast as it's telegraphed and leaves you open on recovery frames. The other spell is Adula's Moonblade. Pre patch 1.04 this was an absolute monstrosity, having a similar wind up to Carian Piercer while hitting for insane dmg if you hit the sweetspot. Patch 1.04 made it more reliable to hit but cut the dmg in half so I personally don't think it's worth it anymore but you can definitely use it (similar use case to carian piercer). 

Oh yeah and again, please don't use Stars of Ruin. Every time you cast it a family of Albinaurics in Mohgwyn Palace gets slaughtered :'(




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    • Anonymous

      Pure FAITH PvP Dominance: Prophet, 50V, 30M, 16E, 70F. Faith and Lightning/Holy Tears. Erdtree Seal right hand, with compliment seal for incant dmg boost (Gravel Stone for Dragon Cult incantations, etc) in left hand. Both faith boosting talismans, radagon icon, and GJA for good armor.

      This setup will allow you to run Tree Sentinel Armor with 2 seals and 2 coded swords for backup. Very formidable invasion build.

      • Anonymous

        Here's one of my favorites: night rider flail, banished knights shield, beastman talisman, that mask with the dreads, rotten gravekeeper cloak (altered), and the greaves to match with tree sentinel gauntlets.

        10 faith (with the 2 fingers heirloom), 12 arcane, (that gets you all the dragon breath spells, rot is my favorite), 40vig, 25end, 16mind, 14 strength, 50dex. The flail does better cold at some point, so boost int too possible. And I like having utchi cold vacuum slice for fun

        • Hello, I noticed a lack of duelling builds on this page so I threw together a quick guide on one of my favourite builds to play in duels, a level 80/90 sorcerer. Let me know what you think and if anyone has any questions/suggestions. There's quite a bit more to say about this build and the possible spell choices, but I didn't want to make it too long and mess up the page formatting (it's already quite long as is), so I'm happy to expand on anything in the comments.

          I have quite a few builds at levels 80-90 and 125-150 for duels so if anyone has anything in particular they want let me know and I'll try to do that next.

          Thanks and happy duelling!

          • I'm on NG (NG1) now at level 150. PvE is still pretty easy but I am not finding a lot of PvP. I use Taunt Tongue and I have never been invaded unless I did a coop. Should I level up more? It is my understanding that 150 is the meta.

            • We really need collapsible sections for this page, or a spreadsheet style layout. This is difficult to navigate on mobile, and will get hellish once we have a decent number of builds posted.

              • Anonymous

                need some help. what does meta pvp level even mean? im level 243 and i find invasions on the first step fairly easy. whats this about lvl 150 being the best?

                • Anonymous

                  Hey guys, I've got a super cool and original pvp build here. What you want to do is TWINK AND ABUSE STATUS EFFECTS while relying entirely on SPAMMING OVERPOWERED ASH OF WARS.

                  • Anonymous

                    Darth maul build
                    Right hand - twinblade
                    Left hand - any seal
                    Armor - black knife hood, blue silver mail armor, black knight greaves
                    Spells - bloodflame blade & rejection
                    Honestly the lower level the better this build sucks its all for style points use tattoo 31 and flip it upside down and make it red to get Darth maul face paint

                    • Anonymous

                      why are there no actual pvp builds, that st. trinas build is a gigatwink build and the other 2 are staight up garbage against someone who has a brain a 2 thumbs

                      • Anonymous

                        I don’t understand the argued in these comments that RL 150 PvP ruins build variety. That’s pretty incorrect, I’ve ran many, many builds at 150 and NONE of them can do everything. Actually, for the most part they are fairly specialized; and I only run 40 vigor, which leaves room for two damage stats at 50, or one at 80 (the average soft and hard caps). Also it seems intentional the PvP level is meant to be 150, past this threshold almost all starting classes can reallocate their stats around to fit any build and still have the same total levels. As an example, my vagabond on an INT/FTH build has the same optimization as a confesser on the same build (as well as nearly all the other starting classes).

