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Spell Type Glintstone Sorceries
FP Cost 26 Slots Used 1
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Fires a great magic comet

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Comet is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Comet spell casts a magical comet that you can fire at enemies.


Updated to patch 1.03


One of the glintstone sorceries of the Academy of Raya Lucaria.
Fires a great magical comet.

This sorcery can be cast repeatedly and while in motion. Charging
enhances potency.

The greatest of the Karolos Conspectus's sorceries, that only a
very few sorcerers have ever mastered.


Where to find Comet

Where to find Comet:


Elden Ring Comet Guide

  • Glintstone Sorcery
  • Stamina Cost: 35
  • Deals magic damage
  • Can pierce through multiple enemies in a line.
  • Can be charged for up to approximately 20-22% increased damage.
  • Damage can be boosted by 10% by wearing Azur's Glintstone Crown. This comes at the cost of a 15% increase in ALL sorcery costs
  • Compared to Glintstone Pebble, Comet costs about 270% more FP, travels a significant amount farther (20-25%), and deals about 90-100% more damage.
  • Compared to Glintstone Cometshard, Comet costs about 37% more FP, travels slightly farther, and deals about 13-15% more damage.

The Illusory Wall can be found between a candle stand and a table, here's a picture for better reference.

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Best Comet Buffs

Use these Buffs to maximize the performance of Comet. Note that increases in attack power are multiplicative unless stated otherwise.


Buff Description Notes
Azur's Glintstone Crown +10% Attack Power All spells cost 15% more FP to cast.
Graven-Mass Talisman +8% Attack Power Can be used with Graven-School Talisman, and stacks additively with it. 
Graven-School Talisman +4% Attack Power Can be used with Graven-Mass Talisman, and stacks additively with it.
Lord of Blood's Exultation +20% Attack Power Lasts 20 seconds when a nearby player or enemy is inflicted with blood loss.
Magic Scorpion Charm +12% Attack Power Increases physical damage taken by 10%. 
Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear +20% Attack Power (+15% PvP) Lasts 3 minutes.
Rallying Standard +20% Attack Power Lasts 30 seconds.
Ritual Sword Talisman +10% Attack Power Must be at full health.
Terra Magica +35% Attack Power Lasts 30 seconds.
White Mask +10% Attack Power Lasts 20 seconds when a nearby player or enemy is inflicted with blood loss.





Crystal Mage Written Guide



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    • Anonymous

      lvl 80 with 45 vigor and i just got one shot by this by a phantom.
      never have i seen this do more than 1000 damage let alone anywhere near that

      • Anonymous

        people say its wayyy too inefficient but i wanna be a legendary wizard wielding a spell only a few have ever even brandished, and flex that i have over 52 intelligence

        • Anonymous

          Too much people here are focused on FP efficiency, when at 25 mind I can clear out an area from one grace to the other and I didn't chug half of my flasks.
          The secret is to get a bit of faith to heal with spells, especially bestial vitality, it's very FP efficient.
          Like that most of your flasks can be cerulean.
          I also use a sword for mobs that are alone/weak.
          Anyway, being able to one hit enemies is just awesome, and it comes at a cheap price

          • Anonymous

            Comet is comparable to Loretta's Greatbow. Both have similar damage and MP cost, but each has upsides over the other:
            - Comet has much, much shorter windup speed than Loretta's Greatbow (especially if charged), and can be cast repeatedly until your MP bar empties.
            - Loretta's Greatbow has half the intellgence requirement compared to Comet, and has the most extreme maximum range of any sorcery.
            — Courh the Explorer

            • Anonymous

              Want to know the best PVE clear for mid-late game? Get Godfreys and the Ritual Sword and you can one shot almost all mobs with a fully charged Comet with a +8 Carian Regal Staff. The range and how AI works (most enemies will not aggro on ranged spell kills) means you can just spam this to kill trash mobs quickly. Can substitute with Loretta's Bow for greater range (slightly lower damage)

              • Almost all comment section complain about this and compare it with glintstone pebble. This sorcery is for pvp , In pvp spam glintstone pebble is useless cause opponent is smart. Comet can chain cast from other fast bait spell and melt other player in 2 cast .
                PVP man!

