Oracle Bubbles

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Spell Type Claymen Sorceries
FP Cost 12 Slots Used 1
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Launches several small magic bubbles.

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Oracle Bubbles is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Oracle Bubbles spell launches several small magic bubbles.


Sorcery of the claymen who served as priests in the ancient

Produces several small magical bubbles that drift towards foes before they naturally pop.
Charging increases the delay before the bubbles pop.

The claymen search for lost oracles within their bubbles.


Where to find Oracle Bubbles

Where to find Oracle Bubbles:

  • Can be found by killing one of the Teardrop Scarab on top of a broken statue in the first structure.
  • From the Siofra River Well Depths site of grace. Go straight from the spawn northeast to the lit ruins. Follow the northern stairs two flights, then the eastern stairs one flight. Stick to the right as the grass path wraps around. When it comes back above where you entered, jump up on the wall section, and you will see a path above to the other side of the wall. Go down and up and now follow the path onto the platform you could see from the grass. Drop down to the ledge before you get to the floor and the scarab is there.. Elden Ring Interactive Map Here.
  • Video Location


Elden Ring Oracle Bubbles Guide

  • Stamina Cost: 18
  • Launches several small magic bubbles.
  • Low Cost Sorcery (12 Focus Points per cast)
  • Uses only 1 Memory Slot
  • Requires Low Intelligence (10)
  • Deals Magic Damage
  • Cast Speed is Slow
  • Projectile Speed is slow
  • Can be chain-casted as long as player has enough FP
  • Bubbles Spread diagonally outwards while they move forward
  • 9 Bubble are created in total
  • Can be charged so bubbles last longer


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    • Anonymous

      The stagger is ok for big enemies, but it takes so long to cast you may as well just pebble them to death anyway. Not like you're saving much mana by cosplaying Laurence Welk...

      As for AoE, this spell doesn't do anything Glintstone Arc doesn't already do way better.

      • Anonymous

        Does anyone know if these inflict the wet condition on enemies? If so, their real use might be pairing them up with lightning.

        • I'm not sure what the intended use of these is. They don't last long enough to be traps, they don't do enough damage to be a punish tool, they don't seem to do much stagger. They're just kinda... bad, which is a shame because the other bubble spell is a niche but efficient ambush tool.

          • Anonymous

            Grace is not deep wells, it is well depths. Both ingame map & the sites show it as such, the isnt a deep wells grace

            • Anonymous

              This spell has a hidden feature: the soap bubbles oneshot Moonveil users, by making them touch soap for the first time since the game came out.

              • Anonymous

                For people who put the points in without knowing why: same

                Out of desperation I have found that the main use for this IMO is if you want a mix of rock sling and Glintstone arc. but for some reason don't want both of them equipped. I was able to stager those regular guys by the firemonks if most of the bubbles hit, and it can slightly out damage the arc when fully charged.

                Really I would just use the other 2 spells, if you have the slots open. It's fun, but don't level up Arcane just for this spell. if you are already dumping into arcane, or your weapon's bleed/poison aux maxes at 15 by pure chance (and you really don't want the arc or rock sling) then go for it I guess.

                • Anonymous

                  One one hand, I'm disappointed a spell with a decent stat requirement doesn't really hit that hard, but on the other.... they ARE bubbles. So I guess I played myself here. Just because something is hard to do doesn't mean it will always pay off.

                  • Anonymous

                    I'm not gonna lie, this spell kinda sucks on normal enemies. But if you fight big bodied enemies like giants or certain bosses, this spell does crazy good damage and stagger for it's mana cost. Might have some uses

                    • Anonymous

                      Lmao, so these basically make floating magic landmines... except they did piss poor damage so it's like I just threw spitballs at the glowing vikings. Getting real annoyed with my starter pebble spell being the best spell as I'm leveling even though I have the crystal minigun and multi-shot ones ~_~ well, the wave one is at least great for hordes of enemies.

                      • Anonymous

                        They ****ing suck. Wasted so many levels into arcane for that ****. maybe theyre effective on certain mobs

                        • Anonymous

                          To get to the Beetle, go up to the highest area of the structure (the one with all the spear-wielding enemies) before the elevator, jump on the wall and go across the top of the ruin, turn left, jump up and there's the hole with the bug below. Remember to jump on the lower floor before jumping onto the statue cause you'll die otherwise.

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