                        TLDR; 150 PvP at modest health gives you just enough stats to softcap two damage stats or hard cap one. Or, invest in more vigor and endurance for the trade off of less damage. 150 is balanced, and based off what level you end the game at and how respeccing your character works, is the intended PvP zone.

                        • Anonymous

                          Funny how every comment I’ve ever tried to put on fextralife has been censored out by the mods. Hopefully, Elon buys you guys out too.

                          • Anonymous

                            How is Ash of War: Bloodhound's Step used if it says to use Bolt of Gransax (easiest) and/or Dragon King's Cragblade?

                            • Anonymous

                              I think the meta will end up being 150 especially after dlc drops most players will struggle at 125 fighting miquella...

                              • Anonymous

                                lvl 20 katana build -
                                Start as vagabond, run thru the game at lvl 20 only leveling Vigor to 22 and dex to 17. grab the wakizashi, Nagakiba from killing Yura, and Radagon's Soreseal. Only upgrade these to +3, or +5 if you wanna fight people who upgraded their weapons more aka not invade unupgraded +0 weapon players. Grab Land of Reeds armor from the isolated merchant in dragonbarrow

                                • Anonymous

                                  150 new meta, unless you are cheesing with exploits, you will nedd 150 to hardcap your damage stats as well as 60 Vigor, mind is important to level too.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Im glad to see the conversation went from wanting nerfs to just straight up PVP chat. Like the real Chads i knew you would be.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Personally, i dont want any nerfs in the game. I even want past nerfs to be lifted. Why? This isnt league of legends. No one gets paid to play pvp competitively. If you invade or get invaded and lose, then deal with it. Figure out the counter to what you just lost to or hope the same guy doesnt show back up. Id really hate to see this game fall down the typical rabbit hole of continuous nerfs instead of actual gameplay improvements bc some streamer complains about pvp instead of asking for better bosses.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        120 meta is garbage. Meta level needs to be dropped to 80-90. There are so many stat boosting talismans and gear in the game that 120 is completely pointless, and at that point everyone is soft capped in at least 3 things or mid capped in two opening up several different options for any build to become a jack of all trades. If you're hosting the stat requirements go even lower because you have access to great runes. I'll stick to invading from 20 to 60 as that seems to be the only place I can actually have real fights unless I get a password phantom.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          For those curious, PvP level is presently 125. There are arguments for 150, but the majority of duelists are going with 125 as the most balanced build level. Why 125? It forces specialization. 150 means that you start seeing high damage panzer mages and super-one-shot-mega-ultra-most-honorabru-bleedspram-samurai.

                                          Keep in mind that the current state of PvP in Elden Ring is pretty bad. There are lots of busted builds at every level. The main problems right now are insane damage scaling and broken status effects. Madness scaling even lets people instantly proc you with a single shot, stunning you long enough to stop you from dodging a second, and then continuing until you die. There are also instant-proc bleed spears that do 1400 damage with one attack and spells like the Carian Duelist's blade that will bottom your health out when you're at 60 vigor.

                                          In other words, damage is just natively overtuned in Elden Ring and the game is going to need a MASSIVE damage tables rework for PvP to balance out properly.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            LEVEL 60 INT/FTH GOLDEN ORDER ASSASSIN BUILD

                                            Class: Confessor
                                            Stats: Vig 28, mind 20, end 10, str 12, dex 12, int 24 (31 with gear), fth 24 (36 with gear)
                                            Talismans: Marika Soreseal, Two Finger Heirloom, Godfrey Icon, Dragoncrest Greatshield
                                            Armor: Great hood, rest confessor set or whatever you choose for fashion
                                            Weapons: Dual Erdsteel Daggers +15 cold infused, one with bloodhound step
                                            Seal: Golden Order Seal +6
                                            Spells: Radagon's Rings of Light, Triple Rings of Light, and then whatever you need for utility, buff, heal, stealth, etc.