                • Anonymous

                  This spell gets pretty good at high mind levels, mind scaling is backloaded so you actually get the biggest returns from lvl 50-55. I see a lot of mages running something like 80 int / 30 mind, but 55 int / 55 mind will give you twice as much mana and around 25% lower incant scaling (astrologer vs carian regal) or 30% lower for lusat's.

                  If you're at 80 int 30 mind, casting glintstone pebble with lusat's staff (11 mana per cast, 160 mana = 14 casts, 413 incant) I think you would be better off going 55/55 and casting this with astrologers staff instead (26 mana per cast, 321 mana = 12 casts, 286 incant but 90% higher damage scaling).

                  If the 90% higher scaling is correct you'd be doing 286 / 413 * 1.9 =~ 30% more damage per hit, but with the downside that blue flask would only get you ~2/3 of your mana bar back.

                  • Anonymous

                    Definite pick as of now.... Comet became soo much useful. As of my Testing. ( At 80 INT using Lusat's Staff +10 for 413 Sorc Scaling , 1 Fully charged Comet deals 2122 damage against a Troll giant , with Carian Regal +10 at 373 Sorc Scaling , 1 Full Comet 1803 damage )..... That's approx 15% difference in damage between the 2 , Lusat's Staff gives all my Spells a 2K damage compared to Carian Regal as of 80 INT and above... As for the FP Cost i suggest having 45-50 Mind atleast to play with Lusat's penalty ( Currently i can chain cast Comet with Lusat's Staff for 7 casts without FP Flask , with a total of 280fp ). Lusat definitely outshines Carian Regal imo only case would be Full Moon Spells... Otherwise at 80 INT the 15% difference is abit handy specialy against Bosses i'd say and tough enemies.

                    • Anonymous

                      I think people miss the application of this spell. This is for when something needs to die fast, and for when you're willing to accept the FP cost of that.

                      • I ran this spell a lot even before the buff. I could cast it 4 times an FP bar and I had 8 cerulean flasks which meant I could cast this 36 times (8 flasks + 1 natural bar) and that was enough to pummel Astel.

                        In scenarios where you have FP to burn and need to nuke a boss down faster than it will two shot your sorcerer ass, this is your gun.

                        • Anonymous

                          Four times the amount of FP of pebble for ~80% damage increase, in my own testing following the patch. Definitely better than it was, and pretty good for burst damage, but still a terrible FP use ratio.

                          • Anonymous

                            This is actually pretty good in PVP since you can fire it amidst quicker glintstones and throw off your opponent, otherwise it's just inferior to pebble.

                            • Anonymous

                              Feels very weak when you get it, but late game it becomes much better. Radagon Icon reduces its cast speed, and can buffed by Godfrey Icon and Azur's Glitstone Crown (it will also increase fp cost of all spells). With all this it deals around 3x the damage of a Glinstone Pebble.

                              Right now at Consecrated Snowfields its much better than pebble for dealing with high HP enemies (it also easily staggers them). Pebble will always be more FP efficient, but Comet just kills stuff faster. I'm also carrying 10 FP flasks + Primal Glintstone Blade + 40 mind, so FP is not really an issue, even while using Lusat's staff.

                              • Anonymous

                                I really like this spell at higher levels. Similar to Comet Azur, a good way to use it is with the Cerulean and Magic-Shrouding tears (no FP consumption and boosted magic damage). You can start with a charged shot and then keep firing follow-ups until you run out of stamina. I can usually get at least six casted in total before the Cerulean tear runs out, which does massive damage.

                                • Anonymous

                                  What a waste of a spell, so much FP for the same as 3 pebbles or 2.5 bigger pebbles It's amazing how many cool looking spells there are that are completely terrible.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    To everyone saying this spell is too slow, try casting it after casting a faster spell, like pebble or dart. They animation chain off of each other, so you can fire a dart & then a faster comet.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      This ability is overall not worth the investment for int, or FP cost. In the time to channel one Comet you can cast 2-3 pebbles for signigicantly cheaper and achieve higher DPS

                                      • Anonymous

                                        May I introduce you to worse crystal soul spear. I don’t know why it doesn’t do that much damage for me, but it may be worth trying if you have high int.

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