Cold Sorceries are a group of Sorceries in Elden Ring that share a specific type of buff criteria. Cold Sorceries revolve around dealing magic damage and inflicting frostbite. There are a total of 5 Cold Sorceries available for players. Cold Sorceries can be boosted by the Snow Witch Hat.




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FAQ: Does Frost Damage scale with INT in Elden ring?

  • Since Cold Weapons in the game add Magic Damage, Frost scales with Intelligence. For reference, players can take a look at which Stats each Incantaton or Sorcery requires in order to suit to determine what complements the Spell effects best. Players can have a look at each of the Cold Sorceries to see that they each require Intelligence, but not Arcane or Faith. Each of these spells would scale with Intelligence. This also applies to the requirements found in each Weapons or Equipment. 

Cold Sorceries Other Notes

  • Cold Sorceries Other Elden Ring Notes and Tips go here


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    • Anonymous

      This school needs like two or three utility spells and one more hard hitting spell to be perfect.

      (utility not buffs, something like Phalanx or Spiral Shard that does damage but are there for supporting your main damage dealer spells)

      • Anonymous

        people really dislike the idea of making INT good. ? so to speak, appraise this message if you want INT to be better than it is in its current state.

        • Anonymous

          These really need a buff imo. Moonblade is the only really good spell here. Freezing mist is ok but as a mage I prefer not to be that close to my enemies. Frozen armament cant be applied to any good weapons bc they already have some innate effect on them.. plus I'd prefer to not be in melee range if i can help it. Zamor Ice Storm can be useful when standing under a dragon or Fire Giant.. but why not opt for something that hits harder? If you try to cast it when getting ganged up on by many smaller mobs, chances are they'll hit you before you can cast it.. and it will take several casts to kill with it even with staff that is scaled to 370. Glintstone Icecrag is fine but range is too short on it.. why wouldn't I use another option that hits just as hard or harder, has more range, and costs less FP? FromSoft really needs to better balance sorceries and weapons that an Int build would use. Str/Fai crushes Int builds

          • Anonymous

            Here’s hoping the DLC adds a staff that buffs these…(we have specialized staves for other spells why not this…?) make it match with the snow witch set

            • Anonymous

              I use full snow witch set, maxed out azur staff and have 96 int. I can hardly do dmg with these. Please buff frost sorceries

              • Anonymous

                I've been dueling as a frost spellblade for at least 30 hours now and I can say that they are pretty good. Combined with swift glintstone shard icecrag is a decent spell, adula's moonblade can catch people off guard when swung for a second time if you freecam. Freezing mist by itself is a garbage spell but it's sorta camouflages your next move. Zamor Ice storm is great against aggressive players since it staggers continuously, if you can cast It on time that is.

                I expect new cold sorceries from DLC, something similar to storm blade or a Carian piercer type ice spear but as a spell can be great

                • Anonymous

                  Category could probably be renamed to just "Cold Sorceries", as neither Adula's Moonblade nor Zamor Ice Storm original from the Snow Witch.

                  • Anonymous

                    Why does the wiki refer to these as snow witch sorceries when the game refers to them as cold sorceries (see the snow witch hat)? It would make the wiki a better reference tool if it was consistent with the terminology the game uses.

                    • Anonymous

                      Ranni's Dark Moon is considered a Snow Witch sorcery as well as a Full Moon sorcery as far as the Snow Witch hat is concerned

                      • Anonymous

                        "Snow Witch Sorceries revolve around the ability to summon thorns to deal damage. There are a total of 2 Snow Witch Sorceries available for players. Snow Witch Sorceries can be boosted by the Staff of the Guilty." This is the description for Aberrant Sorcery.

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