                                            The point of this build is to successfully pvp/invade at lowest level possible using the big golden order spells.
                                            This build doesnt require fighting Radhan or doing doing Ranni's Quest at all, but if you did you could build it a little different using stargazer heirloom, and get access to Clayman's Harpoon to sacred infuse.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              imo pvp in elden ring is the worst experience I ever had in any souls-like game. You always face the same tryhard builds that literally oneshots you.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                you're better off putting two more points into dex and squeezing out a little more damage and just bumping up to SL40 for the poison/bleed build because it's not SL30 with 28 ARC, 26 VIG and 13 DEX.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Lol im considering 160 from the fact you need 40-50 vigor for ng content to be more forgiving, on top of that you know your ranni the witch armor ain't gonna cut it when a massive cleaver comes to split you in two like daddy and you can't dodge cause you ran out of stam spamming comet azure and rennala's full moon or your weapon art so you'll be needing 35-40 endurance to wear something decent or to continue dodging like the roll spam god you are or you could put more points into str, fai, int, arc, or even dex to increase your damage output, which puts us at about 75-90 depending on what you chose to do. The next levels though should be spent on shoring up your builds weaknesses, whether it be damage, vigor, or endurance which should leave you at about 130-150 depending on where you want your build to go. For me this is where it gets a bit more interesting because intsead of pumping 60 into a single damage stat you could instead put 40 into a stat and 20 into another, say faith or intelligence, to gain an entirely new set of abilities in other words a hybrid build and potentially even go up to 160 to shore up that 40 stat into a 50 and retain your casting abilities.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    There is a excellent PvP tactic you can do in raya lucaria academy, 100% winrate.

                                                    Just before Renalla bossfight, there is a elevator. When invading, stand on the pressure plate and never get off.
                                                    Host cant pull down the lever to call the elevator while you are on the pressure plate.
                                                    Now go and make tea or alt+tab and watch some video, host will either disconnect or kill himself after a few minutes. My record currently is 25 minutes.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Holy Blade Build

                                                      This build wrecked all bosses in PvE

                                                      Running Faith + Sacred Samurai
                                                      LVL: 130

                                                      Weapon: Sacred Nagakiba +25(going to have 2 in NG+)
                                                      Ash of war: Sacred Blade

                                                      Helm: Okina Mask (+3 dex)
                                                      Armor: Veteran's Armor
                                                      Gauntlets: Fire Prelate Gauntlets
                                                      Greaves: Fire Prelate Greaves

                                                      Erdtree's Favor +2
                                                      Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman
                                                      Rotten Winged Sword Insignia
                                                      Green Turtle Talisman

                                                      Vig 37
                                                      Mind 11
                                                      End 30
                                                      Str 18
                                                      Dex 21(helm adds 3)
                                                      Int 9
                                                      Faith 75
                                                      Arc 8

                                                      Poise 72
                                                      R Arm 652(without buffs)

                                                      phy 46
                                                      VS strike 44
                                                      VS pierce 45
                                                      Mag 25
                                                      Fire 30
                                                      Lightning 25
                                                      Holy 25

                                                      Med. load

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        >create prisoner character, name him sleepy. *This character will not level up or kill a single boss.*
                                                        > grab st trina sword. have friend drop second st trina sword (dual wield.)
                                                        >grab short bow
                                                        >grab pvp finger (volcano manor)
                                                        > go to caelid merchant that sells serpent arrows. (assuming you grind or have a supply of runes on hand,) you can buy infinite arrows here.
                                                        > fire arrows are a bonus at south caelid merchant
                                                        > Knight armor optional at round table hold, or whatever other armor you might find.
                                                        >radagon soreseal. grab it.
                                                        > boiled crab. get as much as you can. it helps a little, and looks super cool.
                                                        >a caelid merchant also sells poison stone clumps, and poison darts, useful.
                                                        >serpent arrow has a higher dps poison proc than other poisons. try to proc with serpent arrow.

                                                        ^do that in any order thats convenient. make a list of points you need to stop on the map and try to sweep.

