Type Attribute
Effect Discovery, Death, Sorceries, and Incantations

Arcane is an Attribute in Elden RingArcane govern Discovery. Also affects death resistance and certain sorceries and incantations. Stats determine the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Stats can be increasing by spending points to them after leveling up. It is advised to be wise at the moment of spending this points, and you spend them according to your character class and your playstyle.


Arcane Elden Ring Guide

  • Attribute governing Discovery.
  • Arcane also affects death resistance and certain sorceries and incantations.

As an Attribute, Scaling (ARC) shows the degree to which an armament's power or passive effects scale with Arcane.


How to Increaese Arcane in Elden Ring?

  • In order to level up attributes, players need to spend Runes.


Level Progression for Arcane in Elden Ring

Information about Level Progression will be added soon

Lvl 1 Discovery Progression goes here Death Defense Progression goes here
Lvl 2  Discovery Progression goes here Death Defense Progression goes here
Lvl 3  Discovery Progression goes here Death Defense Progression goes here
Lvl 4  Discovery Progression goes here Death Defense Progression goes here
Lvl 5  Discovery Progression goes here Death Defense Progression goes here


Elden Ring Arcane Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here.


Stats in Elden Ring
Death  ♦  Death Resistance  ♦  Dexterity  ♦  Discovery  ♦  Endurance  ♦  Equip Load  ♦  Faith  ♦  Fire Damage Negation  ♦  Fire Defense  ♦  Focus  ♦  Focus Resistance  ♦  FP  ♦  Holy Damage Negation  ♦  Holy Defense  ♦  HP  ♦  Immunity  ♦  Immunity Resistance  ♦  Intelligence  ♦  Level  ♦  Lightning Damage Negation  ♦  Lightning Defense  ♦  Magic Damage Negation  ♦  Magic Defense  ♦  Memory Slots  ♦  Mind  ♦  Physical Defense  ♦  Poise  ♦  Robustness  ♦  Robustness Resistance  ♦  Runes Held  ♦  Stamina  ♦  Strength  ♦  Vigor  ♦  VS Pierce Damage Negation  ♦  VS Pierce Defense  ♦  VS Slash Damage Negation  ♦  VS Slash Defense  ♦  VS Strike Damage Negation  ♦  VS Strike Defense  ♦  Weight


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    • Anonymous

      I think Arcane might increase unique weapon damage/effects like coil shields poison etc. Otherwise I'm not sure how Poison or Bleed builds will work, given vigor provides resistance to those effects. Unless weapons and items that apply them have a high standard status damage.

      • Anonymous

        I’m thinking that things that’ll scale with Arcane might be magic items and what not. The description for the glintstone ore said it could be used in magical items. And wasn’t “magic” in Bloodbourne used through items?
        And it being a dual purpose stat that also increases item discovery you’ll be collecting more materials to turn into tools. It’d make sense, and I think it’d be amazing to make a build around using tools that’d actually be viable.

        • Anonymous

          OOOOO this is gonna be like the agility stat from ds2 and the luck stat from ds3!!!!!! i cant wait to neglect it till i need super rare things!!!

          • Anonymous

            Heavily investing in this. Yes, I'll feel burnt for most of the game but when I finally find the one of four weapons meant for Arcane?

            S A T I S F A C T I O N

            • Anonymous

              I think it will be something like th Arcane stat in Bloodborne, where those weapon arts are getting stronger

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