Freezing Mist

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Spell Type Cold Sorceries
FP Cost 20 Slots Used: 1
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Releases cold mist before caster

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Freezing Mist is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. The Freezing Mist spell releases a cold mist that inflicts Frostbite buildup on enemies. Updated to Patch 1.07.


Sorcery said to have been used by the old snow witch.

Releases a cold mist before the caster.
This sorcery can be cast while in motion. Charging enhances
range of the mist.

The snowy crone taught the young Ranni to fear the dark moon as she imparted her cold sorcery.


Where to find Freezing Mist


Freezing Mist Guide

  • Cold Sorcery
  • Stamina Cost: 13
  • Inflicts Frostbite buildup (120) on opponents.
  • Depending on resistance, for most enemies, it takes about three seconds of being affected by the mist to cause Frostbite.
  • The spell will not alert unaware enemies, even when it triggers the Frostbite effect, similar to Poison Mist.
  • Unlike Night Maiden's Mist, it does not affect the caster or friendly targets.
  • The spell can be charged to enlarge the affected area. (Charging does not affect the rate of effect buildup.)
  • The area expands from the point of "impact", reaching its full size in about half a second, or about one second if the spell is charged.
  • It has a short range, even when free-aimed into the air.
  • While standing in or walking through the mist is sufficient to trigger Frostbite on most enemies, running through it (once) is usually not.
  • NOTE: Since Patch 1.07 Frostbite Status Buildup has been increased from 90 to 120.




Freezing Mist Note and Tips

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • There is a bug where this sorcery will generate much lower frostbite when cast without meeting the Strength requirement of a staff.
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    • Anonymous

      Hilariously effective at farming the birds for feet at impassable greatbridge, just run over there, cast, sit down at the grace, and they're dead before you can get back up. Run over, collect loot, recast, rinse and repeat, no more escaping birds.

      • Anonymous

        This saved my malenia ng+5, got this, Knowledge Above All and ranni moon. Use night comet and after debuffs every charged one did 2880 dmg
        (lvl 99 int)

        • Anonymous

          Anyone would think ice sorcery had simply too many viable sources of spell damage, y'know with them having a grand total of 3 offensive spells and a buff and a debuff. Like gravity casters get to starve to death on nothing but Rock Sling for 100 hours, cold casters are expected to be happy with icecrag I guess.

          • Anonymous

            Has anyone done any testing on how much frostbite buildup this is? There is data on Chilling Mist AOW but not this one. Is it possibly because it scales off of int and it is hard to test?

            • Anonymous

              I'm convinced this spell and the Freezing Mist AOW are bugged and do nothing. I have never managed to get the frostbite to proc on any enemy I've casted this on.

              • Anonymous

                underrated spell, combos excellently with adulas moonblade not just for frost procs in pve but in pvp you get some minor zoing benefit and visual cover from the mist FX

                in a chaotic fight the mist makes it harder for opponenets to see you winidng up mooblade (or Ranni's Dark Moon) for the kill shot

                • Anonymous

                  Literally just wait until your far enough in the ranni questline, something will happen to selvius and you can pick up his bell off of him without ruining Nepheli's life.

                  • Anonymous

                    Unless I’m missing something it doesn’t seem to do much to enemies. Either that or they have to be in the mist for quite a while

                    • Anonymous

                      I cant find ranni, or selvius in their towers. I think it might because I went to Redmane castle before I did Canor. Since these NPC's are not there, am I locked out of the spells Selvius sells for the rest of the game?

                      • Does no damage itself but when it applies the status it also does a one time small damage to the enemy, doesn't affect you, okay if you like the frost status and play melee or kite the enemy into the mist. Froze status cause enemies to take extra damage.

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