                                                        there are more weapons and builds to try at without leveling or killing bosses, but with only one trinket slot (And assuming you are invading) grab radagons sore seal. period. it gives you 20 levels without considering you a higher level in match making. (makes 3v1 feel... a little easier. but they likely also have soreseals. its so good.)

                                                        the strategy:

                                                        try to poison host, unless there is a caster harrassing you,

                                                        typically, you want to poison whoever you arent focusing,

                                                        ignore the poisoned player if you can, if its a melee character he will usually get cocky, with half his health missing you can easily turn on him and burst damage.

                                                        st trinas swords are really good when spamming L1, youll sometimes be able to sleep 3 opponents at once. the L2 ability is slow and weak, but strong when timed right, if youre really good *you can stun lock with sleep* .

                                                        not surprisingly, poisoning players and then putting them to sleep a lot is pretty effective.

                                                        if you want, you can level up 1 time to get 1 more dex stat, and equip Antspur rapier, which will allow you to infect players with rot as well, (poison arrows fired from shortbow are much more effective however, since you risk less getting hit. its unexpectedly fast.)

                                                        the rot rapier is, alright, more just for fun, but man its basically a more effective poison. stacking with poison is so good, and you can put bleed/poison/rot on it all at the same time (at the cost of dps,)

                                                        im not running anything meta however, you can call me one nimble mf,

                                                        just wanted to share what i was doing, I havnt seen anyone else using poison or sleep. . :(

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          yo guys if you invade super low levels aka dont level up and dont upgrade any weapons, and just get the bloody finger, you can find a ton of people meeting up with the cash for runes/items people at the first few sites of grace and straight up steal their stuff off the ground lol. they're always just hanging out at the grace and the guy dropping the items is almost always naked

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            yo guys if you invade super low levels aka dont level up and dont upgrade any weapons, and just get the bloody finger, you can find a ton of people meeting up with the cash for runes/items people at the first few sites of grace and straight up steal their stuff off the ground lol. they're always just hanging out at the grace and the guy dropping the items is almost always naked

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              yo guys if you invade super low levels aka dont level up and dont upgrade any weapons, and just get the bloody finger, you can find a ton of people meeting up with the cash for runes/items people at the first few sites of grace and straight up steal their stuff off the ground lol. they're always just hanging out at the grace and the guy dropping the items is almost always naked

                                                              • I think pvp level needs to be higher than 125 because everything does more damage now and you'll get oneshot at 125. With 150 you can sink 25 more points into Vigor. Plus the caster classes need to spend 60+ points in their respective stats

                                                                • Lifetap Hybrid Tank - 125 - Invasions + Duels
                                                                  Class: Hero (Hero was my own personal choice, you can technically go Vagabond for 2 extra skillpoints)
                                                                  Flasks: 1 FP, rest HP
                                                                  Weapon: Devourer's Scepter
                                                                  Seal: Your choice, whatever faith spellschool you fancy playing
                                                                  Armour: Your choice, as long as you maintain medium roll and some poise
                                                                  Talismans: Dragoncrest Greatshield, Godfrey Icon, Erdtree's Favor+2, Radagon Icon
                                                                  Leve: 125 (Hero)
                                                                  50 Vigor
                                                                  22 Mind
                                                                  20 Endurance
                                                                  24 Strength
                                                                  20 Dex
                                                                  50 Faith

                                                                  Playstyle you'll have to figure out yourself, I highly recommend not spamming weapon art or you'll go out of FP almost immediately, use it wisely and it will shine, spam it like an idiot and you'll die like one. Ideally invasions you want to bait multiples into a situation where the weapon art shines.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    been using nagakiba with blood transfusion and double strike in redmanes castle at level 70 very very effective for ganks if they have a magic user just disconnect lmao

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      lvl 4 Jar cannon PVP build
                                                                      Class - Wretch
                                                                      Flasks - 1 FP, rest HP
                                                                      Weapon - R hand Jar Cannon +0, L hand fire Iron Spear +0
                                                                      Arrows - Explosive Greatbolt
                                                                      Armor - Jar helm, Ronin's Armor (altered), Prisoner Trousers
                                                                      Stats - +3 Str
                                                                      Skills - Giant Hunt / Phantom Slash
                                                                      Talisman - Radagon's Soreseal, Starscourge Heirloom, Fire Scorpion Charm, Arrow String / Trick Mirror
                                                                      Consumables - 10 Volcano pots, 10 Swarm pots, Regal Omen Bairn
                                                                      Very fun, was terrible getting all the items for it without upgrading anything, RIP hoarfrost & bloody slash

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        125 Max PvP lvl as it is right now. If from decides to nerf ashes of war and weapon skills across the board, we can talk about raising the PvP level.

                                                                        With 125 there is no problem to get to 60 vigor. At 60 vigor, 5 more points into it will grant like 30-40 more lp. Which is nothing. So at lvl 150 ppl will do extremely high dmg without having more life/defensive.

                                                                        And no, you don’t 1hit ppl if they invest into vigor. Never ever. (Not at lvl 80-125)
                                                                        There is no chance dedicated PvP ppl will settle at 150+ as it is right now. For sure.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Bruh, the community is sitting around the 150-160 range for PvP, not the 120s.
                                                                          That's the old meta from DS3 and such. Elden Ring's got much higher scaling past the first soft caps and to progress through the end-game content, access late-game spells and equipment with higher requirements on stats to wield...
                                                                          And so, the level required to avoid many of what would oneshot attacks is artificially raised. 20 is low level investment for VIG, 40 is mid... But you'll need at least 60 for late-game content.

                                                                          This is also required to prevent things such as the Moonveil from oneshotting, as it has extremely high initial damage as well as a bit of scaling on top for its weapon art.
                                                                          That said, some attacks may still oneshot... But only those with extreme investments into the attack, such as with numerous talismans amping damage and a buff spell to boot.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Right now the PVP community is keeping it at 125 for duels.

                                                                            for those worried about casters: Soreseals let casters hyper-invest if they need to still, no need to raise the lvl.

                                                                            Popular spots seem to be:

                                                                            -Field next to Church of Elleh

                                                                            -Path across from Secluded Cell

                                                                            -Main Academy Gate

                                                                            -SE Outside of Queen's Bedchamber

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Right now the PVP discord is keeping it at 125 for duels. Soreseals let casters hyper-invest if they need to still, no need to raise the lvl.

                                                                              Popular spots seem to be:
                                                                              -Field next to Church of Elleh
                                                                              -Path across from Secluded Cell
                                                                              -Main Academy Gate
                                                                              -SE Outside of Queen's Bedchamber

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                What do you think, level 145. A good level for pvp, how often will rivals come across? And what clubs, where, places of duels do you know?

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  Heres a good frost build that I have thats only based on hitting frostbite and taking away huge chunks of damage
                                                                                  Right weapon: Dark Moon Greatsword
                                                                                  Left weapon: Ice hatchet
                                                                                  Get the terra magicus spelll that makes dark moon greatsword do more damage along with Intelligence Knot tear and the tear that takes away fp consumption.
                                                                                  Get frost mist spell, and glintstone icestone crag spell along with any other ice spell that you can get like the dragons.
                                                                                  Literally just spam moonlight greatsword skill and hoarfrost stomp along with the spells for a bunch of frost bite damage you can also switch your left weapon if you want with something that bleeds so you can do frostbite and bleed debuffs

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    I'm assuming the regulars will be playing around 140 due to increased physical soft caps and casters having things that are locked at 70, but right now it doesn't really matter with the amount of players we have.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      I don’t have an account, level 92 for pvp. I typically dual wield reapers (for blood loss) and have one for poison. If you play the sustain game with effects you are able to beat people who are a many levels above you :)

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        The Death Blight Exploit Cheeser:

                                                                                        Class: Doesn't matter.
                                                                                        Flask Spread: Doesn't matter
                                                                                        Weapon: Right hand your eclipse shotel. Use the WA. Have an incantation catalyst in your off hand temporarily.
                                                                                        Shield: Doesn't matter, but preferably a high-stability shield with the Barricade Shield ash of war equipped. Shield with that and wow!
                                                                                        Armor: Fashion souls. Ideally troll armor. If you want to be obese Jiren with the albinauric mask + fire monk armor, do it.
                                                                                        Primary Stats: Increase endurance and vigor. Nothing else really matters except requirements for Eclipse Shotel, some mind stat to refresh your buffs often, and base requirements for Fire's Deadly Sin incantation
                                                                                        Secondary Stats: see above
                                                                                        Skills: Bloodhound Step for OP escaping and pursuit and barricade shield for being an invincible turtle.
                                                                                        Spells: Fire's Deadly Sin

                                                                                        Step 1: buff your eclipse shotel with its ash of war in your right hand
                                                                                        Step 2: cast fire's deadly sin.
                                                                                        Step 3: follow host and furled fingers around. Watch them panic as you fill up their death blight meter faster than a pack of basilisks. Maybe dodge a couple times. Doesn't matter! Death for everyone except you.

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          There are enough players to have multiple pvp levels. Ds1 is 99 or 125, ds2 was 150 or 250. Not a big deal, if you want unique and simple builds stay <125, if you want god vs god with unlimited resources go to 200+.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            Hi! I'm currently at level 125 and I'm scared to go above pvp meta level. Anyone already knows the range for Elden Ring? Thanks in advance!

                                                                                            • So I've been experimenting with this character, leveling passed what would normally be the "PVP Ideal range".

                                                                                              As of right now, I get consistent invaders and co-op signs on PC within the 300's range, and personally believe due to late game NG+3 and so forth scaling that we have been dealing with this may be an actual area of PVP leveling.

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                The Hoarfrost STOOMPER:

                                                                                                - Literally any weapon that can equip Ash of War: Hoarfrost Stomp
                                                                                                - Ash of War: Hoarfrost Stomp
                                                                                                - hates summons, stomps them anyways
                                                                                                - shoots massive icicles
                                                                                                - doesn't even know anything about parrying, just ****ing stoomps
                                                                                                - his mere existence puts fear into players everywhere, doesn't care
                                                                                                - only eats his own frost
                                                                                                - +10000 pics of the deathbed companion, doesn't even know her name
                                                                                                - extremely aesthetic left arm muscle from spamming L2
                                                                                                - has never even heard of normal attacks
                                                                                                - shows the duality of tarnished merely by his existence
                                                                                                - "AAAAAAAAAA I'M STOOMPING!!!!!!!!"

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  Unofficial Angel Of Death [WIP] Build:
                                                                                                  Main Stats: Dex and Faith.
                                                                                                  Sub-stats: Unknown
                                                                                                  Main Hand: Blade Of Death.
                                                                                                  Relic: You decide. You'll want a focus in black flame later on.
                                                                                                  Backup Weapon: Winged Scythe - Class: Reaper.
                                                                                                  Armor: Raging Wolf Or Bloodsoaked. You can choose something more thematic.
                                                                                                  -Made By Mithniir The Edgelord.

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    Best Build: THE PKCS MAN!!!!
                                                                                                    Helmet: Pontiff Knight Curved Sword worn as a Hat
                                                                                                    Armour: Pontiff Knight Curved Swords strapped on your body
                                                                                                    Gloves: Pontiff Knight Curved Swords strapped to your Hands
                                                                                                    Boots: Pontiff Knight Curved Swords strapped to your legs and feet
                                                                                                    R Hand: Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
                                                                                                    L Hand: Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
                                                                                                    Sidearm 1: Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
                                                                                                    Sidearm 2: Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
                                                                                                    MOUNT: Pontiff Knight Curved Sword as a Mount

                                                                                                    BEST PVP BUILD SLAYS SCRUBS AND CASULS ALIKE!!!!!

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